March 19, 2018

Storm Debris Pick-Up Scheduled For
Ocean View Drive Area in Avone

Storm debris removal for residents and property owners along the Ocean View Drive area in the village of Avon is scheduled for Monday, March 26. Residents and property owners along Ocean View Drive must have all items placed on the side of the road, in the right of way, by 6:00 a.m. that morning. Be sure not to block driveways, or obstruct utility lines and mailboxes when placing items roadside.

Debris should be placed in three separate piles on the side of road:

1. Vegetative Debris (limbs, leaves, branches, sea grass, etc.)
2. Construction and Demolition Materials (building materials, concrete, shingles, etc.)
3. Metal objects and appliances

The large item pick-up scheduled for all Hatteras Island villages during the week of April 9 will take place as previously announced. For schedule details, visit For more information about storm debris removal for the Ocean View area in Avon, call Dare County Public Works at 252-475-5880 or 252-475-5881.

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