April 9, 2018

Operation Beach Respect: 34 Years of Service to
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area

On Saturday, April 21, the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association’s “Operation Beach Respect,” a Beach and a Highway clean-up program, will be conducted by NCBBA Members, National Park Service Employee volunteers and other volunteers who will patrol each beach access ramp from Oregon Inlet (Ramp 2 ) to Hatteras to hand out information packets including trash bags to beachgoers.

The Adopt-a-Highway Clean Up is at Highway 12 between Ramps 2-4. NCBBA will provide a cook-out lunch for the volunteers at the Salvo Fire Station.

This Program started in November 1984. Principals were Tom Hartman, Superintendent of the CHNSRA, Robert Sheets, President of the NCBBA, and Bill Pinkston, NCBBA Chairman. The event was a clean-up of the entire seashore organized by NCBBA in cooperation with the National Park Service. The Seashore was divided into eight “clean-up sections,” and the park service designated 11 locations where litter was to be deposited. The event was named Operation Beach Respect; Respect for the Beaches, Respect for the Dunes, Respect for the Wildlife, Respect for the Vegetation, and Respect for Others.

For the last 34 years, the NCBBA has continued this program with the cooperation of the National Park Service. There are three or four events each year and Adopt a Highway became part of the program. Corresponding events have included cook-outs, Board meetings, and opportunities for fellowship, fishing, and service to our community. With Ramp 2 now open, additional volunteers are welcome!

For more information and to sign up for Highway Clean Up or to greet beachgoers at the ramps, please contact Director Bill King: [email protected] or 804-895-0782.

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