April 23, 2018

Hatteras Goes Hollywood at Hatteras
Island Cancer Foundation Spring Dance


The Hatteras Village Civic Center enjoyed a bit of glitz and glamor on Saturday night, as the spacious venue was decked out for the annual Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation’s (HICF) Spring Dance.

This year’s theme was “Night at the Movies,” and the Civic Center venue - as well as the attendees - got into the spirit with costumes, appropriate cuisine, and plenty of décor that evoked the feeling of a movie theater.

The inside was decorated with movie posters and famous icons of the film scene, (like the shark from “Jaws”), and white and yellow balloons towered over popcorn boxes to create a festive feel. A popcorn machine provided the genuine smell of a movie theater, and the food tables were themed with cuisine that paid homage to movies like “The Godfather,” “The Karate Kid,” and “Moulin Rouge!”

The event also had a number of celebrities walking the red carpet from films like “Pretty Woman” and “Kill Bill,” as a number of attendees dressed to complement the night’s theme, and to pay homage to their favorite flicks and characters. “There was definitely a good number of people who dressed up from their favorite movies,” said HICF Treasurer Sue Jones.

The event also featured a 50/50 raffle with a cash prize, as well as stellar music from the band Trainwreck, who had plenty of folks heading to the floor to dance the night away.

“It went really well,” said Jones. “The food was amazing, the band was awesome, and everyone had a good time.”

“We really appreciate all of our sponsors, and everyone who donated their time to make this [event] happen,” said Sydnee Slaughter, president of the HICF.

Raising a good amount of funds for the HICF, the Night at the Movies was a star-studded event that attendees enthusiastically gave two thumbs up.


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