May 1, 2018

International Travels:  A CHSS Student's Spring Break Experience

           By JORAH MIDGETTE
           9th Grade Student at CHSS

Over this past spring break, I had the opportunity to go to Europe. Cape Hatteras Secondary School art teacher Justin Paxton and his wife Alex Paxton took a group of students to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was a wonderful experience. We visited many castles and saw much history.

First, we flew to Germany, then Switzerland, and then Austria. In Germany, we visited the Heidelberg Castle, which was beautiful and had a quite magnificent view, as well as Neuschwanstein, which is one of the most visited castles in Europe and which was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. We also went to many different cities in Germany, which were really interesting to walk around. They even had a Subway and a McDonalds! I got to try different and unique foods, too. For example, I got to taste schnitzel, which is a tasty ham and cheese mixture inside a fried exterior. We also went to the city of Munich in Germany. It was definitely one of my favorite places in Germany, because of the historic architecture. Walking around Munich was astonishing!

Next, we drove to Switzerland. We went to the Swiss Alps, and the view from the mountains was gorgeous!  We visited Lucerne, known for its medieval architecture, and we also went to the Rigi Mountains, and Kapellbrucke, which is a grand stone water tower and bridge with a decorated roof and the Lion Monument - a dying lion carved into a rock dedicated to war heroes.

Finally, our last stops were in Austria. We visited Salzburg, the main setting in the “Sound of Music,” where we also toured cathedrals and numerous shopping tents where we could purchase handmade crafts and art. We also visited Vienna, where we viewed the Schonbrunn Palace, and we traveled to Erdberg, where we saw the famed colorful windows.

Overall, I am glad that I got to enjoy this experience, especially with everyone who went. My favorite part of the trip had to be Austria. I just fell in love with the multiple cities we strolled through, and the architecture of the country. Traveling to these stunning cities will always be one of my favorite and most memorable trips. What an amazing opportunity this was!

Editor’s Note: The Island Free Press is delighted to be working with journalism students and writers from CHSS, and will be posting their work in our Commentary & Guest Columns page as they continue to grow into exceptional journalists.


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