July 2, 2018

Golf Cart Parade Cruises into Hatteras Village on July 4


Celebrating its sixth consecutive year in 2018, the annual Golf Cart Parade will be brightening the streets of Hatteras village on July 4 at 5 p.m.

The yearly event began in 2013 as a fundraiser for the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation, and attracted roughly a dozen carts that were decked out in patriotic and appropriately coastal themes. Once it became clear that the parade was something that garnered interest among locals and visitors alike, the parade became an annual celebration, with more and more folks participating with decked-out golf carts of all varieties.

As the parade grew over the years, so did the route. This year, the carts will line up at Teach's Lair Marina and will ride all the way through the village, down Eagle Pass Road, and back to Teach's. Anyone stationed along the southern section of N.C. Highway 12 will have a great view of the action, which tends to get more ornate and elaborate with every year.

The rules are lax for entering and enjoying the parade, too. Anyone who has a cart and a dose of creativity is welcome to join in the fun, and spectators are encouraged to head to Hatteras village to cheer on their favorites.

“The Golf Cart Parade is one of my favorite things to work on, because it's laid back and informal,” said parade organizer Karla Jarvis. “Most folks who participate just show up, and that's okay! Anybody and everybody is invited to participate - residents and visitors. Most people decorate their carts for the 4th, but the ‘minimalist look’ works for us, too!”

Plans are already in the works for next year’s parade, and it’s hoped that 2019’s event will be a kick off for some additional evening events for the village’s Independence Day celebration.

Meanwhile, for this year, everyone is welcome to head to the heart of the village, (with or without a colorful golf cart on hand), and join in the fun of what is quickly becoming one of Hatteras’ favorite summertime events.

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