August 13, 2018

Stray Pony Returned to Owners after
Taking a Rodanthe Beach Stroll

A stray pony that was picked up while enjoying a walk along a Rodanthe beach on Monday afternoon was returned to its owners soon after it was found, per Dare County Animal Services.

The pony was spotted unaccompanied and moseying along the oceanfront, and approached a few beach-goers who in turn called the Dare County Sheriff’s Office.

“This is one for the books,” said John Graves, Program Director of the Outer Banks SPCA. “We don’t find a lot of stray ponies here, and especially walking along the beaches of Hatteras Island.”

The pony was friendly and was wearing a harness, and clearly wasn’t wild or feral, per Graves. The beach-goers who found the pony intended to take him back to their home’s backyard for the time being, but the owners were located shortly after word of the gallivanting pony spread.

“There’s a tightknit horse community around here, and a ‘horse grapevine,” said Graves. “In the age of social media, it did not take long at all to find the owner.”

It was unclear how the pony made it to the Rodanthe shoreline or why it decided to take a stroll, but in his defense, it was a lovely day to play hooky and head to the beach. “It’s such a unique situation… but I suppose we all like walking on the beach from time to time,” said Graves.

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