September 1, 2018

Bonner Bridge Now More Than 90% Complete

With more than 90% of construction complete, the 2.8-mile long Bonner Bridge replacement project has spanned the Oregon Inlet, per the latest video update from NCDOT. With the bridge’s supporting sub-structure having been completed, crews installed the final girders connecting the bridge from shore to shore.

Crews working on the north end of the project steadily continue to make their way south, closing the distance with deck installation. In the navigation zone, the two halves of the bridge’s tallest structure have been connected together with concrete, and internally stressed and bound together with more than 7.8 miles of high-strength steel cable.

With the navigation zone connecting, and the southern incline of the bridge’s decking having been poured and temporarily connected, crews and equipment can now access the navigation zone’s structure from the bridge’s southern entrance, enabling them to assist with the northern incline operations.

At the bridge’s southern access, crews have laid the initial stretch of pavement for the bridge’s entrance, and are working towards pouring the final slab that will connect the bridge’s structure to N.C. Highway 12.

Those travelling the Bonner Bridge should expect daytime lane closures of N.C. 12 Monday through Friday. One lane will remain open during these closures, however motorists should allow for extra travel time.

Mariners in the area of Oregon Inlet should also maintain caution and keep clear of any buoys, barges, and anchor lines in the water. Updates to any mariner delays can be found via the U.S. Coast Guard’s local notice to mariners, broadcast notice to mariners, and marine safety information bulletins.

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