September 17, 2018

Guest Column
Cape Hatteras Motel Asks for Community's Help to Support the Inner Banks after Florence


For us here on Hatteras Island, Hurricane Florence is a memory now. Most businesses and homes had very little damage, if any, and Highway 12 is open and visitors are returning. We were very fortunate. Even at our motel where we took the usual overwash, we are back in business and welcoming guests.

But for our friends on the Inner Banks as well as in and around Cape Lookout and Cape Fear, it is a different story.

It will be weeks and likely months before those areas recover, if then. There will be displacement and disruption and businesses in ruin, as well as lives turned upside down.

We at the Cape Hatteras Motel want to do our part in a small way.

If you are coming to Hatteras Island between now and November 15, please stop by the motel office and drop of a non-perishable food item or two. You don’t have to be a guest at our motel to participate.

Dave and I will find a local food bank in the affected areas that can receive these items and we will personally deliver them prior to Thanksgiving. That seems a long way away, but the fact is, much of the help often disppears along with the headlines and we don’t want that to happen for these communities.

Please join is as we send these items "To The Inner Banks from the Outer Banks with love."  For your generosity we'll give you a CapeAttitude® koozie -- a small way of acknowledging you know what CapeAttitude® is all about.

Thank you so much!


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