Commentary: Public Urged to Weigh in on Fishing Issues and Possible Solutions

As affected parties may already know, the commercial Spanish mackerel fishery for the Northern Zone, (North Carolina and north), closes this weekend.  The closure, along with the new flounder regulations, will deal a harsh blow to many fishermen and fish houses on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands, and we need to propose solutions that could prevent this […] Fishing |  Full Article

Pole Road Project Will Begin after Excavation of Recently Discovered “Anomalies”

A late 2019 project to install submarine power lines on Pole Road in Hatteras village will begin after the excavation of nine recently discovered “anomalies” that are located in the project’s underground path. The project, which is orchestrated by Tideland Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) with a Special Use Permit issued by the National Park Service, […] Local News |  Full Article

Commercial Spanish mackerel harvest closes Saturday

Commercial harvest of Spanish mackerel will close at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 24, in state and federal waters. The fishery is closing because the regional commercial quota has been met. The National Marine Fisheries Service projects that commercial landings have reached the 662,670-pound quota for the Atlantic Migratory Group Spanish Mackerel Northern Zone, which runs […] Fishing |  Full Article

MFC Votes 5-4 Against Shrimping Petition; Final Vote on Flounder Amendment 2 Expected Friday

On Thursday, the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC) voted 5-4 against a rulemaking petition that would have placed certain conditions on shrimp trawling in order to reduce the bycatch of juvenile fish such as spot, Atlantic croaker and grey trout. The petition, put forth by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, asked the commission to […] Fishing |  Full Article