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Dare County real estate related links

Dare County maintains a user friendly Web site that is packed with information about property on the island – and many other interesting facts and figures about Dare County.

For information on land transfers, go to:
You can choose the village on the island you are interested in, enter the year you want to search, and get a list of all the properties that have been sold.

For information on building permits, go to:
You can search for residential, commercial, and mobile home permits in all of unincorporated Dare County and even pull up a copy of a building permit if you are curious about what your neighbors are building down the street.

Also on the county Web site,, you can search for deed documents and histories and look up tax and property information by address, owner, parcels, street names, and more.  There are also some really good maps.

National real estate related Web sites

• – the country’s largest real estate website –
•    Realty Times – excellent source for  current real estate news -
• – comprehensive financial information web site; good source for mortgage information -
•    CNN Money/Real Estate – easy to read articles on current and general real estate topics -
•    MSN Real Estate – easy to read source for general real estate topics -
•    NC Division of Coastal Management (CAMA) – rules & regulations for coastal development, erosion maps, etc. -


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