Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Oceanfront Property

Watching sunrises so beautiful they can bring tears to your eyes. Seeing the full moon fill the horizon and then leave a trail of sparkling diamonds in the sea as it travels west.  Looking with child-like wonder at the sky on a clear winter night, finding it impossible to believe that there could really be so many stars.  These and a hundred other sensations and sounds are both the dream and the reality of oceanfront living on Hatteras Island.

For millions of Americans, owning a home on the ocean is a lifelong fantasy.  The dream often starts when we are children and grows over time as fond memories of happy family vacations merge with summers spent working at the beach and good times shared with close friends.  As youth matures into adulthood, the cycle repeats itself, and those who once were children, bring families of their own to enjoy the sun and the sand and the sea.  For some, the lure of the ocean becomes so compelling that they decide to purchase oceanfront property.  Others make the decision for investment reasons.
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Kiteboarding businesses contend with what some term 'unfair' competition

Businesses owners on Hatteras Island already have to contend with unpredictable weather and periodic road issues, but local kiteboarding businesses say unfair competition may be also undercutting their bottom line.

Although it is mostly done under the radar, some out-of-town companies have been sub-leasing large houses to groups and offering kiteboarding workshops, meals made by an “in-house” chef, and participation in classes and other activities without paying occupancy and sales taxes or permit fees.  
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Report says restoring coastal habitat is good for economy

The benefits of restoring North Carolina’s coastline extend beyond the state’s environment, infusing millions of dollars into local economies, according to a recent report that will be unveiled in Raleigh today.

"Coastal Restoration and Community Economic Development in North Carolina," a study of RTI International, examined the economic effects on local economies of four N.C. Coastal Federation restoration projects.  
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Hatteras Island Real Estate: 2015 Market Overview

Toward the beginning of each year, it can be helpful to sit back and try to develop a broad overview of the real estate market on Hatteras Island – where it has been, where it is now, and what the future might hold.
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Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Insurance consent to rate letters

Looking at the title of this article, I am sure that most readers are asking, “What is a consent to rate letter?” and “Why should I be interested?” The answers to these questions are interesting, informative, and potentially disturbing.
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Insurance Commissioner denies companies' request for homeowners' rate increase

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has ordered a zero percent statewide overall average change in homeowners' insurance rates, effective June 1, 2015.

There is good news in the commissioner's decision for Outer Banks homeowners.

In the beach areas of Dare, Currituck, and Hyde counties, the insurance companies had asked for a 35 percent increase in homeowners' policies. Goodwin actually gave homeowners in these areas an average decrease of 9 percent. In the mainland areas of Dare, Currituck, Hyde, and Pamlico counties, the companies asked for a 10 percent increase and got an average 12 percent decrease. 
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Hatteras Island Real Estate:  A statistical profile of the island

Real estate columnist Tom Hranicka has developed a statistical profile of Hatteras Island that includes a wealth of information, including population, real estate, businesses, visitation, and tax and tourism expenditures.  ....Read more

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