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Guest Column: Dare commissioner takes credit where it's not due

To say that the current Dare County Board of Commissioners has functioned well is to ignore the realities and the impacts of many of its decisions. 
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Guest Column: My Affair with Words

Gee Gee Rosell, the owner of Buxton Village Books, writes about her affair not only with words but also with Hatteras and how both led her to be involved with the republication of one of the most beloved historical accounts of life on the island, "The Kinnakeeter," by Charles W. Williams II. 
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Guest Column:  Not all government is non-functional

Much has been put forth in the media citing polls that Americans believe that our government in Washington, D.C., is non-functional.  Confidence in Congress is near the bottom of the scale.  This has been true for both Democrat and Republican majorities in Congress.

Unlike on the national scene, here in Dare County, your Board of Commissioners has, to date, put forth many actions which will lead to positive results.
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