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Outer Banks Chamber Of Commerce Releases Statement On Permits For Seismic Testing, Blasting And Exploration

The following is a statement released by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce on the recent approval of permits issued for seismic testing, blasting and exploration along the East Coast. 
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BOC Chairman Bob Woodard and Nags Head Mayor Benjamin Cahoon Weigh in on Seismic Testing

The following is a letter sent to the editor from Dare County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bob Woodard and Town of Nags Head Mayor Benjamin Cahoon on the recent approval to conduct seismic surveys along the Atlantic coastline.
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Coast Guard Urges Mariners to be Ready for Boating in the Spring by Preparing for the Winter

December is upon us and winter cold is in full effect throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Many boaters are off the water during the cold months, but safe boating in the spring and summer starts with proper winterization and preparation.
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Why Blackbeard Deserves North Carolina’s Pardon, Again

When the notorious Blackbeard spotted 60 sailors dressed in civilian clothing on the decks of two sloops rowing towards his anchorage at Ocracoke Island on Nov. 22, 1718, he knew trouble was afoot but he did not know the identity of the approaching strangers. Neither was he aware that he and his 18 friends aboard their sloop Adventure were about to engage in what one modern historian overstated as “one of the most pivotal naval engagements in American history.”
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Student Guest Column:  From China to North Carolina

After 7,602 miles and an unexpected delay in New York, our friends Mao and Niu arrived to the shores of our island from Jiangsu, China. Thanks to the Chinese exchange program, which allows students from China to come explore and learn about our day-to-day school life, these students were able to spend a day at Cape Hatteras Secondary. 
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Cape Hatteras Motel Asks for Community's Help to Support the Inner Banks after Florence

For us here on Hatteras Island, Hurricane Florence is a memory now. Most businesses and homes had very little damage, if any, and Highway 12 is open and visitors are returning. We were very fortunate. Even at our motel where we took the usual overwash, we are back in business and welcoming guests. 
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Guest Column Rising Seas: Park Managers Are Taking Heed

National parks on the North Carolina coast are some of the most threatened by rising seas in the nation, but in the context of wildfires, droughts, invasive species and excessive rain events plaguing the parks in the interior states, coastal woes are hardly the only problem the National Park Service is facing from climate change. 
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That Which We Call A ‘Starfish’

Is it a “sea star” or a “starfish?”

For marine bio nerds, this is kind of like a Ford-versus-Chevy argument, like Land Rover versus Land Cruiser, or vinegar versus no vinegar on your barbecue. Actually, that last bit about barbecue is not up for discussion. This is eastern North Carolina, to suggest that anything other than vinegar, cold slaw and hot sauce belongs on our pulled pork would solicit a mob of angry villagers storming your house in the night with pitchforks and torches in hand. 
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Analysis: NC’s Battle for Regulatory Control

Environmental advocates are warning that a constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall will dramatically shift implementation of environmental policies, allowing for greater direct control by the legislature.

Last week, in the closing days of this year’s short session, legislators approved six constitutional amendments for the November ballot, among them a revision to the constitution’s separation of powers section in its Declaration of Rights, which has remained virtually unchanged since the state’s first constitution adopted in 1776. 
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Student Guest Column: CHSS Celebrates Prom 2018

On April 28, 2018, Cape Hatteras Secondary School had their high school prom. It was organized and put together by the class of 2019 with the help of their class sponsor, Mrs. Jessica Bailey. The theme was “A night under the Stars,” and the prom was held at the Spa Koru in Avon.
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Student Guest Column: International Travels - A CHSS Student's Spring Break Experience

Over this past spring break, I had the opportunity to go to Europe. Cape Hatteras Secondary School art teacher Justin Paxton and his wife Alex Paxton took a group of students to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was a wonderful experience. We visited many castles and saw much history.
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Cape Hatteras DECA Dominates State Competition

On March 7th, 2018, Cape Hatteras DECA students braved through the aftermath of winter storm ‘Riley’ to travel to Greensboro to compete in state level competition. After great success at regional competition, we brought home another win at state competition. With over 3,700 state competitors, we were one of the biggest winners in the coastal regional.  Read more

Student Guest Column: CHSS Students Receive Turtle Training From NC Wildlife Resource Commission

Training began on January 9 with Karen Clark of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission who taught students about turtles and their endangerment.  Students and volunteers combed the island’s sound and ocean beaches for stranded turtles.
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A Fisherman’s Thoughts on the MFC Meeting

I must first make clear that what I’m about to write is MY strong opinion, although my thoughts are commonly shared by many throughout the fishing and Outer Banks community.
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Commentary:  The Commercial Fishermen’s Battle

I’m proud to be a commercial fisherman and a lifelong waterman. 

In a time where so many people want something for nothing, or feel entitled for one reason or another, a commercial fisherman only asks for the opportunity to work.  He doesn’t want a handout, and sacrifices much to put in the hours and days necessary to earn a living. 
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Student Guest Column: Marching Up A Storm

From small high-school football fields to large NFL stadiums, the CHSS Marching Band has had an eventful year.
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Student Guest Column: 2017 - 2018 DECA Chapter Success at Regional Competition

Cape Hatteras Secondary School students traveled to Greenville, North Carolina to compete in North Carolina DECA’s regional competition on November 30th, 2017.
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Student Guest Column: CHSS Holiday Philanthropy!

This holiday season, the CHSS AVID classes teamed up with the Elizabeth City chapter of the Salvation Army to help raise money. In this case, the money went to a disaster relief fund. Read more

Guest Column:  Hunter and Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Recalls Mistakes in the Marsh

I was shivering in a marsh one drenched December dusk with only a bruised ego for company. But my pride was giving way to a growing fear about my predicament.

The pelting rain and occasional taunt from a duck's beating wings were all I could hear over my chattering teeth. 
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Student Guest Column:  Surf’s Up: New Surf Team forms at CHSS

The Outer Banks is known as one of the top surfing destinations on the East Coast, so it may be surprising that this is the first year that Cape Hatteras Secondary School has had a surf team.

35 students have already joined the surf club this year, which includes 25 high school and 10 middle school participants.
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Student Guest Column: CHSS Says Thank You to Veterans

On Wednesday, November 8, the school gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate and honor both active duty and retired members of our military. The event included the Hatteras Island Coast Guard Station's color guard, as well as a video naming and honoring CHSS graduates currently serving in the armed forces. In addition, guest speaker, retired US Army member, Carl Reiber, gave a touching speech thanking all of the veterans who were present that day. Mr. Reiber has been awarded many different medals, including 4 Bronze Stars, and 13 Air Medals. 
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Student Guest Column: Playing Like a Team

The varsity volleyball players at Cape Hatteras Secondary School are certainly getting used to saying the phrase “We won!”
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Student Guest Column: Where’s the Football Team?

Friday nights are football nights in little ol’ Hatteras. With a large turnout, the football field is the place to be before greeting the long awaited weekend. Today however, the field lies dormant-- with no markings to indicate yards, and even the benches have taken a step into the background opposite to their usual spot.
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Guest Column | Blackbeard Memorial Service: The Genisis of Ocracoke’s Pirate Jamboree

Ten years ago, on the morning of the 22nd of November 2007, I stood alone on the sandy beach of Ocracoke Island’s Springer’s Point with my camera gear to take photos for my yet-to-be-published book, The Last Days of Blackbeard the Pirate

That day I pondered that, Blackbeard and the men who died there in the Battle of Ocracoke in 1718 ought to be remembered, they ought to be honored for giving history something worth preserving. Twenty-three mariners were killed that day, including 11 Royal Navy sailors. On that quiet morning in 2007, I resolved that in forthcoming years I would not stand there alone. It was then that an idea was born that would take on a life of its own. 
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