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Guest Column: More reasons to turn down concrete plant’s request for a permit

This is a copy of a letter that Natalie McIntosh of Waves sent to the Dare County Board of Commissioners after the county’s Planning Board at its April meeting did not recommend a conditional use permit for a concrete plant in Waves. The plant would provide concrete for the new bridge at Pea Island Inlet and perhaps the new bridge at the S-curves. The commissioners will consider the application by Coastal Ready Mix Products for the permit at its meeting on Monday, June 2, at 5 p.m.  Members of the public can make comments.  
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Guest Column: The county commissioners CAN just say ‘no’ to concrete plant in Waves

After we read The Editor’s Blog in The Island Free Press last Friday, we felt it was necessary to express our views on the concrete plant being proposed in Waves. This column represents the sentiment of the surrounding property owners living on Laughing Gull Lane, Lance’s Landing, and Sea Isle Hills, as well as many property owners along Highway 12 and further north and south of the village of Waves.

To start off, we’d like to express that we all want the bridges that will be built over the “hotspots” on Pea Island so we can have reliable access on and off of Hatteras Island. The company chosen to build at least one – and maybe both of those bridges -- needs to build a concrete plan near the locations.
However, as a whole, we feel this is the wrong location for this plant for several important reasons.  
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Guest Column:  Protecting what remains of separation of powers

Ask most who they are casting their votes for in the appellate judges' races and the question often will be met with a blank stare or a giggle and silly remark such as "Everyone who has four letters in their first name."

Because judicial candidates are supposed to be nonpartisan and are forbidden to discuss pending or probable cases coming before their courts, it can be difficult to determine whom to support. The outcomes in these elections often are determined by whim rather than reason. And now that the door has been opened to millions of dollars being used by outside interests -- frequently from out of state -- and used primarily for negative advertising, the winners can be those who are going to be beholden to others.  
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Guest Column: Humans are part of nature, too!

How did I become an environmentalist who doesn’t trust environmental agencies and organizations? It took a lifetime.  
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