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Guest Column:  Protecting what remains of separation of powers

Ask most who they are casting their votes for in the appellate judges' races and the question often will be met with a blank stare or a giggle and silly remark such as "Everyone who has four letters in their first name."

Because judicial candidates are supposed to be nonpartisan and are forbidden to discuss pending or probable cases coming before their courts, it can be difficult to determine whom to support. The outcomes in these elections often are determined by whim rather than reason. And now that the door has been opened to millions of dollars being used by outside interests -- frequently from out of state -- and used primarily for negative advertising, the winners can be those who are going to be beholden to others.  
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Guest Column: Humans are part of nature, too!

How did I become an environmentalist who doesn’t trust environmental agencies and organizations? It took a lifetime.  
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Guest Column:  Stop obstructing the Bonner Bridge replacement   

Environmental advocacy groups have a role to play in our democratic process, and the Southern Environmental Law Center surely has the right to appeal cases it loses in court. But having a right to do something does not mean it is the right thing to do. It is clear by this point that the SELC is not fighting for its beliefs. Instead, it is fighting not to lose a court case in which it has invested much time, effort and funds.  
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Guest Column: Correcting some errors in statements by SELC on Bonner Bridge

Former NCDOT chief operating officer Jim Trogdon corrects some errors in statements made since the Bonner Bridge closure, particularly by plaintiffs’ counsel on the issue, that occasionally are reported as fact.

In this case, plaintiffs’ counsel is the Southern Environmental Law Center, which represents Defenders of Wildlife and the National Wildlife Refuge Association.  
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Guest Column:  Remembering Black Beard the Pirate, a benefactor then and now

America’s pirate history is nothing like the Hollywood pop-culture, romantic, fairy tale version so perpetuated by publishers and producers and adored by its fans. True pirate history is actually more interesting, more complex, more relevant to our own life and times. The story of North Carolina’s own Black Beard remarkably mirrors today’s newsworthy issues of political conflict, economic distress, deficits, taxes, unemployment, social discord, health concerns, government corruption, and climate change.

Certainly, there’s a place in our hearts and minds for folklore and fiction, for swashbuckling, swaggering, Errol Flynn-like pirates, but we should never fail to understand and appreciate the real story.  
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Guest Column: There’s still much work to be done on domestic violence

In July 2012, an Ohio woman on a family vacation on Hatteras Island was murdered by her son’s father, and a community wept in despair.  In July, 2013, another woman on vacation briefly escaped the man who abused her, and a tiny group of women celebrated her feeling safe.  Now what?  What will you do?  
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Guest Column: The best path to a safe bridge and reliable highway

The issue of the Bonner Bridge replacement and access to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands has become an ever-increasing source of stress to our residents and visitors.

There is the fear of physical danger involved in a bridge collapse and the anxiety about Highway 12 that accompanies each weather system that has been frustrating us even more since Hurricane Sandy and a series of northeasters.

Here is the best and quickest way to have a safe bridge and reliable highway.  
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