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Guest Column:  Not all government is non-functional

Much has been put forth in the media citing polls that Americans believe that our government in Washington, D.C., is non-functional.  Confidence in Congress is near the bottom of the scale.  This has been true for both Democrat and Republican majorities in Congress.

Unlike on the national scene, here in Dare County, your Board of Commissioners has, to date, put forth many actions which will lead to positive results.
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Commentary: Bathroom re-opens with on-duty compliance officer; gender identity assured

After being closed since late March, Oriental’s public restroom is again open. The town has been able to hire a certified Gender Compliance Officer.

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Commentary: This is the face of poverty

There was a memorial service for Dorothy Wray Semans Clark at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 2 at the Living Water Church of God in Chesapeake, Va. The service was the last opportunity to say goodbye before her ashes are scattered in the Colorado mountains.

The service was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was her life. We know bits and pieces of other's lives, but it is not until all the pieces are sorted and put together that we really understand who they are.

I can't decide which is more correct -- that she died in poverty or of poverty. I am certain that she -- like all of us -- wanted to depart this world  leaving something good behind. And I know that if by telling her story, others can b
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Guest Column: Light issues problems plague island villages

We have light pollution problems here on Hatteras Island, and they are pretty easy to spot. Driving south across Bonner Bridge on a clear, dark night you can see the sky glow of Rodanthe-Salvo-Waves.  Similarly as you drive between Avon and Salvo at night you can spot the luminescent glow of the village three to five miles away from your destination. 
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