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Guest Column: The telling priorities of the budget compromise

If you want to understand the priorities of the folks currently running the General Assembly, the details emerging from the secret budget negotiations are a good place to start.

House and Senate leaders announced Thursday, Aug. 27,  that they had agreed to a compromise on salary increases for state employees and most teachers.

The compromise is they won’t get one. 
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Guest Column: Senate has other choices to help poorer counties

The N.C. Senate budget proposes to alter the formula for distributing sales tax to benefit smaller, poorer counties. Rural counties, with little retail and meager property tax bases, can use more money for schools and basic services. However, when it came to how to raise that money, the Senate had other choices.
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Commentary: CCA is all about catching fish for fun, not food

Readers of the June 26, 2015 op-ed written by the executive director of the Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina might have the impression that the organization is all about protecting marine resources.

But the CCA's record over the last 30 years shows a grab for the resource – working to make sure that access to the public trust resource is restricted to recreational anglers and off limits to commercial fishermen. It’s an ugly track record with calls for gamefish status for three delicious fish, which would make them off limits to commercial fishermen and remove striped bass, speckled trout, and red drum from your dinner plate.
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