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2018 News and Business Briefs

May 15 ,2018

Outer Banks Chamber Honors Four Women of the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and Elite Insurance (Title Sponsor) celebrated Women of the Outer Banks at a luncheon event and dessert auction on Friday, May 12, which included local Hatteras Island resident Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy.

Four local Outer Banks Women were honored at the event:

Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy - well-known Coastland Times reporter who has served as a volunteer firefighter with the Chicamacomico Banks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad; established the Hotline Thrift Store in Rodanthe; followed the Cape Hatteras Secondary Hurricanes; founded the Rodanthe Recycling Center; and helped secure national designation for the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway.

Tameron Kugler - Tourism Director for Currituck County who oversees the daily operations of the Currituck County Travel & Tourism Department and its professional staff. Tameron, along with her husband, also owns Coastal Carolina Water, a local distributor of Le Bleu. Tameron is a member of the Wild Goose Rotary Club of Currituck, the NC Travel Association Industry, the Currituck and Outer Banks Chambers of Commerce, the Currituck Economic Development Board, Currituck Colored School, Whalehead Club and Green Wing Teal program for Ducks Unlimited.

Lorelei Costa - Executive Director of the Outer Banks Community who has increased the number of endowment funds by 65% and brought the overall endowment of the organization from under $10 million to over $17 million. Lorelei is a member of the Community Leadership Council of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and serves as a volunteer firefighter and EMT with the Southern Shores Fire Department.

Dorothy Hester -  Public Information Officer, Dare County who has played an integral role in connecting local government to the community and has been a proponent for transparency. In the words of Bobby Outten, Dare County Manager “Dorothy is the face of Dare County. Dorothy was a key player in the launch of Outer Banks Catch and NC Catch, a statewide non-profit initiative to strengthen the North Carolina seafood economy through promotion and education. Dorothy served on the Outer Banks Community Foundation.

Luncheon attendees had the pleasure to hear from Dr. L. Michelle McPherson of Currituck County, named 2018 Visionary Women in Medicine from Eastern Virginia Medial School.

A dessert auction featured items from Owen’s Restaurant, Black Pelican Restaurant, The Salt Box Café, Argyle’s Restaurant, Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café, The Dune’s Restaurant, Kill Devil Grill, Outer Banks Brewing Station, Outer Banks Frozen Yogurt, Sam & Omie’s, Pastry Chef Rebecca Miller, Pastry Chef Clay Richardson, and Pastry Chef Deborah Karfs. Thanks to auctioneerist Lisa Brickhouse Davis, owner of LBD Voiceworks and local celebrity DJ with Max Radio. 

Additional sponsors include: Peak Resources, Outer Banks Dermatology, Carolina Designs Realty, Phoenix Restoration, Atlantic Realty, Paul Mann Custom Boats, Friends of the Elizabeth II, Publix Super Markets, Southern Shores Realty Creations, Anderson Florist OBX, The Christmas Shoppe & General Store, AcoustEvents OBX, and Anne Snape Photography.

Caption: From left to right standing: Tameron Kugler (Tourism Director, Currituck County), Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy (Reporter, The Coastland Times), Jackie Chunn (Owner, Elite Insurance), Bob Peele (Chairman of the Board, Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce)
Seated: Dorothy Hester (Public Information Officer, Dare County) and Lorelei Costa (Executive Director, Outer Banks Community Foundation)

May 10, 2018

CHSS Students Win at State Science Olympiad Competition

The Cape Hatteras Secondary Science Olympiad team competed at the State Science Olympiad Competition at NC State University on Saturday, April 21, 2018. At the state level students compete again 50+ teams from across the state.

Peyton Cabral and Ansley Thompson placed 8th in the Road Scholar event at the state competition. “Placing 8th out of 50+ teams is a great feat! I am so proud of the hard work Peyton and Ansley put in. Hearing our name called at the state competition was awesome,” stated coach Jessica Polk. The Road Scholar event is a sit down test where students use their map reading skills (road maps, topographic, and satellite images) to go on a fictitious journey that is written out for them, and answer questions along the way.

Each year CHSS receives a generous grant from the Hatteras Island Youth Education Foundation to support their team. HIYEF provides funds that purchase practice and building materials for the students. Jessica Polk shares her gratitude for HIYEF, “we would not be able to have Science Olympiad without HIYEF. A lot of our success is because of the grant we receive from them. We are so grateful.”

May 1, 2018

HVFD Holds First Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

On Thursday, April 26 the Hatteras Volunteer Fire Department's new board of directors held their first quarterly meeting under the new bylaws which were sent in place in March.

Attorney Chris Sewell was instrumental in making sure they well legal and binding.

Board members and when their terms expire are as follows:
  • Chairman Bill Ballance - April 2019
  • Vice Chairman Charlie Barnett - April 2021
  • Secretary/Treasurer Cathy Parsons  - April 2020
  • Ernie Foster - April 2019
  • Darrin Callahan - April 2020

Voting board members also include:
  • Chief  - Jeremy Hicks
  • Assistant Chief - Todd Ballance
An annual meeting will be held in April of each year to vote for directors whose terms are expiring that year. All Hatteras Village residents are invited to attend but only permanent residents will be allowed to vote for board members.

The board looks forward to working closely with the HVFD to make sure they have all the tools necessary to protect life and property when a call goes out.

Click Here to View Bylaws

April 26, 2018

Outer Banks Chamber Launches “OBXMADE” Program

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce announces the launch of OBXMADE North Carolina for locally crafted products. OBXMADE is meant for all who create, build or produce – from entrepreneurs to chefs to brew masters and everyone in between. Being licensed as an OBXMADE vendor allows consumers to easily recognize locally produced products.

The pride that is required remains the same at all levels and should be recognized. OBXMADE celebrates this spirit while looking to grow it in the next generation of workforce, entrepreneurs and dreamers through outreach, recognition and branding our unique and special area.

Whether the product is big or small, handmade or mass produced, OBXMADE rewards the ingenuity, passion, talent and time that goes into each one. The pride the Outer Banks region takes in its local roots is strong; take part in celebrating and continuing the tradition that is OBXMADE.

How Does It Work?

OBXMADE is the only Outer Banks based recognition program for locally crafted products. Acceptance in the OBXMADE program is made by application to, and acceptance by, the OBXMADE Advisory Board. The OBXMADE Advisory Board is an independent review board established with the sole purpose of reviewing OBXMADE application on a quarterly basis.

As a baseline, only legal businesses headquarter in the region defined as the Outer Banks making one or more physical products will be considered. From there a points system will be uses to evaluate a range of criteria including; 1) sourcing of materials, 2) product finishing processes, 2) product design and development, 4) product assembly, 5) business has at least one (1) full-time local employee.

Recognition is subject to annual renewal and is valid for a period of one year (12 months) from the official date of recognition being awarded.

Contact Karen Brown at [email protected] for more information. The application is available at

(The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for business on North Carolina's Outer Banks. A regional organization, the Outer Banks Chamber serves Dare County, Currituck County and Ocracoke Island. There are currently more than 1065 members.)

April 26, 2018

Centennial Commemoration of the Mirlo Rescue Boosted by Midgett Realty Donation

Midgett Realty is supporting the week-long commemoration of the centennial of the Mirlo Rescue, Aug. 13-17, 2018, at the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station in Rodanthe.

The realty firm recently donated $5,000 to the Chicamacomico Historical Association, which is organizing events surrounding the centennial anniversary Aug. 16.

Making the Midgett Realty donation were Tim Midgett and Susie Midgett Austin.

"We are so grateful for Midgett Realty’s support,” said Association Treasurer Ralph Buxton, “This is our first major donation toward this important heritage event.”

Tim Midgett reached out to other Hatteras Island businesses with a challenge to join Midgett Realty in supporting this Hatteras Island and Dare County heritage event by making a donation to the Chicamacomico Historical Association.  In addition to the support for the Mirlo Centennial Commemoration, Midgett Realty has committed an additional $5,000 to the Association for 2019.

The weeklong commemoration features art shows, special museum exhibits, a dinner for descendants of Chicamacomico’s life-savers and a full day of activities on Aug. 16. Chicamacomico Life Saving Station was built in 1874, the first of seven stations on Hatteras Island and 27 on the North Carolina coast. The historic site and museum is open from Easter to Thanksgiving and conducts the famous “Beach Apparatus Drill” from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Thursdays at 2 p.m.

The Mirlo was a fully loaded British Oil Tanker torpedoed on Aug. 16, 1918 off the coast of Rodanthe. In spite of 15-foot waves and an ocean in flames, the crew of Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station launched surfboat #1046 and rescued 42 of 51 British Seamen in one of the most daring rescues in the annals of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Call the station at (252) 987-1552 or visit the website, or Facebook page for further information about programs or ways to support the historic site and museum.

Photo:  Midgett Realty's Tim Midgett and Susie Midgett Austin (center) present a check for $5,000 to Chicamacomico Historical Association President John Griffin (left) and Treasurer Ralph Buxton (right) to help support the Mirlo Centennial Commemoration Aug. 13-17, 2018

April 5, 2018

Lineman Appreciation Day is April 9

As April arrives, it brings with it the showers that produce spring flowers. It also heralds the beginning of a potentially stormy season that can inherently include power outages. While CHEC strives to provide reliable electricity to Hatteras Island, there are times when Mother Nature has other plans. Most of us can ride out a storm from the comfort and convenience of our homes. However, there is a group of professionals that spring into action when the weather takes a turn for the worst.  On April 9, Lineman Appreciation Day, we are celebrating those individuals.

Braving stormy weather and other challenging conditions, our linemen often must climb 30 or more feet in the air, carrying heaving equipment to restore power. Listed as one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S., linemen must perform detailed tasks next to high voltage power lines, often in the worst conditions, at any times of the day or night.

In addition to the highly visible tasks linemen perform, their job today goes far beyond climbing to the top of a pole to repair a wire. They are also information experts who can pinpoint an outage from miles away, map outages and troubleshoot problems. On Hatteras Island, CHEC linemen are responsible for keeping more than 325 miles of lines across the island working, in order to bring power to your home and our local community 24/7, regardless of the weather, holidays or personal considerations.

“We couldn’t carry out our mission without the daily dedication of our linemen,” said Susan Flythe, general manager and EVP of CHEC.  “They bring us through some of our darkest hours and are heroes in every sense of the word. We can’t thank them enough for all they do.”

Join us in thanking the hardworking men whose diligent efforts and skilled expertise keep the lights on for cooperative members.  During the month of April, if you see a lineman, please pause to say thank you to the person behind your power. Let them know you appreciate the hard work they do to keep the lights on, regardless of the conditions.

April 5, 2018

Freedmen, Surfmen Heroes™” Propelled by Community Foundation Grant

The Pea Island Preservation Society, Inc. (PIPSI), recently applied to the Outer Banks Community Foundation (OBCF) for their very first time and just had it awarded.  The $29,500 Community Enrichment Grant takes PIPSI’s new program, “Freedmen, Surfmen, Heroes™” to a higher level. The PowerPoint and live presentation is the brainchild of Joan Collins.

Together with her cousin, Darrell Collins, of renowned fame as speaker and historian at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, and with the expert historic interpreters James Charlet and PIPSI member Linda Molloy, the team has been making local presentations.  The first was at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island in February of 2017. A total of 15 has since been performed at the Aquarium as a special free program for Aquarium guests. Why there?  This property was once the homestead of Richard Etheridge, the hero of this story. He was the first African American Officer in Charge of a United States Life-Saving Service, the direct predecessor of today’s U. S. Coast Guard. His Pea Island Station was also the only all-black crew in the entire country. His family gravesite is still there and honored at the Aquarium Entrance with special wayside markers. Additionally, the program has since been presented in every Dare County elementary school.

This grant is truly for Community Enrichment. The Outer Banks Community Foundation said in its announcement of the award, “With this grant, the Pea Island Preservation Society will share the story of Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Life-Savers, illustrating positive messages of unity, diversity, and equal opportunity on the Outer Banks. The Pea Island Life-Savers was the all-black crew of surfmen best known for their courageous rescue of the E. S. Newman in 1896, when the heroic life-savers swam through a hurricane to retrieve the shipwrecked passengers one at a time. (The waves were too fierce for the surfboat.)” PIPSI is now more able to present this program to groups and organizations throughout the Outer Banks communities.

Joan adds, “Although the story of Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Life-Savers has gained attention over the years, many Dare County residents and businesses either have no knowledge of this history or only a vague sense about it.  The same holds true for visitors.  Our objective is to change this.  The generosity of the Outer Banks Community Foundation will play a key role in helping us make this important part of the history of the community broadly known to those who live and visit here.  The inspiring story of Etheridge and his crew is something that the community, state, and nation should be proud of and we look forward to being able to continue to share the important lessons that “Freedmen, Surfmen, Heroes” continues to teach us today”.

Darrell Collins, president of the Society, said, “For the first time in Dare County local Black history is told to visitors to the Outer Banks and in every Dare County school. The grant recently awarded by the Outer Banks Community Foundation to the Pea Island Preservation Society will insure that the story of Richard Etheridge and his crew will forever be an inspiration for generations to come”.

Tonya Collins, Darrell’s wife, also faithfully attends every presentation and basically serves as the group’s Manager in addition to her role as Treasurer and website developer/designer. “History is always a very provocative tool and being a part of honoring and sharing the story of a group of our nation’s greatest contributors is very exciting and humbling at the same time…I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Outer Banks Community Foundation for its insight in recognizing our FSH program as a hidden gem worthy of exposure”.

“Freedman, Surfmen, Heroes™” program presenter, Linda Molloy says, “It’s always been an honor to help educate both locals and visitors alike to the powerful legacy of the men of the Pea Island Life-Saving Station. This remarkable story has not only been left to Dare County but also to the nation at large. The message of working together to save lives, which is key to the mission of PIPSI, is only made stronger by partnering with the Outer Banks Community Foundation through the awarding of this grant. We are so grateful to this amazing Foundation, whose history – much like the Life-Saving Service – of helping so many organizations in need has become a catalyst for helping them succeed.”

“We believe that everyone’s foundation is the community –  locally, regionally and nationally,” says James Charlet.

For more information about the society go to

Photo Caption: (L-R) Outer Banks Community Foundation Board Members were on hand at the Pea Island Live-Saving Service Station Cookhouse Museum to present a large check to Pea Island Preservation Society, Inc. Board Members Doug Stover, Joan Collins, Tonya Collins and Darrell Collins.  Behind them is the statue of Captain Richard Etheridge, the central figure in this inspiring story.

March 28, 2018

CHEC Accepting 2018-19 Bright Ideas Education Grant Application

CHEC is once again partnering with local educators to bring learning to life through the Bright Ideas education grant program. Starting April 1, educators can submit an application for Bright Ideas grants of up to $1,500 for innovative, hands-on classroom projects that would not otherwise be funded. Educators can learn more and apply online at

“The Bright Ideas grant program seeks to encourage teacher originality and student engagement by funding projects that take a creative approach to learning,” said Laura Ertle, director of public relations and marketing at CHEC. “CHEC is proud to be part of this long-standing effort to support both education and our local community.”

CHEC expects to award $3,000 in Bright Ideas grants this year to teachers on Hatteras Island. The grants are available to K-12 teachers for projects in any subject, and educators can apply individually or as a team and are encouraged to apply online.

Applications will be accepted April 1 through September 19. Teachers who submit their applications by the early bird deadline of Aug. 15 will be entered to win one of five $100 Visa gift cards.

To apply, teachers must include a budget; explain the implementation, goals, creative elements and evaluation of the project; and have approval from their school’s principal. Applications will be judged through a competitive evaluation process, with judges looking for projects that feature inventive and creative approaches to learning. Grant-writing tips can be found at

North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives have collectively pledged about $600,000 in Bright Ideas funding for the 2018-19 school year. Since 1994, educators statewide have received more than $11.5 million in Bright Ideas grant funding, and over 2.2 million North Carolina students have participated in approximately 11,000 Bright Ideas projects.

March 26, 2018

2018 Sandlot Tournament a Success with Great Weather, and Great Baseball

The 2018 Sandlot Tournament that took place on March 9 and 10 was a successful event that honored a beloved coach, and which raised funds for a worthy local cause, the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation.

“Thank you to everyone that helped make the 2018 Sandlot Tournament a success,” said Keith Durham, Head Varsity Baseball Coach. “We had a weekend of great weather and great baseball.  This year's tournament was dedicated to the memory of Cleveland High School assistant coach John Jacobs.  Coach Jacobs dedicated his life to teaching and coaching young people.  He had been a fixture at the Sandlot Tournament the first two years and in 2017 in the midst of his battle with cancer, we named an award at the tournament in his honor.  Coach Jacobs passed away this past October and left behind a great legacy.  It is our intention to continue to honor his memory with the John Jacobs Award at the Sandlot Tournament.” 

“The Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation was at the tournament raising money for their support of cancer victims on Hatteras Island.  We had a great cancer awareness event between games on Saturday where players and spectators got the chance to honor someone in their lives who is battling or has battled cancer.  We also collected 185 canned goods for the Cape Hatteras Food Pantry which will be delivered this week.”

“Congratulations to the Knights of Currituck County High School for taking home the Championship trophy this year.  The Knights won the deciding game 3 behind the pitching of Austin Pace and a 4th inning offensive explosion for 12 runs.” 

Total Game results are below.

Game 1
Cleveland 8
Cape Hatteras 0

Game 2
Currituck 13
Cape Hatteras 2

Game 3
Currituck 12
Cleveland 1

Below are the awards that were handed out at the tournament.

Tournament Champions - Currituck County
Most Valuable Player - Austin Pace - Currituck County
John Jacobs Memorial Award for Selflessness, Excellence, and Attitude - Colby Day - Cape Hatteras

All Tournament Team

Derek Whitehurst - Currituck
Cannon Pickell - Currituck
Will Langley - Currituck
Cole Bates - Currituck
Caleb Slawinski - Cleveland
Hunter Ward - Cleveland
Cameron Verrier - Cleveland
Shae O'Neal - Hatteras
Evan Cabral - Hatteras

We would like to thank all of the athletes, coaches, and fans for their contributions to the tournament.  We also want to thank all of their sponsors for their support of the Cape Hatteras baseball program and the Sandlot Tournament.  Sponsors are listed below.

Lighthouse View Motel
Meherrin Fertilizer
The Dancing Turtle Coffee Shop
Frank & Fran's Tackle Shop
Albatross Fleet Charter Fishing
Frisco Rod & Gun
Hatteras Harbor Marina
Oden's Dock
Reliance Charter Fishing
Red Drum Tackle Shop
Sonny's Restaurant
Teach's Lair Marina
Village Marina
Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation
Cape Hatteras Athletic Booster Club

Thank you once again, and we are already looking forward to next year's tournament.

March 12, 2018

Dare County Arts Council Announces A Call For Entry For 21st Mollie Fearing Memorial Show

The eclectic Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show will return to Dare County Arts Council for its 21st year on Sunday, May 6.

Dare County Arts Council is partnering with the Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts to bring the theme of music to this year’s Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show.

“The Outer Banks Forum is excited about partnering in this art show for the first time,” said Eddie Cooke, President of the Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts.  “The Forum will be pleased to select its 2019 Playbill cover from this array of diverse artwork.”

The Outer Banks Forum’s Excellence Award recipient will receive a cash reward and their work will grace the cover of the 2018-19 Forum Playbill. The Playbill is distributed to 500 individuals and businesses throughout the Outer Banks.

“I am so thrilled to include the art of music in the Mollie Fearing Art Show for 2018,” said owner of Mollie A. Fearing & Associates and Mollie Fearing’s daughter Grizelle Fearing. “Music is an important element in life defining moments in time that you can relive upon hearing that first note.”

The show is held in memory of Mollie A. Fearing, one of the founders of Dare County Arts Council.

Artists wishing to participate in this year’s exhibition can find a prospectus online at and at the DCAC Gallery.

The Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show is open to Dare County Arts Council members and residents of Dare County age 18 and over.  All mediums, except video and projection, are welcome.

Sculptor and installation artist Gabrielle Graber will judge the show. She graduated with an MFA from NYSCC at Alfred University and is currently living in North Carolina as a resident artist at Pocosin Arts. Her practice is an ongoing investigation of being a body in the world where layers of experience and interactions collide into material form.

An opening reception will be held at the DCAC Gallery in Manteo on Sunday, May 6 from 2pm-4pm.

For more information about the 21st Annual Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show, please visit or call (252) 473-5558.

This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

The Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts is a non-profit organization that brings an annual series of seven outstanding diverse concerts to the area and provides opportunities for youth to participate in the arts.  All of the performances are partially underwritten by community businesses.  

Dare County Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to encouraging the arts in Dare County through advocacy, enrichment and opportunity.

February 23, 2018

Anglers Club Donates to the Hatteras Community Emergency Response Team

The Cape Hatteras Anglers Club presented a check for $500 to Larry Ogden of the Hatteras Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the Anglers Club’s February members meeting. CERT will use the contribution from the Anglers Club toward the purchase of equipment and other items for emergency response and communications during future emergency situations on Hatteras Island. CERT also trains volunteers in community disaster preparedness and response, such as fire safety and first aid. It also provides cleanup work after storms. The Anglers Club has donated almost $2,000 to the Hatteras Island CERT over the past few years.

Photo: Larry Griffin (left), president of the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club, presents a check for $500 to Larry Ogden of the Hatteras Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the Anglers Club’s February members meeting.

February 22, 2018

Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group Celebrates Black History

The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group along with community members enjoyed a celebration of black history on Tuesday, February 20 in the hospital’s lobby, with vocal performances by the Elizabeth City State University choir and a re-enactment by "Keeper James" (aka James Charlet) of the 1896 African American surfmen's daring rescue of the schooner E.S. Newman. Choir Director Dr. Walter R. Swan began the event with an a cappella rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" followed by the full choir performing such well-known spirituals as "Poor Man Lazarus" and "I Shall Wear a Crown."

Keeper James had the audience's full attention as he told the amazing story of Captain Richard Etheridge, who was once a slave and became the first African American to lead a lifesaving station. Etheridge and his crew, known as the surfmen, together saved hundreds of lives from the tumultuous waters along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, including those involved in the wreck of the E.S. Newman.  Patricia Minnifield, OBH director of business services who organized the event, said, "I believe it's extremely important to continue to acknowledge the struggles and achievements of people like Richard Etheridge so that future generations understand American heritage and learn that persistence and attitude are the keys to success."

Most notably, February 20, 2018 was the same day that the new bridge connecting the Northern Outer Banks to Hatteras Island was dedicated and named “The Captain Richard Etheridge Bridge”.

Pictured: The Elizabeth City State University choir; Linda Molloy, OBX tour bus step-on guide; Dr. Walter R. Swan, ECSU Choir Director; Patricia Minnefield, Director of Patient Business Services at The Outer Banks Hospital; James Charlet, “Keeper James”.

February 19, 2018

Methodist Women at Fair Haven United Methodist Donate Supplies for Flu Season

The Methodist Women at Fair Haven United Methodist recently donated Tissues, Hand Soap and other sanitizing supplies to the Hatteras Elementary School. This year the school requested these supplies because of the increase in flu illnesses and they were extremely grateful to receive these supplies. Pictured are Janice Ogden, from the Methodist Woman UMC and Jenny Gray from the Hatteras Elementary School.

February 19, 2018

Outer Banks Ace Supports Coastal Gardening Festival

Outer Banks Ace Hardware is proud to support the Dare Master Gardner Volunteer Association during their upcoming Coastal Gardening Festival. The festival takes place on Saturday, May 19th in Kill Devil Hills at the Thomas A. Baum Center.

The Coastal Gardening Festival is an annual fundraiser and educational event sponsored by the Dare Master Gardener Volunteer Association (DMGVA). This popular event typically draws over 1,500 visitors each year. It is a fun, family event that is free for all ages. There are vendors, plant sales, kids’ activities and an all-day raffle.

Outer Banks Ace’s Kathy Seko said the following, “The festival is always a wonderful opportunity for Outer Banks Ace to support the Dare Master Gardener Volunteer Association. Planting the seeds of love for gardening is something our Outer Banks Ace family supports by partnering with our local Master Gardeners.”

The purpose of the DMGVA is to support the Extension Master Gardener program by providing no-cost horticultural education to the Dare County community.

Since 1950, Outer Banks Ace has been serving the community with 6 convenient locations; for more information visit
(Pictured is our Kitty Hawk Ace assistant manager, Stephanie, with Dare County Extension Master Gardner Volunteers Kaye Lyerly and Valerie Morell)

February 15, 2018

Outer Banks Ace Sponsors Dare County Schools’ Employees of the Year Dinner

Outer Banks Ace Hardware is proud to sponsor Dare County Schools’ celebration event for the district's classified employees of the year on Thursday, February 8 at Pamlico Jack's in Nags Head.

This annual event recognizes individuals who exhibit dependability and dedication, produce an outstanding quality of work, and make unique contributions to the mission of Dare County Schools.

Outer Banks Ace’s Kathy Seko said the following, “It is an honor for Outer Banks Ace to be able to once again sponsor the Dare County Schools’ Employees of the Year Dinner. We [Outer Banks Ace] want to share in the celebration of the honorees that make a difference in our local education system.”

“Our Outer Banks Ace family places a priority on having a helpful heart and serving beyond expectations.  We recognize and appreciate the Dare County School employees who also share these qualities of ‘going beyond the call of duty’ to make a difference in our local youth,” said Seko.

Director of Human Resources, Dr. John Donlan, together with staff, organize the annual dinner which is attended by the Board of Education, school principals and department heads.  All are there to honor each employee's significant contribution to Dare County Schools' mission.

Since 1950, Outer Banks Ace has been serving the community with 6 convenient locations; for more information visit

(Pictured are John Donlan with Dare County Schools and Kathy Seko with Outer Banks Ace)

February 13, 2018

Tanger Outlets Nags Head Makes Donation To Fund For Local Women With Breast Cancer

Tanger Outlets Nags Head general manager Debbie Ferrell Moore presented the Outer Banks Relief Foundation with a check for $1,417 in support of the foundation’s Breast Cancer Fund.

“Money in this special fund can be used to help breast cancer patients meet their living expenses during treatment or it can fund things like lymph edema compression sleeves that may not be covered by insurance,” explains Debbie Ferrell Moore, general manager of Tanger Outlets Nags Head.

The Outer Banks Relief Foundation raises money locally to give to people who live or work on the Outer Banks and have financial burdens due to illness or tragedy.

“Although our foundation is here to help people with financial burdens from all types of medical crises, when a donor has a particular passion for helping folks with one type of illness, we can set that money aside for that purpose, as we have done in the case of our breast cancer fund,” says Patty McKenna, the foundation’s executive director.

Tanger Outlets Nags Head founded the Breast Cancer Fund at the Relief Foundation in 2012 and has donated more than $42,000 to it through its annual end-of-year giving. 

Women with breast cancer who live or work on the Outer Banks and are having financial difficulties are encouraged to contact the Outer Banks Relief Foundation at 252-261-2004.

Photo: Debbie Ferrell Moore (left), general manager of Tanger Outlets Nags Head, presents the Relief Foundation’s Patty McKenna with a check for $1,417 earmarked for financial relief for Outer Banks women with breast cancer.

February 13, 2018

Outer Banks Ace Sponsors Outer Banks Relief Foundation

Outer Banks Ace Hardware is proud to support the Outer Banks Relief Foundation (OBRF) during their annual giving campaign.

The OBRF raises local funds that are used to assist people living or working in our Outer Banks community who are burdened with financial difficulties because of a debilitating disease or illness, or a personal tragedy with themselves or a family member.

Outer Banks Ace’s Kathy Seko said the following, “It is an honor for Outer Banks Ace to be able to once again support the OBRF as we have in years past. Our Outer Banks Ace family places a priority on having a helpful heart and serving beyond expectations.  We recognize and appreciate the efforts of the Outer Banks Relief Foundation to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors,” said Seko.

“We are committed to working together with all of our helping and outreach agencies and groups in our community, to minimize duplication of effort, and to maximize our limited resources by working together for the benefit of all our citizens and our Dare County community. We appreciate the help from amazing partners like Ace Hardware,” said Patty McKenna, Executive Director of the OBRF.

Since 1950, Outer Banks Ace has been serving the community with 6 convenient locations; for more information visit

(Pictured are Kathy Seko with Outer Banks Ace and Patty McKenna with Outer Banks Relief Foundation)

February 9, 2018

Capital City Four Wheelers Committed to “Giving Back”

Capital City Four Wheelers is a family-focused, four-wheel drive club based in the Richmond metropolitan area.  Among other activities, the Club conducts an annual salt water surf fishing tournament on the Outer Banks of Cape Hatteras, N.C., during the 3rd weekend of October.  In 2017, the Club held its 32nd annual tournament with over 600 entrants.  Our attendance has frequently managed to reach approximately 600 participants over the years. Contestants have hailed from New England to Florida and from as far west as Colorado. 

The tournament’s origins can be traced back over 30 years to the kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Jarvis, who own Dillon’s Corner in Buxton, N.C.  Several club members, who frequented Cape Hatteras, met with the Jarvis’ to discuss an idea to conduct a fishing tournament.  We wanted to develop a civic side to our Club to help with Richmond area projects, as well as benefitting the Outer Banks community and economy.  Ollie felt that the October tournament would be a great idea, as the fishing was usually good and (over 30 years ago) the Island was nearly a ghost town during that time of year.  He volunteered to get other merchants on board and encourage them to help by donating door prizes.  The CCFW annual tournament was born – right there in the Jarvis’ kitchen.

Since then, club members continue to organize the tournament throughout the year.  It starts with planning and initiation tasks early in March and culminates when the club meets in November to determine which charitable organizations will share in the proceeds.  During the January 2018 meeting, our Treasurer informed members that in the last 15 years alone, Capital City Four Wheelers has donated $79,831.45 to individuals, organizations and charitable groups.  Of this amount, $60,773.50 was donated to causes on Hatteras Island.  Those causes include the Cape Hatteras School, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation, the Hatteras Ladies Fire Auxiliary, The Methodist’s Men’s Food Bank, OBPA, The Dare Food Service Association, The Fessenden Center, Hatteras Meals on Wheels, and the Hatteras Village Medical Center to name a few.  The remaining $19, 057.95 was distributed to causes in the Richmond metropolitan area, including several Christmas Mother Programs, Soldier’s Angels, Central Virginia Food Bank and Fisher House.  A few years ago, we conducted an informal survey among the anglers to determine the financial impact of the tournament on the island’s economy.  It was conservatively estimated that it generates $150,000 during the 24-hour tournament.  In addition, there are many families who extend their vacations, resulting in the generation of further revenue.

Through an on-going search for new members, we intend to remain a growing, active, civic-minded club assisting with efforts in our own community, while maintaining a continuing mission to serve as good civic partners to the Outer Banks community, as we enjoy the sun, fun and fishing to be found in its “backyard”.  Thank you, OBX community, for the wonderful support and memories of past tournaments and here’s to the next 30+ years!

If you are interested in contacting the President of C.C.F.W., you can reach him at: [email protected]

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February 5, 2018

Outer Banks Hospital Breaks Ground On New Radiation Therapy Center

The Outer Banks Hospital (The OBH) broke ground Monday, January 29 on construction of a state-of-the-art Radiation Therapy Center in Nags Head. The building is phase one of a plan to develop a single location for comprehensive cancer care in the Outer Banks community. 

Plunging temperatures and misting rain were unable to dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm during the groundbreaking ceremony. Attended by leadership and staff from The OBH and its partners Vidant Health and Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, as well as from the Town of Nags Head, and Dare County, a common theme emerged during opening remarks that underscored the value of keeping high-quality healthcare local. Chairman of the Dare County Commissioners, Bob Woodard, remarked, “The Outer Banks Hospital is certainly stepping up to the plate and providing the needed services to our community. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Pictured left to right: Robin Hearne, director, Cancer Services, The OBH; Amy Montgomery, senior administrator, operations, The OBH; Rob Ross, Dare County commissioner; Bob Woodard, chairman, Dare County Commissioners; Wally Overman, Dare County commissioner, Ronnie Sloan, president, The OBH; Steve Rodriquez, board chair, The OBH, and board member, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare; Ben Cahoon, mayor, Town of Nags Head; Dr. Charles Shelton, radiation oncologist, The OBH; and Tess Judge, board member, The OBH, and chair, The OBH Development Council.​

January 26, 2018

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Makes Donations to Island Groups

In 2017 the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club continued its tradition of making charitable donations to Hatteras Island community groups. A total of $9,922 was given to 15 non-profit organizations, plus the club awarded $11,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors at the Cape Hatteras Secondary School for a combined total of $20,992 in contributions.

Volunteers for the non-profit Anglers Club work year-round to raise money through various activities, including Bingo nights on designated Wednesdays at the club, its annual indoor yard sale, and its invitational team surf fishing tournament each November that is billed as one of the largest in the world.

Since 2012, the Anglers Club has donated approximately $113,000 to island non-profits. This includes $45,400 in scholarships.

Organizations benefitting from the club’s 2017 donations are the United Methodist Men’s Food Pantry, $5,386; Hatteras Island Meals, $1,886; Cape Hatteras Secondary School Band and DECA, $550; the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation and the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad, each $500;. Chicamacomico Historical Association, $200; and $100 each to the six island fire stations, the Chicamacomico Rescue Squad, Radio Hatteras, and the North Carolina Lions Club VIP Fishing Tournament.

The Cape Hatteras Anglers Club welcomes new members and volunteers. To join, download the member application from the club’s Web site, or call 252-995-4253.

January 26, 2018

Surf or Sound Realty Honors 15-year Employees

Surf or Sound Realty, Hatteras Island’s Premier Vacation home rental company, acknowledged two valued team members who have been with the company since 2002; Darlin’ Lisa Brooks-Hill and Ann Wood. Lisa and Ann were recognized for their service and contributions to Surf or Sound Realty at the company’s Christmas party at Owen’s Restaurant in Nags Head, NC in December.

“Our company has come a long way in the past 15 years and so much of it has to do with the hard work and enthusiasm of our dedicated team, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years,” said Melvin Stone, President and CFO.

Darlin’ Lisa Brooks-Hill started in Reservations in 2002 when online booking for vacation rentals was in its infancy. She likes to share how she didn’t know what a mouse was when she started. Over the years she has helped match thousands of families with the perfect Hatteras Island vacation home and as Lead Reservationist she finds countless ways to motivate and brighten the days of the entire Reservations team.

“Even in stressful times, Lisa always has a way of bringing a smile to peoples’ faces. She really connects with our guests and homeowners making them feel like longtime friends. In fact, many of them have become just that,” explained Ann Wood, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Ms. Wood, the second member of the team recognized for reaching her 15 year milestone, began with Surf or Sound Realty as Marketing Director in 2002.

“Ann is the voice of this company. She has a way of bringing out the best in our managers and staff and her knowledge and expertise in the marketing of our homes is second to none,” said Stone.

Now celebrating their 40th anniversary year, Surf or Sound Realty manages over 430 Premier Vacation Homes on Hatteras Island. Representing the largest inventory of oceanfront homes on the island, the company offers a variety of vacation rentals; from quaint soundside cottages to amenity-filled oceanfront estates in all seven of the island’s charming villages. Commonly referred to as Cape Hatteras, Hatteras Island is located on the southern portion of the Outer Banks of North Carolina just south of Nags Head. To find the perfect vacation rental, visit their website at

January 24, 2018

Two Seats Open for CHEC Board of Director Elections

The Committee on Nominations is considering qualified candidates for two seats on the CHEC Board of Directors. The board seats for District 2 – Frisco and District at Large will be elected in 2018. The incumbent directors, Tami Thompson and Elvin Hooper have indicated their interest in seeking re-election.   

Any member of Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative, who is interested and qualified and would like consideration as a nominee for the board of directors, should submit his or her name and resume to the Committee on Nominations by the deadline of 5:00pm Thursday, February 15, 2018.

Any 50 or more members of CHEC, acting together, may make additional nominations in writing by petition. Nominee(s) by petition must be listed in compliance with the By-Laws and the petition delivered to CHEC by Thursday, March 1, 2018. Qualifying nominees by petition will be included on the ballot for election.

Additional information is available from Susan Flythe, General Manager, at (252) 995-5616 ext. 224 or [email protected].

January 23, 2018

Surf or Sound Realty Announces Addition of New Sales Agent

Surf or Sound Realty is excited to announce the addition of new sales agent, Jonathan Waddill. Joining the company as Senior Broker, Jonathan comes to Surf or Sound Realty with seven years of Hatteras Island real estate experience.

Waddill was raised in a family with strong roots in the real estate industry and saw first-hand the difference a reputable agent could make in the lives of those around him. Originally from Chester, Virginia, Jonathan spent long summers at his family’s Nags Head beach cottage, developing a love for the Outer Banks that would stay with him. In 2002 Jonathan obtained a Real Estate license at the early age of 18 while simultaneously working on an Architectural Engineering degree at John Tyler College in Chester, Virginia. While it was always his dream to one day return to the Outer Banks, his real estate career began just south of Wilmington, North Carolina in 2006. After years of gaining knowledge and experience in the industry, Jonathan decided it was time to pursue his dream, and moved to the Outer Banks in 2011.

Jonathan takes pride in every aspect of the real estate transaction and dedicates himself to personally seeing each client through the entire sales process. Whether you are a first time home-buyer, a seasoned investor, or anywhere in between, you will experience the same professional level of care and diligence Jonathan offers each and every prospective client.

“With the Hatteras Island real estate market trending upward we are thrilled to be bringing on yet another seasoned sales agent to our exceptional team.  Jonathan has a track record of success, brings a unique skillset to the table and shares in our commitment to provide top-notch service to our clientele…we are very proud to have him aboard,” said Rob Petty, Director of Business Development & Real Estate Sales for Surf or Sound Realty.

This year Surf or Sound Realty celebrates 40 years in the business of selling premier homes on Hatteras Island – from oceanfront to soundfront in all seven of the island’s charming villages. Commonly referred to as Cape Hatteras, Hatteras Island is located on the southern portion of the Outer Banks of North Carolina just south of Nags Head. They have two convenient offices in Avon and Salvo each with agents on duty to assist you with your real estate needs.

January 19, 2018

Surf or Sound Realty Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Surf or Sound Realty kicks off their 40th Anniversary year this January with the launch of an advertising campaign about family vacation traditions. In the span of the last 40 years, families have gathered annually along Hatteras Island’s shores for their vacations and this year Surf or Sound Realty will be sharing those stories.

The laid-back beach lifestyle of Hatteras Island hasn’t changed in all the years. It’s still an environment that is tranquil, slow-paced, family-oriented and steeped in tradition and history.

“We hear it all the time. From the un-crowded beaches to the family-owned shops and restaurants, the authentic experience our guests have vacationing on Hatteras Island is one that’s hard to find these days. The fact that we can offer a premier vacation home experience in our remote location on the beaches of America’s first National Seashore is pretty special” said Ann Wood, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Surf or Sound Realty.

That doesn’t mean that progress has passed the island by. Rental homes have seen change with the addition of modern amenities and luxurious conveniences. Visitors who have gathered on the island for years have rented increasingly larger vacation homes to accommodate their growing families. New generations now carry on vacation traditions but with amenities their grandparents couldn’t have imagined, like home theater rooms with stadium seating, private swimming pools with kiddie pools and swim-up bars, and outdoor entertainment areas with tiki bars.

Advances to technology have made an impact on the business as well. Booking a home once meant calling a reservation agent who “booked” guest reservations by logging them in an actual book. Now vacation homes can be reserved on with just a few clicks at any time of day or night.

Now in their 40th year, Surf or Sound Realty represents over 430 premier vacation homes on Hatteras Island. With the largest inventory of oceanfront homes on the island, the company offers a variety of vacation rentals in all seven of the island’s charming villages; from quaint soundside cottages to sprawling amenity-filled oceanfront estates. Commonly referred to as Cape Hatteras, Hatteras Island is located on the southern portion of the Outer Banks of North Carolina just south of Nags Head. To find the perfect vacation rental, visit their website at

January 11, 2018

Hyde County Commissioners Extend Property Tax Deadline

Due to the closing of county offices during last weeks winter storm, the Hyde County Board of Commissioners voted to extend the deadline to pay your property tax bills. Payments must be received in the tax office or postmarked by close of business Friday, January 12, 2018 to avoid any late fee interest being assessed to the bill. The tax office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Hyde County Government Center, 30 Oyster Creek Rd. in Swan Quarter.

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