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Big beach closures, fees for beach driving, new tolls on ferries – where will it end?

Friday 11 March 2011 at 6:45 pm. Between your beach closures and proposed ferry fees, why don't you just hang a sign that says, “Tourists or visitors not welcome here!”

You have allowed your treasured seashore to be turned into a wildlife refuge where only birds are welcome, other animals trapped or shot and killed, and humans not allowed. Shame on you! It is a crime against humanity what has been allowed to take place on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands. Shame on you again for not fighting for your treasured seashore that people have enjoyed for decades! The once thriving islands have turned into ghost towns because of the lack of visitors. You have additionally alienated the physically challenged from areas of your beaches, as well as older folks. Shame on you again. I wonder what tax base the birds will create because shortly that is all that will remain!

The ferry fee issue is just the tip of the iceberg for you folks, and you deserve every problem you have allowed to happen. Shame on you. Thinking of what you have allowed to transpire makes me sick to my stomach! We will be taking our treasured, hard-earned vacation budget and spending it in a more tourist-friendly atmosphere!

--Island Free Press reader from Fredericksburg, Va.

Have I got your attention now?

Are you angry?

Well, you should be on several levels, and you should not be angry just at the attitude of this letter writer.

Island Free Press received this comment just hours after we posted an article about the efforts underway in Raleigh to add fees on free ferries, including the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry, which has the highest ridership in the Ferry Division. Tolls would also be increased on the three routes that now charge, including the Cedar Island-Ocracoke and the Swan Quarter-Ocracoke ferries

It is a real letter, and the sender included his name. I’ve included where he lives, but decided for safety’s sake – his – not to print his name.

And his name isn’t really the point here.

We have a right to be angry with this writer’s view that we have brought ruin on ourselves, that we deserve what we get, and that we should be ashamed of all we have done to ruin the island for visitors.

Yes, the guy needs an attitude adjustment.

But the point here is that there are people out there who do feel that Hatteras and Ocracoke are no longer welcoming destinations for tourists.  I know this because I have published many letters since the extensive resource closures under the consent decree that started in 2008.

They are letters from visitors who say that are not coming back to our islands because of the beach closures, like the one that kept Cape Point off limits for three months last summer.

If you go into our Archives (at the bottom of the Front Page), you can read past Letters to the Editor and see for yourself that some people say they just are not coming back again.

And it’s not enough just to tell some of these folks that the beaches are open and you can drive on some of them even during bird and turtle nesting season. The closures have made many of the most popular areas for families, fishermen, and beachcombers off limits most of the summer.  In addition to Cape Point, that includes Bodie Island Spit, Hatteras Inlet Spit, and the north and south points on Ocracoke.

Now we are having to tell people that in addition to losing access to these large areas, they are going to have to pay to drive on the beach, a historic and cultural tradition here ever since there have been motorized  vehicles.

Not only do island natives consider beach driving a right, but it’s a major draw for many who have relocated here and work in the tourism industry and for many, many of our visitors.

The National Park Service stated its intention to implement fees and permits in the Final Environmental Impact Statement that it issued late last year. And there will be more details on fees and permits when the park issues its proposed and then final rule on off-road vehicles at the seashore.

Seashore Superintended Mike Murray has said that the rule, along with fees and permits, could be in place by the fall.

And our visitors may well have to pay a hefty amount to get a permit for their one-week vacation -- even though if it’s in the summer, they might not be able to drive on the beach anyway. Those of us who live here will also pay.

The Record of Decision on the Final Environmental Impact Statement, which was issued on Dec. 20, says this “…permit fees are expected to be higher due to the level of management required for implementation” of the ORV rule.

Now, a proposal to raise tolls on ferries that now charge them and add tolls to the free ferries seems to be gathering steam in Raleigh.

The issue is not something new.  It periodically surfaces because the tolls that are now charged don’t come close to covering the cost of the state’s ferry system.

It may be cynical, but some think this idea is being fast-tracked by the Republicans who captured a majority in both the state House and the Senate for the first time in over a century. And perhaps it’s being fast tracked by lawmakers from the central and western parts of the state who have long chafed under what they have perceived as special treatment for the coastal counties by Manteo Democrat Marc Basnight, who was President Pro Tempore of the Senate for several decades and one of the most powerful politicians in the state. (He won re-election in November but lost his position as President to a Republican and resigned for health reasons in January.)

Interestingly, Republicans introduced a bill yesterday in the General Assembly to repeal the ban on plastic bags on the Outer Banks of Dare, Hyde, and Currituck counties.  The ban was a signature achievement of Basnight’s environmental agenda.

The Ferry Division budget and adding or raising tolls was discussed by budget committees in the General Assembly last spring.

According to an article in the News & Observer of Raleigh, costs of the ferry system were a topic at a meeting in May of the House Transportation Appropriations subcommittee.

"It's a regional issue," said Rep. Nelson Cole of Reidsville, the subcommittee's co-chairman in the article. "It's hard to convince people in the mountains that we should be supporting the ferries to that extent, when the toll fees are the most reasonable anywhere."

On Tuesday, there was a joint meeting of the House and the Senate transportation subcommittee, at which the cost of operating ferries was discussed again.
According to an article in the Star-News of Wilmington, Rep. Frank Iler, R-Brunswick, vice chairman of the House subcommittee, agreed that the state must recover a larger percentage of its ferry costs.
And the article said he suggested charging higher rates in the busy summer months to bring in additional cash from tourists. Keeping rates lower in the winter would spare locals from having to pay higher rates the entire year.
So it appears that we are now looking at charging tourists perhaps $20 for a day trip to and from Ocracoke, which is one of the most popular visitor activities on all of the Outer Banks. And raising the tolls on the ferries to Ocracoke from Cedar Island and Swan Quarter.
By the way, a toll on the Hatteras Inlet ferry would make Ocracoke the only community in the state that you have to pay to travel to or from.  This has serious implications, beyond the economy, for Ocracokers.
The economy of the villages in the seashore has already suffered from the beach closures under the consent decree – especially tackle shops, motels and hotels, and campgrounds.
Now we are looking at $4 for a gallon of gas by summer – it’s already $3.79 a gallon at most stations– plus beach closures, plus a fee to drive on the beach, plus a toll on the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry.
Who can blame visitors for getting fed up?
We who live here are fed up.
We don’t agree with our letter writer’s misguided placing of blame on islanders for ruining Hatteras and Ocracoke for tourists.
Many islanders, off-island property owners, and visitors have worked long and hard as volunteers to keep reasonable beach access for all – pedestrians as well as ORVs. Many have raised money for access advocacy groups or donated to them. They fought the Park Service on many of its proposals for regulating access.
We have tried, and we have lost at just about every turn.
However, I can understand why some visitors feel that Hatteras and Ocracoke are no longer tourist-friendly islands.
We cannot keep piling bad news on visitors, islanders, and island businesses in today’s fragile economy.
We should all remind the Republicans in Raleigh of something we hear a lot from them --  it’s all about the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs. 
We should urge them to put new ferry tolls and increases on the back burner, while we deal with other blows to our Outer Banks economy.


cee bee

“Shame on you again for not fighting for your treasured seashore”

this comment is a slap in the face to all of the people who have been volunteering their time and their money in the fight to keep hatteras island open for everyone. shame on you.

cee bee - 11-03-’11 19:38

It is a simple answer Irene. The Groups responsible will not stop until the chains go up. I will show proof in the fact that Big Cypress adopted an ORV plan and they are to be sued over it. We are hampered by draconian sized closures along with unattainable recovery steps. This will not end ever as the rules were written almost 100 yrs ago and never adapted for the choices of people today.

The park constantly complains that visitation is down. Well maybe they need to ACCEPT that the publics version of recreation and visitation has changed in 100 years!!!!

We are renting a house on your street this summer, so get some pet projects for me and Dapster to help with and Thank You.

samsdad1 (Email ) - 11-03-’11 19:46

If the Obama says that civil disobedience is good in Libya, then it certainly should be justified in ousting the NPS from CHNSRA.

slacker (Email ) (URL) - 11-03-’11 20:16
Do It Today

Wow, kind of a depressing blog to read on a Friday night. I’ll have to ponder a while for a real comment.

Meanwhile, a little off topic, but while I’m thinking about it….do the new beach rules address the use of bicycles on the beach? And I do mean the kind that you pedal. They are making some really amazing all terrain /beach bikes now. Super super wide tires and they can easily cruise miles of beach at low tide with ease. I wonder if they are considered a vehicle, or a pedestrian, or have not been considered in the plan at all. Any info appreciated.

Do It Today - 11-03-’11 20:20
Jeanie Wright

You know what? I couldn’t even read to the end of your editorial. I am just so disgusted with how we (the true nature lovers of Hatteras) are being treated! We love the beach! This is our respite from the weary world. Do we drive on the dunes? No! Do we kill the birds? No! Ask me how many pictures I’ve taken of these fluffy little creatures, and how I’ve delighted in their presence. Or how we/ve driven around the small areas that used to be roped off, when we could still access them. There were summers that we were in Hatteras almost every weekend. We’re not even renting a beach house this summer. Why bother? If we can’t drive to the Point, we might just as well stay home. Instead we’ll just go to the boardwalk at Virginia Beach. My husband will ride his electric wheelchair and I’ll ride my bike. But we won’t have to pay to rent a motel room or to go to restaurants. Why are you so determined to wipe out the economy down there?!!

Jeanie Wright (Email ) - 11-03-’11 21:43

OMG, the sky is falling AGAIN!

We all know that it is the fault of the NPS for current gasoline prices and any hurricanes/tropical storms/noreasters are directly the fault of the NPS.

The plastic bag issue certainly has caused an increased and rapid deline in the visitation of the Outer Banks and everyone knows how much we miss the plastic bags waving in the trees, lining the ditches and choking our marine mammels.

The whine is deafing and I certainly hope the IFP reader enjoys his/her time in wherever he/she decides to spend their hard-earned dollars. I will not miss them because there will be someone to take their place who can truly enjoy the Outer Banks with their family.

“Who can blame visitors for getting fed up?
We who live here are fed up”

I for one am fed up with the people who continually speak the negative of the Outer Banks be they resident or visitor.

Anon - 11-03-’11 22:15
Denny in Dayton

Hey annon, you don’t blame NPS for fuel prices, but aren’t they under the same umbrella as the DOI? Isn’t Kenny Salazar part of the drill ban and regulations in the gulf and other places that are driving fuel prices? I think the answer is yes isn’t it? Yup same cast of cronies.

Denny in Dayton (Email ) - 11-03-’11 23:26

The thing that attracts me most to the Outer Banks is all the vile and venom and negativity on websites like this. Much of it appears to come from people who not live in the area. I do not live in the area but have visited for many years and plan to visit for many more. I know many natives and other visitors who think the changes are positive and overdue. I drive on the beach and will have reasonable opportunities to drive on the beach any day of the year if I choose to do so. Are there areas that I can not go during critical times of the year to help the birds and turtles? Yes, but that is right. I guess you can put me in the hemorroid column. But you know there are many of us out here. And given the threats and vindictiveness on sites like this I will respectfully remain …

anonymous - 12-03-’11 08:01

Thank you anonymous for continuing to believe in the Outer Banks and the people and organizations that want and welcome you here. Your positive attitude is often overshadowed by the few who have no vested interest in the Outer Banks except for their own interest in open access for their off road vehicles.

It is refreshing to hear the positive from you. Many visitors and locals are indeed fed up with the negative.

Spring will soon be upon us and with the warm weather finally showing its face those negative souls may find enjoyment on the Outer Banks as you do.

I also will remain anonymous

anonymous2 - 12-03-’11 08:29

Does it really matter who is to blame for the current state of affairs at CHNSS? Instead of whining about it, why not present a unified front to fight for our right to use the CHNSS as it was intended That means resident and visitor alike. Our foes are well funded and know how to play the game. We need to learn how to do the same. It will take time and probably alot of money, but look at the alternative…a local economy destroyed and a closed beach. I just think that it is worth fighting for.

aghbop (Email ) - 12-03-’11 08:48
Hawk Hawkins

Boy!The “anon” family is certainly a bunch of freedom loving Americans,enjoying their ever shrinking rights and priviledges ‘til there are none left…God bless you bird loving haters of Liberty!

Hawk Hawkins (Email ) - 12-03-’11 11:53
Beth Saylor

Wow – some crazy comments! We’ve been enjoying Hatteras (the island and the village itself) for some 30+ years, and will continue to do so. We were frustrated that the beach area in front of our rental home was closed off for the turtles; however, we just walked a few feet south. I certainly do not see people deciding not to come to OBX! And frankly, I hope that the lower part of the islands (Hatteras, Buxton, Avon, etc) never get so ‘citified’ as Nags Head, with all the malls, etc.! As to charging for the ferry service, I can’t believe they haven’t done it before this! Why not give the residents there a tag for their windshield which would permit free service? And why should people from other states enjoy the tax merits the NC people pay, to enjoy the free service? And why not make it $1 per car, or $5 per car? Lastly, why on earth are politicians trying to have the plastic bag ban repealed?! It’s wonderful!! Let everyone get onto recycling! We’re heading back to Hatteras for our regular month this fall, and have added time there this spring. Hopefully, all the negative people who add their words in this column will stay home!! We’re from Virginia and love Hatteras!! And Irene, you do a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed!! Thank you.

Beth Saylor - 12-03-’11 13:52

I have just removed about a half dozen posts on this blog.
Once again, I ask you to stay on topic. In this case it’s the island economy, especially with beach driving fees and perhaps more ferry tolls on the horizon.
You can agree or disagree with me or any other reader who comments on this blog.
Please refrain from personal attacks, veiled threats, etc.
No one wants to read this trivia.

Thank you.


Irene (Email ) - 12-03-’11 15:14

Thanks Beth and your buddies the mama sea turtles appreciate you giving them needed space for their babies.

It is obvious to me that you“get it” with a realistic and positive attitude as it relates to the Outer Banks and we look forward to seeing you and your friends and family.

anon - 12-03-’11 15:51
jill marshall

More and more bad news for our precious Hatteras Island! I don’t think Big Money or Big Politics is going to stop until they run all off of the Island, and now working on Ocracoke. We will NEVER stop coming as much as we can until the Bridge is gated and only private residents can cross. I have felt all along that certain people want the Island for their very own private resort and will do every underhanded thing to obtain that goal. Loving Hatteras Forever!

jill marshall (Email ) - 12-03-’11 19:46
Keith H

We’re preparing for our annual spring trip to Hatteras and the Recreation Area in April and looking forward to it. My wife is growing weary of hearing me say “Is it beach time yet?” although she looks forward to it as well.

We agree that it’s been tough to watch this particular train wreck happen although we support the fight as best we can. Unless one is truly diligent, from this distance, it is very difficult to keep up with all the comment periods, inflammatory rhetoric and court issues taking place. Although I disagree with Fredericksburg reader’s letter, it isn’t that hard to see where those thoughts may have come from.

As to Rep. Cole’s concerns to the western parts of the state, what would be the reaction to concerns from HI and OI residents about the costs of expanding I-85 past Charlotte? No tolls there and I’m suspecting there isn’t a rebate for NC residents who never drive that far inland. It’s all the same state.

There is the potential of a real hardship being created for those of you who live and work on OI and HI. That needs to be mitigated if another grab at the tourist pocketbook is enacted to get on and off OI.

There is a group of us who spend a long weekend in April and another in October every year. Typically there are 6-8 families. We come from central NC, VA and MD for the unique peace that is Cape Hatteras and the OBX. We usually head over to OI at least one day. We have come to expect that we will pay the 10+% “tourist tax” in our motels and restaurants. Many places do that…after all, tourists won’t vote a politician out since we vote at home, not where we vacation. Our home jurisdictions do it, too.

We love Hatteras. The locals who have made us feel unwelcome can still be counted on one hand after all these years.

We like to drive on the beach. We respect the boundaries (even when they are excessive).

But the high cost of gasoline and the slow economy (despite what the pols will tell you) affect us, too. Don’t price us out.

Keith H (Email ) - 12-03-’11 23:27
Steven Eubanks

As much as I Love the area in and around Hatteras island, I too will be directing my Beach Buggy to other locations. Such as Carolina Beach and Surf City,and yes there are fees. However,these location for the time being. Are more in tune with the desires of tourist and locals. This too I’m all but certain will pass. Our entire coastline will be deemed closed to the public. It’s just a matter of time. And as far as blame along with finger pointing. Let’s look at the true source. Not the locals, not the NPS, not the tourist. But the elected crooks in the capital ! That’s where the overall longterm plans are in operation. I believe in time the objective of keeping out the riff-raff (working class) citizens. And allowing only the elite access to these areas,will come to pass.

Steven Eubanks - 14-03-’11 10:50

Last summer was an excellent rental season for the island—more visitors than ever. However, people are spending less money beyond renting a cottage because of the economy—not because of beach driving or a non-welcoming environment. The ferry fee is a state transportation decision because of the economy. It’s all about the economy—not Hatteras Island. Stop being so myopic. There’s an opportunity in being an environmentally friendly national seashore.

gg (Email ) - 14-03-’11 15:53

gg show me some real data and not your opinion

samsdad1 (Email ) - 14-03-’11 18:35

good point, samsdad. Here are occupancy taxes for Dare County. I believe Hatteras parallels the county.
2009-2010 $13,685,331
Obviously people are coming to the beach, regardless of beach driving or bad vibes. However, they have reigned in their overall discrestionary spending, which is happening nationwide because of the poor national economy, not the unique issues of Hatteras Island. :-)

gg - 15-03-’11 12:57

How can you state that Hatteras Mirrors Dare County? Is there separate data you are holding back? Not to sound accusatory but it just seems you are painting with a broad brush!

I am thinking there are several factors for this phenomenon ORV Closures (More pedestrians), Beach Closures (More shoppers), Gulf Coast Oil Spill (Less Oil), Economy (cheaper vacations), three more plovers(?)…

samsdad1 (Email ) - 15-03-’11 13:26

Tourists will still come, but it be be a different type of tourist. No one has built an affordable “beach shack for fishermen” house for 20 years. What is being built are 12 room beach castles that appeal to renters who are more into the big house and shopping scene than surf fishing. Yes, this change in demographic will hurt the tackle shops and cherter folks, but the villages will be fine with more shops and resturants.

Pumpkinboy - 15-03-’11 14:27
Dave Vachet

gg said: “I believe Hatteras parallels the county.”

With all due respect, that sounds like more opinion. What make you “believe” this to be true?

Dave Vachet - 15-03-’11 14:34

There’s an opportunity in being an environmentally friendly national seashore.

When has it ever been an “Un-environmentally friendly seashore”, particularly when compared to say, Virginia or Myrtle Beach?

anon - 15-03-’11 14:55

gg? Bueller? Bueller?

anon - 16-03-’11 16:21

Well the ferry toll is a simpl emoney grab by a cash strapped state Every state is looking where they can cut and where they can make more revinue. Mark my words they will impose a ferry tol and exclude residents. This will give them thier gold and allow the people who voted it in “the out” because the people who vote them into ( or out of) office will not have to pay the toll. Look at the proposed increase of the Chesapake Expressway toll from 2 to 5 dollars. In the powerpoint presentation the FIRST item the address is the fact that 81% of the users are NOT residents so the impact to them is minimal.
On other issues I belive this blog is a snapshot of why the access issue will never be solved in favor of a open beach. the parties e them all concerned on the issue are small and divided and quick to turn on themselves and others negating any chance for a strong unified voice. The dare county occupancy tax numbers encompass ALOT of residences nowhere near or effected by the clousres here on the island. In conversations with residents property owners a few guests and one dare county board member the general consensus is that the park is a done deal,or if you have property above MP16 it won’t effect you, guests think it a bunch of “nuts” and have almost no idea of the issue since the rental companies have not taken any opportunity to put the beach closures as a issue in rentaing the houses for fear of effecting thier rentals, it would be a easy effort to put a flier about the issue in every rental home in the check in packet to educate the visitors not only about proper etiquette on the beach but why access is denied and what they can do about it but no..nothing from any agency for 4 years on the issue.
I will not say who from Dare county I spoke to but thier opinion was “ we can scream all we want but washington and the department of the interior will not listen to us”

Alexy (Email ) - 18-03-’11 08:40
Denny in Dayton

What people seem to ignore when talking about last summers occupancy is there was a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the beaches were closed. Vacationers where left scrambling particularly around the 4th of July. Hatteras had plenty of vacancies and was able to accommodate many of these people. Are they going to continue to dump oil in the Gulf every year?

Also Dare County made some changes in occupancy taxes and rates that account for some of the collection increases. It’s about actual occupancy, actual people who are visiting and spending money.

“we can scream all we want but washington and the department of the interior will not listen to us”

That’s true for about any department! In the case of DOI, they are bought and paid for by the environmentalist lobby.

Denny in Dayton (Email ) - 18-03-’11 10:33

2009-2010 $13,685,331’

without breaking this down village by village and then including higher rental fees, changes to occupancy tax rates, hurricanes, etc…………these numbers are meaningless and prove nothing

ceebee - 18-03-’11 11:18

Hasn’t ended yet… They’ve now closed the Point for the spring season. This should help occupancy rates for Duck, Corolla, and Nags Head.

anon - 18-03-’11 15:16
Gary Flatts

So you think the tourism numbers were inflated last year by the gulf oil issue. Maybe. What about the numbers from the year before? And the year before that. No oil in the gulf then.

People are coming, they might not be surf fishermen with 4×4 as you have traditionally see, but the ones who are coming have plenty of green in their back pockets and spending it.

We all know the NC ferry system has been mismanaged for years and it is foolish not to see that fees will be a part of that from now on.

I’m tired of hearing all of this whining that the world is out to get you.

Gary Flatts (Email ) - 21-03-’11 21:08

Then go away Gary… These numbers include areas outside of the affected region.

samsdad1 (Email ) - 22-03-’11 07:25
Bert Smith

I think the following article answers the question. ‘They’ don’t want people going to OBX. – CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) – Motorists traveling a toll road that connects Interstate 64 in Chesapeake to North Carolina and the Outer Banks will pay more beginning May 1.

Media outlets report that the Chesapeake City Council voted Tuesday to raise the Chesapeake Expressway’s $2 toll to $6 on summer weekends, and $3 on weekdays and during the off-season.

The rate for the E-ZPass discount program also will increase from 50 cents year round to 75 cents.

A consultant’s study recommended increasing the toll to help raise funds for repairing the 16-mile four-lane highway over the next five years.

Bert Smith (Email ) - 23-03-’11 10:16
bert smith

Even more than beach closures, licensing fees, ferry fees, and tolls on roads, what really bothers me is that so many people are so fervent about their position, usually negative to keeping the beaches open, that they are afraid to put their name to it. I am proud of my position and don’t care who knows about it. I am not in a popularity contest anyway. Either you think something is right or not at least have the courage to own it.

bert smith (Email ) - 27-03-’11 23:53

gg, you need to do some work on this. Are these tax figures adjusted for inflation and changes in tax rates? Are these figures for Dare County as a whole, because we are talking about Hatteras Island?

Prior to the Consent Decree you had to make your reservations are full year in advance. Not anymore. I just went to Hatteras Realty to search for a two week stay beginning the week before Memorial Day and continuing through Memorial Day week. I found 144 available rentals.

Now I do have rental revenues for 2010 and 2009 and after adjusting for inflation, rental revenues are flat for Hatteras Island ($100.5 million vs. $99.6 million). They are, however, up 2.6% for northern beaches. This despite the fact that economic growth has returned to positive territory, the stock market is up significantly, etc.

As for 2009 or any year since 2004, visitation has dropped to around 1993 level with a little variation from year to year but not enough to change the fact that in excess of 25% from the peak in 2002 and 17% from the average for the period of 1997 to 2003. 2003 by the way marked the first closure of an Inlet spit (Hatteras) and things have steadily gone south since.

As for all the people who are supposedly of the opinion that the new restrictions are a good thing and long overdue and have found that the restrictions actaully attract them to the seashore, I’m sure Joe Biden’s closet will be big enough for you all to meet and celebrate.

{quote}Here are occupancy taxes for Dare County. I believe Hatteras parallels the county.
2009-2010 $13,685,331
Obviously people are coming to the beach, regardless of beach driving or bad vibes. However, they have reigned in their overall discrestionary spending, which is happening nationwide because of the poor national economy, not the unique issues of Hatteras Island. [/quote]

Ginny (Email ) - 29-03-’11 10:28

[quote}Tourists will still come, but it be be a different type of tourist. No one has built an affordable “beach shack for fishermen” house for 20 years. What is being built are 12 room beach castles that appeal to renters who are more into the big house and shopping scene than surf fishing. Yes, this change in demographic will hurt the tackle shops and cherter folks, but the villages will be fine with more shops and resturants.{quote}

To some degree this is true now, although even this is dwindling significantly. Why? What is there to do but go to the beach? Pop’s bar—wow what a hoot, just make sure you get there before 10 pm. Now as the new plan forces people into smaller areas, the beaches will get more crowded and without other forms of entertainment more and more will say forget it.

Ginny (Email ) - 29-03-’11 10:39
steve coleman

I agree with this letter 100%.

Also I wish to add:

Shame on you for signing the consent decree.

Shame on the “General” for being full of it and justifying why signing it was unaviodable, then moving off the island.

Shame on anyone who believed Mike Murray.

Y’all just caved in.

I’m upset because I can no longer enjoy your hospitality and beaches and fishing.

Yes, use my name.


steve coleman - 18-04-’11 20:49

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