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Seashore chief Murray will retire – with his mission here accomplished

Thursday 17 May 2012 at 6:35 pm.

Outer Banks Group superintendent Mike Murray announced to his staff yesterday that he will retire on July 31.

Murray, 57, made the announcement in his signature low-key manner – with a short e-mail:

“After 34 years with the National Park Service, I plan to retire as of July 31, 2012. It has been my privilege to serve as the Superintendent of the Outer Banks Group for the past six and half years. I have greatly appreciated the dedication and hard work of the park staff in serving park visitors and protecting park resources during my time here. We have accomplished a great deal together. There will be more information forthcoming in the weeks ahead as to how the Southeast Regional Office will provide for continuity of leadership at the Group until a new Superintendent is selected. Meanwhile, we are heading into a busy Summer season with lots to keep us busy. If I had but one wish for my remaining days as an employee of the National Park Service, it would be that each of you stay safe, happy, healthy, and productive as you conduct your duties and live your lives in the days ahead.”

There was no media release.  Murray is out of the office this week and was not available for comment.

The news was met with little surprise on Hatteras and Ocracoke, where folks understood that Murray was sent here for a reason – to implement an off-road management plan for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

He accomplished that mission.  The plan and final regulation were effective on Feb. 15.

There were no “mission accomplished” banners and the introduction of the plan and the permits now required for ORV use on seashore beaches was also low-key.

However, the response to the plan was loud and swift from groups that advocate for more reasonable access for ORVs and pedestrians than the plan allows.

The Cape Hatteras Access Preservation Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Park Service to stop the plan on Feb. 9, less than a week before it was final.

And U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., and Sens. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Kay Hagan, D-N.C. introduced companion bills in Congress to return the seashore to the 2007 Interim Protected Species Management Plan until the Park Service can implement an ORV rule that allows more reasonable access.

Murray arrived in the Outer Banks in December, 2005, and took over the management of the seashore after a series of superintendents that came and went – the last one, Lawrence Belli, was basically banished and reassigned to the Southeast Regional Office. He was followed by two short-term interim superintendents, whose names were barely familiar to the public when they, too, moved on.

Residents and visitors, who know the park had to come up with a long-term ORV plan welcomed Murray as someone who might stay long enough to do it, and do it fairly and equitably.

In his first meeting with local reporters in January of 2006, Murray said he felt like he was on a “runaway train.”

“I can see this could be a very complex job,” he said.

At that meeting, he was energetic and enthusiastic, and optimistic yet realistic about the future.

“I am optimistic,” he said, “that, given time, we can work this through.”

A slender man who is a regular runner and participates in marathon races, Murray was then 51 with dark, close cropped hair and a mustache.  

Six years later, he’s still slender, but his dark hair and mustache are now salt-and-pepper.

He has always been nothing but patient and low-key, even in contentious meetings with the public. His demeanor is quite serious, and he only occasionally shows that he has a wry sense of humor.

He was welcomed – even embraced -- by the local community, whose members thought he would be the seashore chief who would listen to them.

Folks were optimistic -- or at least cautiously optimistic.

However, Murray’s honeymoon on Hatteras and Ocracoke didn’t last very long.

His tenure grew ever more contentious, as the bitterness of the local communities toward the Park Service continued to grow.

At that first meeting, Murray acknowledged that the ORV plan was the top priority and he said formulating the plan would be “tough.” He had arrived at Cape Hatteras after eight years as assistant superintendent as Cape Cod National Seashore, which just before his arrival had put in place its own ORV plan with permits after successful negotiated rulemaking among the stakeholder groups.

He was hopeful about negotiated rulemaking to formulate a plan at Cape Hatteras, but that process was a disaster that many blame on a lawsuit filed by environmental groups that had a seat at the negotiating table just before the process officially started.

The National Park Service allowed those groups to continue to participate, and tensions and resentment just continued to increase among the groups that advocated for more reasonable beach access.

“We wish him well in his retirement,” John Couch, president of the Outer Banks Preservation Association said today, choosing his words carefully.

Couch was among those who were cautiously optimistic when Murray arrived.

“He was willing to work, to learn, to speak to everybody,” Couch said.  “But the system was hijacked (by environmental groups).”

Couch sees the negotiated rulemaking process and the lawsuits as a turning point in the relationship between Murray and the community. And, in the end, he thinks access groups lost on all fronts.

“We were hoodwinked,” Couch says.

 “We tried our best to work with him and his staff only to have him turn his back on the local community and visitors (on access) to what was the premier ‘recreational area’ in the NPS system,” said Jim Keene of Nags Head, who participated in negotiated rulemaking when he was president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association.  “It will take many years, if ever, to recover from what has been done under his watch.”

“He came in as a friend,” said Bryan Perry, owner of the Frisco Rod and Gun and Frisco Supermarket.

Murray, who grew up in Franklin, Va., talked with Perry and his family about visits to his aunt and uncle who lived in Frisco when he was a youngster.  Perry now feels betrayed.

“Not only did they not negotiate, but they stuck it to us all together,” he said, adding that he was not bitter until he saw the final rule but now considers Murray a “hit man” for the Park Service.

Other local business owners are just as bitter as Perry and have nothing nice to say about Murray.

Others are slightly more circumspect.

“Mike Murray was sent here to do a job,” said Allen Burrus of Hatteras, vice-chairman of the Dare County Board of Commissioners. “He did it, and now he’s leaving.”

Burrus is another who said he was hopeful that Murray would oversee a “fair and equitable plan.”

That didn’t happen, Burrus thinks.

“I am not foolish enough to blame him completely,” Burrus added, “but he could have done more here than he did.”

Burrus, like others, thinks Murray was between a “rock and a hard place,” squeezed between the policies of the bureaucracy of the Department of Interior and the Park Service and the increasing pressure on both from environmental groups.

“I believe Mike’s hands were tied,” said Scott Leggat, vice-president of Outer Beaches Realty who represented the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce in negotiated rulemaking, who now says many participated in negotiated rulemaking “under a false premise.”

It was a no-win situation for Murray, says Leggat.

“I always regarded Mike as a person of integrity and an honest broker, one who brought concern to the table,” Leggat said today. “He showed a lot of personal courage. He did not duck the difficult moments. And he was always willing to meet with people who viewed the circumstances differently.

“He was doing a job. We just didn’t understand what the job was.”

The final ORV plan and the resulting bitterness and contentiousness, Leggat thinks, are “an unfortunate legacy for him to leave here.”

As an editor and reporter, I always found Mike Murray available and as forthcoming as he could probably be, in light of the lawsuits and controversy that surrounded his signature accomplishment here. He was never difficult to deal with.

It is unfortunate that he will be remembered – and not kindly – for bringing us the final ORV plan and rule and not for any of his other accomplishments, not the least of which was the renovation and restoration of the Bodie Island Lighthouse and its magnificent and original first-order Fresnel lens.

Going forward, we might expect that when Murray leaves, assistant superintendent Darrell Echols will be named acting superintendent until a successor is chosen.

And that person will take over the seashore management with a challenge every bit as difficult as Murray’s was.

Healing for this community will be a long time in coming.

Click here to read a column about Mike Murray first meeting with local reporters.
Click here to read a history of the beach access issue and how we got to where we are today.


Kris Shelton

Good bye and good riddance. Hopefully we’ll never hear his name again. Decent person or not, he carried out the agenda of DOI/NPS/Eco groups. If he didn’t truly believe in what he was doing, he could have always stepped aside…Ashamed of a fellow Virginian…

Kris Shelton - 17-05-’12 19:32
Eric Bregman

I guess his mission was to restrict beach acccess to the taxpayers who paid his salary…jerk.

Eric Bregman - 17-05-’12 20:02

The dirty work at Cape Hatteras has been accomplished and now Mike will get his reward for being a good NPS ‘Soldier’ but not a ‘Leader’. I certainly know that Mike earned and deserves his retirement……I looked at a photo of him the other day taken shortly after he arrived and compared it to a more recent photo……the journey has aged him like it has done to most of us.

Sadly we will be faced with starting over, listening to the platitudes from someone with nearly no knowledge of the vitriol and bitterness that permeates the Island Communities and educating someone on all that has happened along the way.

I’m guessing we’ll get the ‘carrot’ now since we’ve already had the ‘stick’.

We must be more vigilant than ever since the sting of the NPS stick still hurts and its gonna take a lot of carrots to make the pain go away.

Our retirement will come when the job is done for Free and Open Beach Access!!

hatrasfevr - 17-05-’12 21:06
mike l

i knew it.went to cape cod for the first time a few years before he was brought to Hatteras,and i was flabbergasted by how it’s not worth it to get a permit to drive on the beach there.i stood there in disbelief shaking my head at the sign with all of the crazy restrictions and limitations.so of course like a year later i heard about this new guy here who did such a great job fixing the cape cod orv rules.i don’t know how he sleeps at night.

mike l - 17-05-’12 21:30
Ken Miller

31 years as a NPS employee and retiring at 57. Quite an accompllishment. However a career tarnished by being the one who headed the charge of screwing the Americam Public out of reasonable access to the seashore. Not just him, but many others share in the dismantling of rights of taxpaying Americans. Enjoy your retirement as we taxpayers will continue to pay for that and more for less.

Ken Miller - 17-05-’12 23:29
Salvo Jimmy


I think shaft would be more descriptive than stick

Salvo Jimmy - 18-05-’12 06:27
John Dumbleton

I bet good ole Mike will never return to the Hatteras bird island after he retires. He will go somewhere that he can drive his Jeep on the seashore fishing.

John Dumbleton - 18-05-’12 08:03
Native Son

Alway’s knew that his job was to implement the ORV plan.But beware of Echols,he masks his intentions very well and has always handled the day to day issues of the park.His background is resource managment need I say more.

Native Son - 18-05-’12 08:22
Hawk Hawkins

Poor Dennis,everything is a personal attack.

Hawk Hawkins - 18-05-’12 08:59

Mission accomplished?

“Park officials say that now that the final plan and rule are law, they cannot grant an exception to the permit requirement in some areas until more parking areas are built.”“

Well sir, the “law” recognized the need for parking in this and other areas. As per the following from the FEIS, this is not the rule that was vetted.

NPS has included the access improvements as an integral part of each of the action alternatives and not as an optional mitigation that may or may not occur. Therefore, the economic impact analysis in Chapter 4 of the DEIS is correct. “FEIS p c-104

Given the fact that the infrstructure required to suppor the plan has not been completed, I expect the econmic impact will be much greater than expected. Worse yet, the unexpected consequences, such as road side parking, lines for permits, and turning people away from access ramps will lead to violence or someone getting killed on highway 12. We have already had one accident and the summer hasn’t even started.

Great job Mr. Murray. If doing his job results in hardship for residents or the death of a visitor or resident, I have no sympathy for Mr. Murray and equate his failure to say no the same behavior of war criminals who were just doing their job.

Ginny - 18-05-’12 10:19

I appreciate the continued patience of those posting the real circumstances affecting their lives on the islands, the factual impact Mr. Murray had on them, and not responding to Dennis’ comment or future comments, at least with the 11 posted so far. Please continue to heed his previous direction of “Ignore Me” on previous posts.

Croatanard - 18-05-’12 11:39
Hawk Hawkins

Amen,Croata,but I sense a blistering rebuttal heading towards Ginny’s sentiments…

Hawk Hawkins - 18-05-’12 12:40
Chris Worthington

Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. How this man can sleep at night after doing and supporting what he has done is beyond me. Hopefully he gets what is due to him.

Chris Worthington - 18-05-’12 13:19
Hawk Hawkins

Well,Murray certainly towed the company line and got A job done,protected his and now his retirement…he IS clever…

Hawk Hawkins - 18-05-’12 14:48

I would like to know and maybe we will find out how much was his call and how much came from above, Being a gov’t worker I understand the politics involved. What I don’t understand why the rules are different from park to park as far as buffers, etc… go.

ZuniKev - 18-05-’12 17:21

mr. murray should come stand in my store for a week and hear the comments we are getting from the tourists about their visit this year to our national seashore.

his work is done and we’re left here to try to clean up the mess.

bbc - 18-05-’12 17:44

I repeat—anyone who would implement half of a plan with the foreseen result of someone getting killed is as bad as a war criminal.

“NPS has included the access improvements as an integral part of each of the action alternatives and not as an optional mitigation that may or may not occur. Therefore, the economic impact analysis in Chapter 4 of the DEIS is correct. “FEIS p c-104

Given the fact that the infrstructure required to support the plan has not been completed, I expect the econmic impact will be much greater than expected. Worse yet, the unexpected consequences, such as road side parking, lines for permits, and turning people away from access ramps will lead to violence or someone getting killed on highway 12. We have already had one accident and the summer hasn’t even started.

Great job Mr. Murray. If doing his job results in hardship for residents or the death of a visitor or resident, I have no sympathy for Mr. Murray and equate his failure to say no the same behavior of war criminals who were just doing their job.

Ginny - 18-05-’12 18:31
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

bbc: Where/What is your store?

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 18-05-’12 18:41
Denny in Dayton

Anyone interested in taking bets on how long before he’s working for one of the envro groups most likely as a lobbyist so they can repay him?

I’ve said for sometime that he was a soldier for the agenda of higher ups (and possibly his own agenda). His history at Cape Cod gave me concern, but I initially gave him a chance, I never should have.

Here’s what I have to say now:

Yeah, Na Na Hey Hey..Goodbye!

Denny in Dayton - 18-05-’12 22:30


bbc - 19-05-’12 00:06
tom zirkle

your true reward will come when you have to sit day after day and reflect on life and how you delth with you fellow man. that is a measure of your truth worth in life. not how you just followed orders. only then will you understand, how you and you alone were responsible for destroying the hope and dreams of others especially the young children.

tom zirkle - 19-05-’12 04:36
Salvo Jimmy

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a real defender of Murray.

However, he had nothing to do with developing the Cape Cod plan. He arrived there as deputy after the plan was a done deal, similar to how the new supt here will arrive with the plan a done deal.

Now, was Murray influenced by the plan at Cape Cod?? I’d say very likely, but he did not help develop it.

I also think he arrived here just short of retirement eligibility, maybe needing a few yrs service and/or age. Him having knowledge of what happened to Belli, would likely make him very relunctant to PO his superiors and get fired just short of retirement eligibility.

And then the 2008 political change in DC put stong environmental advocates in as Murray’s superiors. Coupled with the above retirement situation, this change to me was the final nail in the coffin.

Salvo Jimmy - 19-05-’12 06:27
Salvo Jimmy

BTW I looked it up. Seems Murray needed 30 yrs service and age 56 (based on birth yr) to get full retirement benefits.

Thus he stayed just beyond that, probably to implement the plan.

Salvo Jimmy - 19-05-’12 06:40
Wes lassiter

I am afraid that Murray left a path of destruction which will never be forgotten by us local folks. The fact we cannot drive the beach like we used to, thousands of animals genocidal slayings, millions of tourist dollars lost, a way of life compromised due to political ignorance, and our personal freedom lost maybe forever, leads me to the conclusion that this man had no regard but to his own self serving egotistical needs. Goodbye Mr. Murray, please do not come into my business and hope to be served.

Wes lassiter (URL) - 19-05-’12 07:11
Al Adam

The man deceived those whom he pretended to befriend in order to accomplish his goal of closing our beaches. It is unfortunate that when given the choice of serving the public or cheating the public he chose the later.
The poor attitude of many of his rangers is a DIRECT reflection on him. If one of my employees was as discurteous to a customer as I have seen a few rangers be to our visitors —- it would only happen one time. Say what you want about “only doing his job”. We’re talking integrity here —- something of which Murray has no knowledge.
I don’t believe that we can do worse moving forward. At least the next super will know exactly what foundation has been layed.

Al Adam - 19-05-’12 07:18

Mr. Murray has had 4 years to fix the safety issue at ramp 43. There have been many close calls and there will be a head on collision one day.

Mr. Murray is well aware of the danger of parking on the side of the road and chose to implement the current rule w/o the supporting infrastructure. Someone is going to get killed.

Now, tell me if I am right and someone dies or is severly injured, what does this say about Murray and how will he sleep at night? He is not just a lier(told us permits wouldn’t work here), he is responsible for the consequences of his actions (i.e. limited access to all, injuring an economy, and creating safety issues which will lead to personal injury or death).

This is not solely about ORV access. Is this emotional? Well when the consequences involve safety issues, you bethcha.

Ginny - 19-05-’12 08:06
Hhawk Hawkins

Ginny,Mike served lunches in Dennis’ Jr.High.He was humble until Dennis taught him to stand up to those nasty ORV bullies but not the nasty bird-bullies.

Hhawk Hawkins - 19-05-’12 08:35
John Dumbleton

We need help to solve the problems of the OBX. The only people that know you have a problem is the people of the OBX and the people that visit. You are going up against very large groups with alot of money and pull. Nobody outside North Carolina knows of your battle with them and the government so you have to get the word out Nationwide. We need someone with alot of knowledge to contact the network news and yes even FOX news and tell them how a handful of birds is shutting down the eastern seashore. The more people that know of your fight the bigger the army. If I didn’t visit Buxton every year I would not know of any of this as none of the news in Buxton ever makes it up here to Pennsylvania.

John Dumbleton - 19-05-’12 09:13
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

I just sent an email to Dateline on the MSNBC website – how about some of you other people contacting 2020 on ABC or 60 Minutes on CBS?

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 19-05-’12 09:34
Denny in Dayton

I think the real problem goes right to Jon Jarvis. If anyone didn’t watch his confirmation hearing you should view it. He telegraphs what is happening at Hatteras and around the country. If you haven’t seen it you can view it here:
Pay attention to how warmly he reacts to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)an envro type who wants to ban helicopter flights over crater lake (he actually calls silence a natural resource), to the mental gymnastics he uses in responding to Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.)who presses him on snowmobiles in Yellow Stone. They are about to get a final rule that will be restrictive to access much like we experienced.

My opinion is much like Jimmy’s, he was doing the work for others, but that doesn’t mean we should give him a pass.

Denny in Dayton - 19-05-’12 10:01
Bud Nelson

Yep, like most organizations it’s a top down issue. But at some point the ‘soldiers’ have to see what results their efforts are having.

Bud Nelson - 19-05-’12 10:24
Al Adam

You are on the money regarding the DOI and related agencies right on down to CHNSRA. It is contaminated from th etop down. Salizar in in the business of lining the pockets of his wife’s cronies —- and he sets the example. We need to clean the cesspool in DC that holds so many of these agencies that are “boought and paid for” by special interests who are in the business of exploiting tax dollars, in our case, through bogus enviro lawsuits. Whether the mandate is part of a bigger agenda or simply widespread corruption —- the agents of this despair need to go.

Al Adam - 19-05-’12 11:27

Well then all of them, top down, should be responsible for the safety issues created by the decision to implement a partial rule.

Question, what do you call someone who creates a safety issue and walks away from it? I’m sure just doing my job will give the families lots of solace.

Ginny - 19-05-’12 13:13
Salvo Jimmy

I recall Murray many times saying during the process that if the plan came out truly balanced neither side would be happy.

So by Murray’s own “definition” we did not get a truly balanced plan since the pro-access side is really unhappy with the plan and the other side seems very satisfied with it.

Salvo Jimmy - 19-05-’12 18:11

a lot of people have been in that have bought the permit only to find their favorite beach closed. others have been asking where they can park to get to said beaches and then are in disbelief that some areas are closed to pedestrians.

too bad more planning didn’t go into this before it was put in place.

bbc - 19-05-’12 23:26
Salvo Jimmy

Hey Dennis,

You could do a FOIA for the permit list and see if I have one since you seem to be the only person who gives a rat’s arse.

BTW I never recall hearing Murray say the FEIS was balanced. His statements I refer to go way back at the start of the REG-NEG process.

Salvo Jimmy - 20-05-’12 05:15
Jose Simon

You don’t suppose he’ll be retiring on the Island, do you?

Jose Simon - 20-05-’12 09:04
Al Adam


Your statement of “I do not get it” just won the understatement of the year award —- with 7 months remaining nobody can top it! Congrats.

Al Adam - 20-05-’12 09:14

Mr. Murray’s Departing Speech to the head of DOI.

“Veni, vidi, vici”

Now I shall retire.


Jack - 20-05-’12 09:33
chuck allison

If his mission is complete, then what the heck was his mission? i have never quite figured that out………i know the beaches are in lousy shape, highway 12 is at risk, my business is down for the 4th year in a row……and i can’t drive to fish or surf where i used to…..mission complete?

chuck allison - 20-05-’12 10:29
Bud Nelson

I think his mission was to smile while forcing the plan down everyone’s throats. Remember the heavy-handed way Belli snuck in his backup LEO’s ? The only difference between any of the Supts. has been their methods, not the management ‘plan’.

Bud Nelson - 20-05-’12 11:36
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Good-bye Mr. Murray, thank-you for helping to ruining my life.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 20-05-’12 15:41

He did it all with non-science policies. Remember that in the future. Plus, if you don’t live here you would never know the real truth…

James - 20-05-’12 18:27
Salvo Jimmy


Given my take (above) on Murray and his retirement, plus direction from the top, I think Murray would have submitted any plan (balanced or not) that preserved his retirement and satisfied his superiors.

The FEIS is not balanced by Murray’s own take (as I’ve indicated above) on what would be balanced.

The Interim Plan was more “balanced” by Murray’s “definition”. Pro-Access folks (access being by any method, not just ORV) hoping to improve it from their perspective at REG-NEG and the Con-Access folks hoping similar from their perspective.

BUT, the Con-Access folks sued on the Interim Plan ( lucked out with a very sympathetic judge) to put a hammer over DOI/NPS/Pro-Access folks at REG-NEG to help ensure an outcome more favorable to their position. And guess what, that is what they got. REG-NEG failed and the plan was left to largely input from the Con-Access side.

Oh yeah they wanted more (as in virtually no access / wildlife preserve), but seem rather happy in where this ended up. IE access more restricted than even the suit result consent decree. So don’t bother with they are not 100% satisfied so the plan is balanced or that Pro_access agreed to the consent decree (hammer).

And before you go here. Yes the Pro-Access folks have now sued over what is deemed a very unbalanced plan. Plus received at least window dressing political help in the form of Senate and House legislation.

End of discussion from my end on this topic.

Salvo Jimmy - 21-05-’12 06:55

All I can say is that the local person who submitted his very own map for access was heard bragging that he and the environmental groups got everything they wanted! So maybe the other side crying was just an act so as to make it look like they gave up something.

Ginny - 21-05-’12 07:43
Mike Berry

Thanks Ted, you said it very well. You are spot on correct in all aspects of the situation. The current plan and provisions of the Consent Decree are very unbalanced and flawed and favor Non Governmental Organizations like DOW, SELC who are accountable to no one.

Much of the seashore set aside for citizen access 70 years ago has been transformed into a national bird and turtle use area, guarded by uniformed agents of federal government, where the public can’t even observe much the environment, let alone walk or recreate in it.

The user public and especially the citizens of the OBX have every right in the world to be outraged by the lack of science, lack of sensible managment judgement, lack of response to constructive public comment, and lack of equity and respect shown to citizens who want and deserve seshore access..

The user public will continue to direct outrage at those NPS officals they hold accountable until such time as equity, balanced reasonable public access is restored. It is going to take some very professional public service talent to clean this mess up. I hope NPS gets started soon.

Mike Berry - 21-05-’12 07:55
Mike Berry

Ok Dennis, let me prove it to you. You just don’t seem to get it.

Go to Ramp 44, walk to the seashore, turn right and walk to the Point. Let NPS know in advance of your nature walk. Let us know what happens.

I reviewed and supported the Interium Plan in 2006-07. It was judged by NPS and some of us in the public who know something about science and environmental management to be resonable, balanced, and management effective. That’s why Congresseman Jones and Senators Burr and Hagen are trying to make it law of the land..

You don’t seem to have a clue as to what has gone on or what is currently going on. Why don’t you try to take a long walk on the national seashore, from Salvo to Hatteras? Get back to us when you make it all the way.

Mike Berry - 21-05-’12 09:35

Mike he (Dennis) does not cross the bridge. His entire stance is the same as the other million supporters of the Environmentalist movement “The Arm Chair only approach”. someone sent him a brochure and he signed up as a warrior to help the pretty picture…

samsdad1 - 21-05-’12 12:01

and that hike from salvo to hatteras will have to be in the water so as to leave no footprints

thank you mike berry

bbc - 21-05-’12 13:42
pat avon

Just closed 34 south to the village to everyone..no walking or anything.. walked up and could not come back..had to get a ride on the road..to get back to my house…this is not right…. 2pm.. NO NO NO can not even walk now!!!!

pat avon - 21-05-’12 14:01

Too bad all those folks who thought this was an ORV issue didn’t get more involved. Their walking beaches are history too. Great job Mike.

james - 21-05-’12 14:49

As an environmentalist, I do not believe for a second that ORV use at CHNS was threatening that ecosystem. As a recreational fisherman and former regular spring/fall visitor to Hatteras Island, there is no question that new policies have ruined recreational fishing on the island. In the plain language of a N.C. country boy, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth. I hope that the island will some day be restored for recreational use, but until that day comes, I’ll be fishing somewhere else.

EnviroFisher - 21-05-’12 16:08
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

I just got home from what is usually a normal walk to & from Ramp 34-NPS put up ‘resource closures’ preventing me from accessing my car parked at Ramp 34! I had to walk over dunes & walk on Rt 12 to retrieve my vehicle! I sure wish I’d seen ‘Pat’s 2 pm posting’; I’m VERY angry !!

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 21-05-’12 18:36
Bo Wallis - Avon NC

Dennis – I live in Avon; I work in Buxton. After reading your last post I agree with Mike Berry. You do not have a clue what you are talking about. You say you come down here but you must be wearing blinders. I read Mike’s post and he never said anything about seasonal closures. We have had seasonal closures for years; always in front of the Villages and the lifeguard area in Buxton. The problem here is both the size of the resource closures and the vehicle free areas (VFA). This plan was put into place without any of the access improvements that the NPS promised. On my way home last Thursday there was a wreck at Kite Point between Buxton & Avon. I cannot blame this solely on no-parking-areas but I did post once before that why would Kiters pay $50 when they can park on Rt 12 & walk 50 feet for no fee? You only want to pick people apart about beach closures but you ignor public safety. Birds are given a 1000 meter buffer for nesting but humans are parked 5 feet off the side of Rt 12 with the speed limit at 55 mph. All I ask is that the NPS use common sense; birds will survive at the cost of human life !!

Bo Wallis - Avon NC - 21-05-’12 20:47

I think most outdoorsman will agree that some closures are needed. Does one bird need 770 acres? Much smaller closures work elsewhere.
Did you notice more trash on PI? I do.

ZuniKev - 21-05-’12 21:02

Yes, you will begin to see more roadside trash because that will be the only areas left to park. Once that begins then the dunes will crumble from the activity going back forth to the the few places you can walk…..bill

Bill - 21-05-’12 21:29


You can say whatever you like about me, but I am increasingly irritated by your sarcastic shots at folks who are truly concerned about the situation on Hatteras and Ocracoke and are posting on this blog.

You apparently know more than any of us – or anyone else for that matter – about the situation, and you have made that abundantly clear. Well, good for you for being so wise and educated.

I suggest that on one of your many trips to Hatteras, you take that little beach walk that Mike Berry suggested.

And please suck on a lemon while you do it.


irene - 21-05-’12 22:26
Bud Nelson

I would purely love to see an agrement that we all use our legal names.I feel that anonyminity, atleast on this site encourages irresponsible posting(my opinion only, not disparaging the IFP). Or at least require us to register. That way there is recourse (send Email to the domain abuse coordinator) if someone oversteps their limits regarding civility. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to stop ignorance.

Bud Nelson - 21-05-’12 23:04

Croatalus was a much more worthy opponent than you are.
Does anyone know what ever happened to Crotalus? Haven’t heard from him or her forever.

I’m not going to tell you not to post. Go right ahead. It is apparently necessary for you to put down the others with diffent opinions. We all understand now, and can just ignore your posts.
Must be a strange life — to live just to slam other folks who are so much less worthy and intelligent than you.

Meanwhile, take a walk to Cape Point and suck on a lemon.

irene - 22-05-’12 00:26

it will definitely be a ‘little’ walk as the NSP continues to close down areas even for pedestrians.

bbc - 22-05-’12 06:51
Salvo Jimmy

Re ORV seasonal closures:

Under the Interim Plan / SO#7

Seasonal Closures:

Seasonal ORV closures will be established annually in beach areas which by reason of heavy pedestrian, swimming, wildlife or other use are deemed seasonally unsuitable for ORV use from May 15 through September 15.

Seasonally closed areas shall consist of but are not be limited to the following areas:
• Bodie Island, Ramp 1 to 0.6 miles South of Ramp 2 (i.e., Coquina Beach);
• Hatteras Island, beach areas fronting the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo and Avon;
• Hatteras Island, beach from the north boundary of Buxton to Ramp 43;
• Hatteras Island, beach fronting the villages of Frisco and Hatteras;
• Ocracoke Island from 0.5 miles South of Ramp 67 to 0.25 miles North of Ramp 70.

Seasonally closed areas shall be identified by signs at both ends of the area, at all other vehicle access points to the area and shall be indicated on maps available for viewing at the offices of the Superintendent, each District Ranger, at each Visitor Center and at all other public contact stations.

They are more extensive now in both area and time frame.


Ramps 1 – 2 permanently closed.
Seasonal area added 0.2 miles South of Ramp 4 15 Mar – 15 Sep
RWS and Avon seasonal areas expanded to include Ramps 23 / 34
Buxton permanently closed

Time frame is now 1 Apr to 1 Nov

And then there are the added year round VFAs.
eg at Ramps 23 South / 34 North, Ramps 27 – 30, Hatteras Spit, North Ocracoke spit, etc

Salvo Jimmy - 22-05-’12 07:48

Hey Dennis the google boy… Please prove to all of us that you do not misrepresent every fact you spew out by showing me and everyone where exactly you found me saying this “By Samsdad1’s own admission he has not visited the Outer Banks for some time”

ps exactly saying that and not an exaggeration as we have become used to you doing to bend your point.

samsdad1 - 22-05-’12 12:04

Still waiting.

Samsdad1 - 22-05-’12 17:51

Dennis, I own a rental home in Frisco and am going down tomorrow to get the place ready for the year. I won’t be buying a beach pass to drive on the very limited amount of ORV acces areas. I am handicapped and cannot walk to the pedestrian only areas or even drive back onto the sound access areas to launch my kayak now without a beach pass.. I bought my home 15 years ago because beach access allowed me to enjoy the beach just as every healthy person does. All that freedom and enjoyment has been taken away from me. If I did not own a home there, I would have no reason to visit, I have more choices available to me in other beach areas. And please don’t tell me about a special pass for handicapped users. I like having my vehicle with me to come and go as I please and not depend on being dropped off and then picked up again. This whole situation should hinge on reasonable access and compromise from both sides, none of which exists with the present plan. It’s a sad state of affairs when a bird has more rights than ANY human!

Obxaddict - 22-05-’12 19:14

That was well said. As a tax payer I feel kind of bad.

ZuniKev - 22-05-’12 20:45
Anonymous II

My momma said if you can’t say anything good about somebody then don’t say anything at all.


Anonymous II - 22-05-’12 21:50
Salvo Jimmy

Observation of parking areas

Yesterday (22 May) I drove from Avon to Salvo between about 1010 – 1030.

Ramp 34 had 1 SUV maybe using the boardwalk that goes off the parking area as it did not appear to be closed

Sound access just North of 34 had 1 SUV on the shoulder, no permit visible.

Ramp 30 had 3 SUVs

Ramp 27 had 4 SUVs and 2 cars

Ramp 23 had 0

When I went South about 0830 there were less vehicles like 3 at 27 and 1 at 34.

Based on the number of observed SUVs (all looked sand capable), looks like folks may not be buying permits and trying a walk over approach. If so, as Summer comes, parking is very likely to be a problem at particularly ramps 27 and 30, assuming they stay open to even peds.

Salvo Jimmy - 23-05-’12 09:07

Sadly, Dennis has nothing else to do where lives and he certainly does not know much about the truth at the CHNRSA. That has been our problem all along. We have too much impute from clueless people being rounded up and feed outright lies by people like the SELC. THAT’S HOW YOUR GOVERNMENT WORKS NOW

James - 23-05-’12 10:06
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

Salvo Jimmy – Thanks for bringing to our attention the few vehicles driving on the beaches; if you do go over the ramps you will also notice some have not paid the permit fees as NO permits visible. We routinely fish at Ramp 30 (you can only drive south) If you will look back at my post from Monday I actually parked at Ramp 34 and walked over the ramp and walked to the Avon Pier; when I returned I could not get back to my car without walking over the dunes at Pamlico & walking back to Ramp 34 via Rt 12 to get my car as there was installed a ‘resource closure’ right at Ramp 34 ramp and south about a half mile? So NO pedestrian access allowed there now.

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 23-05-’12 11:09

With Mike’s new policies now in place, I think he can now officially take “Recreational Area” out of the name of the seashore.

I kinda feel sorry for Mike. Tens of thousands of people now hate him and his group. Who would want to be responsible for ruining the east coast’s premier surf fishing destination, creating huge economic loss for the island businesses, endangering visitors, decreasing property values, and losing nearly half the plover population. Its very clear his new policies are a complete disaster.

I think we’re at the WYSIWYG stage. The fundamental change of seashore is complete. I highly doubt any the proposed parking or access ramps will ever be built.

7ounce - 23-05-’12 11:23

Dennis you are the one who wrote your assumption about me. You tell me when i was last down as whatever i tell you will be spun out of control… Here is a hint I have been down 4 times in the last calender year…

samsdad1 - 23-05-’12 12:27

Point proven…

Samsdad1 - 23-05-’12 18:09

This thread is about Mr. Murray’s legacy. He grew up down the road in Franklin. My uncle was a ranger. Times have changed. When did rangers become LEOs? Dennis, I think you mean well but seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

ZuniKev - 23-05-’12 21:23

Fairly said about personal life.
As part of my job I read PDs every day. The job discription and what their duties on the ground are don’t jive. Most I talk to seem like good people (except the one who told a friend it was his beach). Do you agree that man is here to stay and there must be part of the equation? Is 770 acres for a bird closure realistic? It is not elsewhere in the country. Do turtles have a problem with tire tracks or is it just mine and not the park services?

ZuniKev - 24-05-’12 03:00
Salvo Jimmy

Saw your posts Carol

Another observation from yesterday (23 May) traveling from Buxton to Salvo about 1400 to 1430.

Couple of canopys set up in the area between Kite Point and Haul Over on sound side. No obvious engagement in the usual wind sports at that area. SUVs/cars on the shoulder, none on the beach in the area of the canopys, very short distance to the sound.

At the sound access just North of Ramp 34 SUVs/cars on the shoulder, short walk to sound, could see folks down the access set up and no obvious engagement in wind sports.

Seems folks might be opting for no permit and using the sound as an alternative “beach” because of the easier walking access.

Ramp parking areas were about the same as my previous observation, 34 4 (sort of confirms boardwalk open), 30 3, 27 5, 23 0.

Went on the beach at 27 about 1500. 4 people in the VFA to the South. Did not count but maybe 10 vehicles in the area open to ORVs to the North.

Salvo Jimmy - 24-05-’12 06:51

Mike’s first mistake was kowtowing to the ORV  advocates when formulating the Interim plan. The Interim plan was not balanced.  The environmental groups immediately issued an intent to sue.  You shouldn’t fault the enviros for doing exactly what the ORVers are doing now and would have given the chance.

 Mike was hired by Fran Mannella ( the NPS director at that time)  most likely introduced to and approved by the OBPA board and Dare County commissioners in her office.  He was positively  in her  office when she had a meeting with Dare and OBPA officials a few weeks before it was announced he was the new Surperintendent.  Blame them for the current mess.

Mike is a honest intelligent hard working goverment manger.  His detractors  should consider who who was trying to steer his  boat (federal judge, 2 or 3 NPS directors, powerful NGOs, politically connected local special interest groups) . The unkind comments about him speak more to the character of the ORV advocates making them than to Mike’s character. Mike Murray’s Managment style and demeanor were just not  right for dealing with CHNS’s  problems. I bet the reason he is retiring and not moving up in NPS management is because  he blew this one.

Anon 321 

Anon321 - 24-05-’12 07:01
Hawk Hawkins

Irene,thank you SO much for voicing your “op/ed” re: Dennis.He has belittled every pro access friend who has posted.He acts as if he doesn’t know Dr.Berry’s credentials and that he has been in this since the beginning.If you disagree with Dennis,he cries “fowl” and begs for teacher to put his detractors in “time out”.Obviously this has not slowed his rebuttals.

Hawk Hawkins - 24-05-’12 07:59

Dennis you won! I will no longer view, post, or read anything else when it comes to a blog. I always knew it was a waste of time and your endless no-science rant has finally done me in….good-bye.

James - 24-05-’12 13:13

This weekend will start to tell the tale. Then the situation will not be speculation.

SJ, sounds like a bad deal in Portsmouth. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

James, as Richard Marcinko said, never give up.

ZuniKev - 24-05-’12 19:01
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

James, the blog’s are good! “Dennis the Menace” will not win. I’m with you. If you are tired please rest. I will carry the flag for you and all of us who know this is not right! Sleep well my friend.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 24-05-’12 21:29
Kenneth Young

Folks, I have never heard so many ongoing “statements” made for no other reason than for the sake of argument and to annoy the rest of us and make us lash out, than those from “Dennis”. He is well aware of the heartbreak and sorrow the new rules are causing for those of us who truly love Hatteras Island. I see no compassion or hear anything helpful from “his” ramblings. What a sad,sad unhappy person “he” must be. Pity. I will attempt to not let “him” upset me any further than “he” has to this point. I am sure “he” will have another comment to these thoughts of mine, however, that would be what I would expect. Again, pity.

Kenneth Young - 25-05-’12 01:34

You all should take a step back  be big boys and girls and quit picking on Dennis. I have re-read the blog comments by him and considering the things you all say to him he is the gold standard of being civil. Taking the road  less traveled is never easy, especially when a bunch of bullies want to gang up on you. Find value in in contrary opinions and be respectful  in your rebuttals and you will seem more rational. To be honest you all have the scrunched up face not Dennis.
Jane Doe

Jane - 25-05-’12 07:29
Denny in Dayton

Annon 321 I find it very interesting when you and others refer to pro access people as “activists” when if anything they are “re activists”. Many of the pro access people live on the island, have businesses or jobs there or own property. These are all being put in jeopardy by the environmental groups, pushing for closures and new regulations, who are overwhelmingly interlopers from the outside. How is someone defending their property rights an “activists” when what pro-access people are doing is reacting to an attack?

Denny in Dayton - 25-05-’12 08:18

Janes turn now…

samsdad1 - 25-05-’12 10:17

I called them, “politically connected local special interest groups”. Of course anyone that has an interest in the National Park should express their views. It is federal property not their property, ask the Judge if you don’t believe me.

Anon321 - 25-05-’12 10:47
Bud Nelson

Politicaly connected ? Like someone at SELC ?

Bud Nelson - 25-05-’12 11:10

All the groups have their lobbyist and political connections  but it appears the local special interest groups have the advantage now.

Anon321 - 25-05-’12 12:49
Old Salt

So many willing to blame. No one willing to accept any part of the problem. Hipocrasy…blaming Mike Murray for bowing to eco groups when the Access groups want him to bow to them.

Old Salt - 25-05-’12 13:16
Old Salt

Hypocrisy too! Never been accused of being too smart.

Old Salt - 25-05-’12 13:32

Yea what Old Salt says.
Does anyone know when a conflict as tangled as this is where one side was all right and the other side all wrong?

Anon321 - 25-05-’12 14:45
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Jane and Old Salt, please go to OBPA . org and read all about it. This is my beach too. I do not like my access being taking away for no good reson. Also I do not like to pay permit fees when for over 100 years there were none.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 25-05-’12 14:55
Salvo Jimmy

This just in, film at 11

National Park Service News Release
CONTACT: Cyndy Holda, Public Affairs Specialist, 252-473-2111, ext. 148

Ramp 27 Closed to ORV Access

Ramp 27 has temporarily closed to off-road vehicle (ORV) access due to shorebird breeding activity in the prenesting area just north of Ramp 27. The Ramp 27 parking area, boardwalk, and 0.1 of a mile of beach remains open to pedestrian access.

For more information on beach access, check Google Earth maps at:
http://www.nps.gov/caha/planyourvisit/go.. or call 252-473-2111.


Salvo Jimmy - 25-05-’12 16:08
Al Adam

Closing of ramp 27 on the eve of a holiday weekend is part of Murray’s legacy. Let’s assure that those who aren’t already discouraged or going elsewhere will be both in the future. This is a typical tactic of a sick, control freak. It’s a shame that the man came here and a good thing that he is soon gone —- but the damage in his wake will take a long time to repair. It has made me,as well as many others, more determined then ever to get rid of this corrupt NPS organization and their administrators —- hands held out to the enviro extortionists. Pox on Murray and his SS.

Al Adam - 25-05-’12 16:20
Hawk Hawkins

Jane,you must have missed some of Dennis’s finer posts.He has always attacked Ginny (read between the lines if you must),insulted Salvo Jimmy,Denny from Dayton,Dr.Berry and insinuated that I was gay…(for defending Ginny-posts deleted).Maybe he is your partner,but not the gentleman you accuse him to be.

Hawk Hawkins - 25-05-’12 19:18
pat avon

permit..I wasted $120.00 seems a little useless..and all those printed pamplet’s..what a waste of money they were.. just print what is open.. It will take less time and money…Walkers are limited too…

pat avon - 25-05-’12 19:41
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

I’m SO angry right now!
Guess tomorrow I can only ‘hope’ that Ramp 30 is open for my little feet to even WALK there ?!!
As of right now, it is the ONLY Ramp open between Tri-Villages & Avon !!
I just can’t believe this !!

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 25-05-’12 21:21

Hawk why do you attack me? I did not attack you. Go back and read your posts. You insinuated that Dennis had I had some type of romantic attachment by your “partner” (gay?) comment which I guess means you were insulting Dennis as well. Don’t know Dennis just think cyber bulling should be called out. I am over this nonsense,

Jane - 26-05-’12 06:33
Rick C.

Many men have fought and died for our freedoms and the pursuit of happiness. It deeply saddens me this Memorial Weekend to see what has happened at Cape Hatteras. There certainly needed to some changes but 1000 meter buffers are wrong. When the government does not rule right, the people will. Fight!!!

Rick C. - 26-05-’12 06:33

“When I visit Cape Hatteras National Seashore it does not sadden me, but makes me feel good to experience nature at her best. It is sad that many who served will never be able to experience what they have helped to maintain for all of us.”

Well if you can find the kind of nature experience in front of the villages, you might be right. Oh, there is another way, park on the side of the road, trudge through the dunes with cactus, tics, and snakes.

Oh, and even if the ORV pass were free for disabled veterans, there is no place for them to go. I think we have less than 8 miles for all of Hatteras Island right now and not much more for pedestrians unless you park on the side of the road.

Someone is going to get killed this summer.

Ginny - 26-05-’12 07:43
Al Adam

The ONLY positive thing Murray has done for the CHNRSA is retire. It’s a shame that his stench will remain.

Al Adam - 26-05-’12 08:12

Wow I do not get sad either nature full of stay out signs is exactly how grand pappy Teddy Roosevelt saw this turning out. Can you imagine all of pictures you take of all of our national parks showing signs saying do not touch or leave footprints…

Samsdad1 - 26-05-’12 09:44
Mike Berry


You have been giving “one finger salutes” to veterans posting on this site for quite sometime now. You have given the same disrespect to the editor of IFP, a Dare County Commissioner, disabled citizens and citizens seeking nothing more than reasonable access to their national seashore.

I find you comments about sadness to be insincere and demeaning of what this Memorial Day is all about. I know a lot more about that “Wall” you talk about than you can ever imagine. That Wall is managed by the National Park Service. I hope to Hell they never try to deny me access to that too.

You and others just might want to read how I view this Memorial Day and the Vietnam Memorial Wall on my site http://dr-mike-berry.com/

To all who really care: Remember the Fallen, it is their day. Veterans Day in November 11.

Take that hike Dennis, you might just learn something.

Mike Berry - 26-05-’12 10:14
Mike Berry


You haven’t hung out with too many Vietnam combat vets. We invited “vile” and you haven’t expertienced anything yet. Only because I have unlimited respect for Irene.

I do speak for veterans, most don’t mind at all, espically those disable. It is not for the likes of you to ever tell any of them, “if there is a will, there is a way.”

it is your will and your way imposed on them when it comes to denying them access to the national seashore. We plan to change that access problem, so get use to it.

Note: I didn’t go vile on you, yet.

Mike Berry - 26-05-’12 12:29

question of the day in our buxton located store……‘how do we get out in the cove/hook’?

holiday weekend, big swell and the only truly safe beach on hatteras island today is ‘closed’ to driving and pedestrians.

bbc - 26-05-’12 14:45

I’m about done with this Dennis guy. It seems that he always must get the last word in. Kinda reminds me of some Ex girlfriends .

Mike - 26-05-’12 17:09
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Well Mr. Dennis, also konwn as “Dennis the Menace” let me help you. I have been working at Camp Lejeune, NC for 26years and Camp Johnson, New River Air station, Cherry Point, Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force, Seymore Johnson, Fort Jackson, Fort dix, Stone Bay and other bases. I live here in Onslow Co. Please tell me why we can live with all the wildlife and you can not? We have aircraft flying all around at 600’ all the time. They look like Kites and we have Onslow Beach and topsail Island. We like birds and turtles and fishes and do not harm them. We even have a turtle hospital! You speak for no veterans here in my area and my Grandfather Died on Memorial Day. Also Veterans here want the beach open for everyone and not just them.. I invite you to my house in Jacksonville NC. Onslow Co. I will show you what I’m talking about. So Dennis, would you like to visit? You will be the guest and I’ll put you up in the spare room, you will have your own private bath room and I’ll even cook for you. Hope you like seafood! Let me give you a tour of the area. Stay about a week. Then lets here your comments about your time spent here.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 26-05-’12 17:34
Mike Berry


Who said anything about medals? Sounds like you have a real complex in that regard. You just might want to get that fixed at your local VA Hospital. Take your DD 214, they might even find some new ones for you.

Next time you quote me, do it correctly. The entire quote should be, “I do speak for veterans, most don’t mind at all, espically those disabled.”

Ok Dennis, do you understand the whole sentence?

I obviously don’t speak for the likes of you and would never even think of it. Be sure of that.

Check the reg-neg notes and my public comments. I along with others appealed to our illustrious National Park Service to ensure access provisions for the disabled especially disabled veterans. NPS flipped us off as usual. Our glorious NPS gives priority to birds, not the disabled, especially our wounded. Just what is it about that you don’t understand?

Mike Berry - 26-05-’12 19:37
Salvo Jimmy


I returned from up Nags Head Sat (26 May) about 1230-1300 thru Pea Island.

Not counting vehicles at the parking area at the South end of Bonner for catwalk fishing, there were about 45-50 vehicles along Pea Island down to Rodanthe. Almost all were in a parking area or shoulder where it was a relatively easy short walk to the ocean. About half the vehicles appeared sand capable.

As I posted above, I think folks are opting for no permit and looking for easy walk access, since there is now not much ORV access.

There were 8 vehicles on the shoulder on the North side of Pea Island bridge where you can access the North side of the inlet. I made a point to look at the South side of the inlet at the ocean and saw no people. The parking area just South of the Pea Island bridge had maybe 12 vehicles so I think the blocked access to the inlet along both sides of the bridge South shoulder, probably applies along the beach as well. With the number of vehicles in the parking area, I would have guessed someone would have set up at the South side of the inlet if it could be accessed. It’s a relatively short walk.

But don’t forget the large Pea Island ped only area does not count in the mix of ped/ORV access allocation for the Seashore, even though the refuge lies fully within the boundaries of the Seashore and NPS actually “owns” the ocean and sound side beaches.

I suspect Pea Island will get more usage now that most ped/ORV access between Salvo and Avon is closed or many ped areas not easily accessed.

Salvo Jimmy - 27-05-’12 07:41
Salvo Jimmy

I hope all Vets, either active or who can produce a DD214, Veterans Admin (VA)ID, or retired ID will get a free pass to all NPS areas and have to pay for no permit.

Virginia is instituting a Veterans ID card for those who only have a DD214. Soon you can go to a Virginia DMV with a DD214 and proof of residency, pay $10, and get a good for life ID showing you are a Vet.

Salvo Jimmy - 27-05-’12 07:56
tony hess

Murray was nothing more than a hired gun for the NPS to forward their flawed agenda. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else. He was given the job of shoving the eco babble down our throats no matter who it hurt or if it made any sence. Another banner carrier for the eco nazies.

tony hess - 27-05-’12 08:20
Jane Doe

I’m glad you understand  you are  not speaking for me. Your elitist  vitriolic comments and attitude are enough to make me not listen to a word you say.
Jane Doe

Jane Doe - 27-05-’12 09:12
Salvo Jimmy

I was one who brought up the subject of ownership of Pea Island beaches at REG-NEG, based on the enabling legislation and the fact it gave NPS control of recreational aspects of Pea Island. The DOI lawyers nor NPS folks at REG-NEG had any apparent clue on this and took until the next meeting (4-6 weeks later) to research it.

The lawyers agreed that NPS did own the beach (ocean and sound) but a more recent law gave FWS control of all aspects of refuge management, including recreation. Thus FWS had control of their land which would have to be crossed to get to NPS land. Ego FWS controlled, by control of their land.

Then in response to a request that Pea Island should still be considered in the mix of ped/ORV areas, NPS said since they did not control, they would not do that. Our response was we knew that FWS could change the rules for access but it was not likely and thus made no common sense to exclude it, besides we would just have to live with any FWS change. Again no go with NPS.

‘Course common sense seems to not play in the picture, eg excluding the bird counts on dredge islands just yards outside Seashore boundaries.

Nope, just another indicator of making the access rules for all as tight as possible.

Salvo Jimmy - 27-05-’12 10:47

the area around the baby bridge at pea island is the new s-turns

bbc - 27-05-’12 10:54
Al Adam

I’m thinking this guy Dennis must actually be Murray. I can’t believe anyone other then himself and his sister Jane would laud the most despised man on Hatteras Island.

To listen to his drivel does become mind boggling —— defending the indefensible can only come from someone with the ability to disregard reality.

Al Adam - 27-05-’12 14:48
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Here, here Mr. Al Adam. “Dennis the Menacee” won’t reply to me. I even offered him to visit and show him it does not need to be this way.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 27-05-’12 16:02
pat avon

I think a few people are off the topic..and have swayed for the point, of this whole form..
Sounds like a bunch of bullies..We are concerned about our future and freedom..So if you do not have anything to say about go..Away..and stop talking nonsense..The Park Service just bent over and let others take control, without thinking of the consequence of what would happen closing all most access..with parking and crowded beaches I was at ramp 30 yesterday and most of it looked like Walmart parking lot..and people were just arriving for their rentals, the lot was full and rangers were sending people off for not having a permit….just a point..Murry did he’s job and left.. Now who will be in charge? The special interest groups..this is a public National PARK, not a Wildlife Refuge..Pea Island is that…If so then change the name.. But that would take an act of congress,, maybe thats what we need..Some one to take a good look…at The National Park System..

pat avon - 27-05-’12 17:04

lots of disappointed people in the last few days. some unaware of the permit, some unaware even if they bought a permit that their favorite beach was closed. none of them happy.

bbc - 27-05-’12 18:30

pat, i agree. i think the NPS was afraid of another lawsuit and just rolled over and let whatever was to happen, happen.

bbc - 27-05-’12 18:34
pat avon

http://www.vacadsci.org/vjsArchives/v41/.. Piping Plover Ecology Management&Recearch… Interesting reading about the little bird we are trying to protect..It will re-nest at the same place..and to much over wash in North Carolina..

pat avon - 27-05-’12 19:10
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Pat Avon, I agree sometimes we get off the subject, but the only bully I see here is “Dennis the Menacee” also known as Dennis. If Mr. Murray has a heart he should blow the whistle. His retirement would be protected and he would be a hero! Unfortunately lots of people do not know how nice it is to drive on the beach and be nowhere. To look right to left and see no one! Be at peace with yourself and nature. Maybe Mr. Murray will read this and blow the whistle. Until then I will carry the flag!

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 27-05-’12 19:14
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Also like Pat Said..We are concerned about our future and freedom..So if you do not have anything to say about it go..Away..and stop talking nonsense.. I say Amen to that…..

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 27-05-’12 19:21
pat avon

I was to say it will.. NOT.. nest at the same place.. so when it over washes the beach should open… they move to a new spot.. the birds a not stupid.. only the birders ..

pat avon - 27-05-’12 19:37
Salvo Jimmy

Another observation

Yesterday (27 May) I frequented the area between Salvo and Hatteras Village late morning to mid afternoon.

Was in about 8 retail (non restaurant) businesses. Not a lot of activity particularly with showers about that would seem to drive folks off the beach. Restaurants I passed did seem to be doing a reasonable lunch business but none looked packed.

Coming back North from Hatteras Village early afternoon there were about 12 vehicles at the walk over just out of Hatteras Village and about 15 at the rest room area just before Frisco.

No shoulder parking North of Buxton, 4 vehicles in the Rest Room area parking.

Ramp 38 3 vehicles

Ramp 34 zero

Sound access just North of 34 1 Vehicle

Ramp 30 zero and only 2 vehicles I could see with 10X50 binocs down the beach

Ramp 27 3 vehicles

Ramp 23 zero


Good time to go to 30 is when there are showers about. No rangers when I was there. They are apparently not allowed to get wet. heh heh heh

BTW on my trip down Pea Island couple days ago, I saw no cooler/rod racks on vehicles. Could have missed one maybe on a vehicle with the rear to me, but there were none obvious as has been the case in the past. But then maybe the racks went early to the NCBBA mtg.

Salvo Jimmy - 28-05-’12 07:21
ted roberts

Mr. Murray was tasked with implementing a policy mandated by Congress in 1974. All the Superintendents before him did not want to deal with it. If CAHA had dealt with it when it should have, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.I wish Mike Murray and his family well. Ted

ted roberts - 28-05-’12 07:52

There’s about 6 miles of beach you can get to this Memorial Day on Hatteras Island if your willing to walk. Yea, Mike has done a real good job out here….real good!

James - 28-05-’12 08:06
Al Adam

Murray and his contemporaries were the first to succumb to the enviros. May wager is that they did so with hands firmly out —- and palms up. If he feels 1/100th of the misery he has created for the residents and visitors of Hatteras he will suffer accordingly.
Unfortunately —- I think he will revel in the misery of others.

Al Adam - 28-05-’12 08:35
John Dumbleton

I wonder why the piper plovers and the other birds in Duck, Corolla and Nags Head are not protected from humans on the beach as are the brids who occupy the beaches of Hwy 12! I do not hear of any beach closings up north. If the birds prefer to live up north why force them to breed and nest along highway 12? I would think that the same birds breed and nest along the mainland seashore also but that’s OK I guess. Please Irene, write a letter to John Stossel on Fox News and tell him what the government and the big animal rights groups are doing to your area. You have less than 50 birds tearing down your towns and beaches. You have to get your side of the story out to the public to fight this. I only hope that it’s not too late. I can see the holiday travelers driving up and down Highway 12 looking for somewere to soak their feet but they can’t because the beaches are closed.

John Dumbleton - 28-05-’12 09:53
Kris Shelton

My, my, my. The more I read of the posts from “Dennis” above, the more it actually sounds like Crot. Alter ego there Dennis????…….

Kris Shelton - 28-05-’12 10:52

beautiful memorial day…..low turn out at the lighthouse beach in the middle of the day. one lot almost full and the other with a few cars. two poor souls who parked on the ‘grass’ have been ticketed.

this has been one slow holiday weekend.

bbc - 28-05-’12 13:40
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Dennis and Ted, you can not change time. However the history has shown that wildlife and the people at CHNSRA can and has lived together without all these darn NEW rules! There have always been rules here and all I’m trying to say is there is no evidence that this makes it better for wildlife. So please stop this nonsence. The Bald Eagle has been spotted in the city of Philadelphia Pa. go try and shut that down. Tell all the people to move. See how that works.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 28-05-’12 14:29
Vinny  Jacksonville, NC

Well Mr. Dennis, also konwn as “Dennis the Menace” no pitter patter here. It’s people like you that make something out of nothing. You won’t give up. Well nether will I. Please take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are kin to Mr. Murray, Jane And Ted? I invite all of you to be my guest for a week and I’ll show you what I’ll talking about. How wildlife and man can live together. Hey you said you are a vet. please visit Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune NC. It’s not to far.

Vinny Jacksonville, NC - 28-05-’12 16:21

“Mr. Murray was tasked with implementing a policy mandated by Congress in 1974. All the Superintendents before him did not want to deal with it. If CAHA had dealt with it when it should have, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

Nonesense. Go back through Irene’s publications. It is clear that this was dealt with back in the 70’s but someone higher up (regional level or above) dropped the ball.

“The easy road would have been to take a less demanding role in one of our other NPS areas, but he accepted a challenge and saw it to the implementation of the FEIS.”

Bravo. When you and others keep telling us Murray is just doing his job and shouldn’t be criticized for implementing a rule which is not only unfair and damaging to the economy and traditional uses of the beaches but also (because of the lack of infrastucture support) creates safety issues, remember what you just said. Mr. Murray had a choice.

Ginny - 28-05-’12 16:48
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

Dennis !
Please STOP it!
It’s getting WAY TOO long to read !
You must be a NPS employee!

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 28-05-’12 20:36

Thank you, Irene!

7ounce - 28-05-’12 23:08
Salvo Jimmy

Observation 28 May at Ramps 23 – 30

Went down to 30 about 1430 and stayed until about 1700. On the way from Salvo I noted no vehicles on the shoulder btwn 23 and 30 accessing beach ped areas “open” but only accessible by walking in from the hwy. There were 3 vehicles at 2 sound side accesses. At one the folks were returning to their vehicle with what looked like gigs. Saw no kite activity at the other access. There were 8 vehicles at Ramp 27 which would have been true walk overs to the 0.1 mile available to access since the ramp is closed to ORVs.

At arrival the 30 parking area was virtually full, with vehicles parked parallel along the hwy side of the parking area, but no hwy shoulder parking.

Lots of vehicles on the beach but I had no problem finding a spot about 50 yds South of the ramp with maybe 10-15 yds to vehicles on either side. Those vehicles had similar room on each side. So the area was not close to the vehicle “carrying capacity” limits. Vehicles were to the South as far as I could see with my binocs.

At arrival there were 2 people about 10 yds into the VFA sunning and 2 people walking North about 50 yds into the VFA. They turned around at about 100 yds and came back. They were shelling and went to a vehicle close to the ramp. With binocs I could see all the way to the wildlife closure to the North and no other people were in the VFA.

Later 2 more people from the vehicle area walked about 100 yds into the VFA shelling. And later 2 people walked over the ramp, exercised their dog in the VFA and left.

During the entire time I saw only 6 people (all adult size) in 2 groups walk back over the ramp toward the parking area. The sun bathers left by vehicle.

During the period I saw several vehicles make multiple trips over the ramp “ferrying” folks back to the parking area. All but one came from the area near the ramp, with the one ferrying from further down the beach.

When I departed, there were 4 vehicles left at the parking area.

Conclusion/opinion. Very little use of VFA/“open” Ped areas between Ramps 23 and 30 by true walk over peds. The vast majority of the access at Ramp 30 was by vehicle and there was almost no use of the VFA.

Thus the few true ramp 30 walkovers primarily seemed to use the area just over the ramp (not the VFA) and vehicles ferried primarily to that same area. I saw only the dog folks as true walk overs using the VFA.

So is the purported “balanced” plan, to eliminate “user conflict” and provide that “vehicle free experience” working???

I report, you decide

Salvo Jimmy - 29-05-’12 07:52
Carol Wallis - Avon NC

SJ – We drive to 30 & fish almost every Sat (also since it’s the ONLY SUV ramp near us-we used to prefer 34 but…..)anyway, I observe pretty much what you report – very few users of VFA – I drive to the ramps during the week but have not been posting the similar ‘no-people’ using the VFAs so I concur with what you wrote.

Carol Wallis - Avon NC - 29-05-’12 08:25

Hey dennis, read this. You might learn a few things about your hero, Mr Murray.

Wheat - 29-05-’12 21:52
Devil's Advocate

Why does ALL the blame rest on Mike Murray?
Had his “interveners” actually intervened as opposed to signing the consent decree, things would look quite different here now!

Once the interveners failed to intervene NOBODY had Mike Murrays back! The enviros systematically picked off those above Murray who supported reasonable resource protection and along with recreational access. Fran Mainella, Patricia Fields…. to name a couple. Once they had DOI & NPS stacked in their favor, and Mike Murray was left with nobody to watch his back, then they filed their lawsuit.

The supposed interveners caved in and signed the consent decree, which left Mike Murray with no choice but to follow orders from above. What did you expect him to do? Fight for people who wouldn’t even fight for themselves? Do you really think DOI sent Murray an attorney to defend him/NPS that would be pro=access ?

Yes this all sucks and those of us who live here are all too familiar with it, every day, every hour, every bill that comes in the mail is a painful reminder, but to lay the blame solely on Mike Murrays shoulders is ludicrous!

Why would the enviros negotiate when the consent decree gave them exactly what they wanted and then some! More than they ever imagined! I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that CHAPA agreed to it! Once it was signed, there was an obvious shift and the ORV plan was designed with more emphasis on keeping the enviros from suing the federal government, and significantly less emphasis on a fair and balanced plan!

Any of you who have ever had a conversation with Mike Murray prior to the lawsuit know that THIS was NOT what Mike Murray envisioned, wanted or came here to accomplish!

Did you forget that he and Pete Benjamin from USFW DID an Environmental Impact Study, and it was agreed to and signed off on by DOI, and that is what the lawsuit was originally about? The enviros didn’t like the results of the EIS, so they filed a lawsuit, because they didn’t get their way! Mike Murray and Pete Benjamin DID their jobs! The problem was the other side didn’t like it!

The lawsuit wasn’t about ORV access, it was based on NPS not doing “enough” to protect the birds/resources, which then allowed the door to be kicked open to the fact that Cape Hatteras was out of compliance with an executive order for the past 30 years because there was no ORV management plan in place! Which then allowed a corrupt federal judge to imply that he would shut the entire seashore down and our side fell for it and signed the consent decree. I fail to see how this is Mike Murrays fault!

If anything, the consent decree was a slap in his face, basically his superiors said all that work you and Pete Benjamin did sucked, your incompetent and now we are going to manage the park this way, as outlined by the consent decree, because Judge Boyle obviously knows more about running a Park than you do!

Really, at that point, they could have put any superintendent in Mikes place, what difference did it make. He was no longer running this Park, Judge Boyle was and anybody could have stepped in and enforced the consent decree. Mike Murray was no longer in control once EVERYONE signed that agreement!

Once reg-neg failed, nobody seriously thought that NPS would write a plan that was significantly less stringent than the consent decree, did they? As much as it sickens me to say it, what would be the point? It would just end up back in Judge Boyles lap, he put a deadline on the final plan and it had to meet his approval, remember??????

It sickens me that the parties that signed the consent decree, have cleverly deflected the anger directed at them onto Mike Murray as if he is solely responsible for all this mess! REALLY?? Then everyone wonders why he doesn’t take a stand???

Mike Murray is a decent man and he really doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.
Until folks start telling the truth around here and quit blaming a man who had all control of the situation taken away from him, I don’t see how we can ever move forward!

As a resident, I am not happy he is leaving, I am scared to death…. I remember all too well the days when a call to NPS headquarters in Manteo only led to an answering machine and no matter how many messages you left, nobody EVER called you back! In fact I’m still waiting for Larry Belli to return my phone call!

All this elation you all are feeling over Mike Murray leaving, is exactly how we felt when Larry Belli was FORCED to leave, as well the numerous interim superintendents, and a LOT of the agenda driven employees who are no longer here. Been there, done that!

Mike Murray WAS the solution!It has been real nice with Murray here frankly! At least when a resource enclosure is expanded, there is an explanation given, as opposed to how it used to be…. enclosures mysteriously appearing overnight, and nobody in Manteo willing to say who ordered it and why! Nobody in charge!

You think Mike Murray is so bad, does everyone think Murray will be replaced with some reasonable non biased pro access person???? I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet! I sure hope all the agenda driven staff don’t come back too! If you think Mike Murray leaving is going to fix all this mess, your delusional.

Bashing Mike Murray really serves no purpose other than creating a smokescreen and a distraction. He doesn’t deserve it and if somebody gets killed on Highway 12 North of Buxton it will not be his fault. Everything wrong in the whole world is not Mike Murrays fault, use your energy to find solutions instead of trashing a man who doesn’t deserve it!

Devil's Advocate - 30-05-’12 03:14

i personally don’t blame one person. ( i blame a lot of people) no one seems to be accountable for anything anymore and it’s just way easier to just pass the buck on to someone else than to actually have to deal with something.

bbc - 30-05-’12 11:37

Mr. Murray should be thanked for serving the nation and its citizenry. He has managed a National Seashore that will help to ensure its beauty and purpose for future generations. With regards to the dozen or so posters so angry about ORV access limits, please be aware that you are in an extreme minority compared to an vastly overwhelming majority of Americans regarding their national parks. On a more personal note, there are not many places in the USA left that aren’t subject to the impact of motor vehicles. “Remember children, look both ways before you cross the beach to play.”

billfish - 30-05-’12 12:28
pat avon

Now everyone is going nuts.. last comment makes it sound like people are driving over little kids….most people who drive to the beach have kids..and brings all the stuff that comes with them.. food, toys etc. and even Grandma and Grandpa…who can not walk that far to the beach.. No we should have never signed anything … but people who live here were afraid..of loosing everything… and did not realize what a Judge could do…Were not informed of the power involved..and what the consent degree meant..They were afraid at the time of the island would be closed…loosing access. There’s a lack of common sense… but we did loose everything.. Murry was in charge we know his hands were tied, by the degree, but could have helped a little, by defending the parks intention for A National Seashore for people.. not a wildlife park..or at least knew from his experience that we were in trouble.. that’s all people and I want.. Some sense from all of this…and you, how do not care, one way, or a another about, we who live here at least be alittle nice…and come and see for yourself all the limited access even for you walkers…

pat avon - 30-05-’12 13:58

@Devil – They gave Mike an award for this mess. I know its not fair to solely blame Mike, but reality is that he owns it. I never once heard him defend the access side. I think its easy to look back and say they should have not signed the consent decree.

@Billfish – I agree the vast majority in favor of these new policies have no idea what this about and have been deceived by enviro groups as to what the real story is…
“Remember children, look both ways before you cross the beach to play.” is a common phrase at most beaches that allow vehicular access like Daytona Beach Florida, South Padre Island Texas, North Swan Beach, Carova Beach, Sea Gull Beach North Carolina, and Cape Cod beach Massachusetts. So what’s your point?

7ounce - 30-05-’12 14:17

“With regards to the dozen or so posters so angry about ORV access limits, please be aware that you are in an extreme minority compared to an vastly overwhelming majority of Americans regarding their national parks”

give me a break. dozen or so???? at least that many people came in my shop every day last weekend that were NOT happy. the folks who live here and vacation here that can actually find this place on a map just want access to the most popular and safest beaches. they’re not asking to drive all over the dunes and run over animals and children. do you realize you can’t even walk to some of those beaches?

don’t drink the purple koolaid, it may cause you to sign a petition for something you know little or nothing about.

bbc - 30-05-’12 16:25
Salvo Jimmy

If ORV access advocates are in the extreme minority, where are all the supposed majority who are not using the VFAs. See my post above about Ramps 23 – 30 Memorial Day.

Saw on another board where there were no people in the VFA at Hatteras Inlet the same day.

On my way North Tues 29 May mid day there were a total of 30 vehicles btwn Rodanthe and Bonner Bridge (not counting the catwalk parking). All but 5 in parking areas at New Inlet, just South of Temp Bridge, Visitor Ctr and just North of Temp Bridge on the shoulder (all easy ocean access points). The 5 were at easy ocean access points along the shoulder. No peds were in the Bodie Spit VFA. Only 2 folks there who landed by kayak.

My point is the VFAs that are difficult to access are not being used.

Salvo Jimmy - 31-05-’12 08:38

D Avocate..you’re forgetting a few key facts that are, of course very important when it comes to understanding the events that ultimately resulted in the consent decree, or more aptly termed, the decree of forced consent.
As intervenors, CHAPA et al., joined the lawsuit on behalf of, and in support of, NPS but not as a primary party in the lawsuit. The purpose was to help defend NPS against SELC, DOW, and Audubon which might have worked had NPS not begun negotiations with those groups prior to the first hearing in 2008. In conducting these negotiations without publishing the fact that they were underway, NPS violated the Federal Administrative Procedures Act under Murray’s stead.
And, on top of that, when those groups filed their lawsuit, they did so in violation of their agreement with the Secretary of the Interior to refrain from such actions while negotiations were underway and prior to the consent decree. Murray was obligated to remove those parties from neg-reg because of this violation of terms. As Chief Federal Officer, it was his choice, but he declined to do so and subsequently neg-reg failed.
It was Murray and NPS that stabbed us in the back, not the intervenors, and that lack of obligated action set the tone for all that followed. You might do well to try and learn what being an intervenor means as well.
Is it fair to blame Murray? Absolutely! Albeit not for everything as anyone who has paid close attention to the happenings here knows well that NPS management made many of the choices for him. But he still had a choice when it mattered, before the consent decree, was obligated to do so, and failed.
Murray came here to shut this National Seashore Recreational Area down in favor of protecting non endangered, non threatened species regardless of the cost to the community and visitors to this special place. He told us over three years ago he was going to retire after he was done here.
He came, he violated the law and or allowed it to be violated and he knows it.
This will be his legacy.
It reminds me of a certain Audubon employee who when confronted in Connor’s and asked how he could do such a thing to a place he lived, responded “when your making 300k a year, it’s easy”.
Like it or not, that’s the reality.

Wheat - 31-05-’12 09:06

“When you’re making 300K a year, it’s easy.” Just as I thought, as they always say FOLLOW THE MONEY. This is all about money and control and always has been, it’s not and never has been about the birds and turtles. I sincerely hope that person was shunned in a way that would put the Amish to shame.

Marty - 31-05-’12 09:12
Al Adam

We elect legislators, far too many whom are attorneys. They create legislation that results in laws enabling the scams like the one that is closing our beaches. When folks speak about birds and turtles and winder how a few critters, that are doing fine without ecxcessive protection, can cause so many issues —— they are struggling with misconception. When you have lawyers creating legislation to enable our legal system to be exploited by their fraternity brothers, other lawyers or judges, you attract the lowest of the lowest. These suits against government agencies on an environmemtal premise are paid for by tax dollars. That’s correct, the money is sitting their in our pockets attracting leeches. The leeches get the money and distribute it as required to accomplish their ends. The longer they drag out the suits the more taxpayer money they can extort. I can envision them sitting on the veranda at the country club, judge well in pocket, deciding who they need to grease to keep the money wheel turning. These are corrupt characters devoid of integrity and sense of right or wrong. They have the extorsion money to distribute to weak minded or self-serving cohorts who will do what is necessary to feather their own nests —- at anybody elses expense. Some of them who have made a career that is supported by tax payer dollars likely figure that they are entitled to a few more of the same. If this process that is destroying Hatteras Island seems unjust and unreal —- that is exactly accurate. To some weak and despicable characters that 300K a year means much more than anything else —- and certainly far more than any bird! To some even weaker characters the crumbs from that money is enough to entice them to sell their souls. This is what we are confronting on Hatteras and IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIRDS. If you wonder why feelings about park personnel run so string it is because it is often difficult to seperate the devil and his agents. If one accepts working on behalf of an unjust or corrupt government agency they are either too ignorant to understand what they are doing, think they can effect positive change, or are willing to extort money from those whom they are supposed to represent. When you look them in the eyes or converse with them it is usually easy to determine in which category they fit.

Al Adam (URL) - 01-06-’12 06:10

Wheat  might find that he was incorrect, that no Acts of Congress were broken. That determination is for a judge or jury . Similarly unless he has a deposition from Mike Murray or one of his  bosses stating that , “Murray came here to shut this National Seashore Recreational Area down in favor of protecting non endangered, non threatened species regardless of the cost to the community and visitors to this special place.” I consider it the same as the  gossip he overheard at the local grocery store about the Audubon guy.  Nothing like a little pandering and cheep shots on an Internet blog to get the troups cheering you on. It is why I don’t believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.

Let’s see what would the editor do if someone posted that they overheard (I haven’t)  an OBPA board members  bragging about how much expenses they turned in on one of their sojourns to DC?


Joe - 01-06-’12 18:49
Hawk Hawkins

Joe,I think you’d be terribly disappointed.It’s puplic record,I’m sure.

Hawk Hawkins - 01-06-’12 19:01

Indeed it is, as Hawk pointed out, a matter of public record. If you take the time to learn the rules and regulations established by congress relevant to this issue you will find that indeed, the Park Service blatenty violated the law.
Not being a member of the board of OBPA Joe, I dont expect you to know that what we do is all on our own dime and our own time. If you have an issue with this, contact OBPA.
Unlike DOW, Audubon, and SELC, Joe, my statements are based on facts, not supposition. Unlike those folks mentioned above, and NPS, I choose to eschew obfuscation. Whether you choose to belive what I write is of no concern to me though I do speak the truth. If you cant handle it, that’s your problem, not mine.

Wheat - 01-06-’12 21:02

Wheat it is your interpretation  of public record unless  a judge agrees with you  or  someone admits guilt. With any laws there are always mitigating circumstances and technicalities. The interpretation of  law is not some concrete black and white idea,  it is always malleable. 

Slandering anyone by name is  poor taste  and a potential civil action.
Guess you had more sense than to actually slander the Audubon employee  by name.

Devil Advocate was accurate in his assessment of Mike Murray. It is amazing that you claim to know what you know and can say those things about him.

I have no problem with  OBPA. I was just making a point and believe you got it.


Joe - 02-06-’12 19:29
Hawk Hawkins

Joe,there is the “malleable” law,then there is right and wrong.

Hawk Hawkins - 03-06-’12 10:24

Great work on Cape Point campground Mike! Can’t fix anything because you might disturb the plovers? Or are you just to incompetent?

Anon - 04-06-’12 18:56

Join the NORTH CAROLINA BEACH BUGGY ASSO. AND OUTER BANKS PRESERVATION ASSO. These groups along with others have filed a LAW SUIT against Mike Murray and the NPS. Maybe retirement won’t be so sweet.

GREGG WEBER - 05-07-’12 19:53

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