Ocracoke’s Street names: Who are Nubbin, Ikey D, and the Poker Players?

Who is “Mark,” and why does he have a path on Ocracoke? Where’s the poker game on Poker Players Lane? Streets in Ocracoke have sometimes quirky, sometimes obvious (Creek Road), even ho-hum names, such as North Street or Middle Road. While Ocracoke has had European settlers since the 1700s, the island got official street names […]

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Marine Fisheries Commission delays vote on southern flounder proposals

The North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission postponed action on proposals for southern Flounder management that had been scheduled for last week’s meeting. During last week’s meeting, the board received a letter from N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Donald van der Vaart. Van der Vaart’s letter referenced and enclosed a letter he received […]

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Pump station repairs will close some areas at Pea Island

A pumping unit at this location historically provided much needed water-level management capabilities for half the managed acreage on this refuge.  By manipulating water levels in North Pond, managers have affected growth of aquatics and submerged aquatic plants, which are a valuable food source for migrating and wintering waterfowl, as well as a variety of other migratory […]

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