Night Sky: Meteor Showers, Starburst Galaxy, and More Night Sky Highlights for November 2017

This is NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy.  With a visual magnitude of +7, it’s a good target for binoculars and telescopes.   It will start appearing November near the SE horizon right after sunset.  It’s about 12 million light years away.  NGC 252 is a starburst galaxy.  Starburst galaxies are known for their intense star formation.  […] Island Features |  Full Article

Moon Phases:

June turned out to be a very poor month for astrophotography.  High winds and low visibility made things very challenging. My primary targets for the month were Jupiter and Saturn, but you can’t always get what you want! M57 was discovered in 1779 by Antoine Darquier de Pellepoix. Charles Messier discovered it a few days […] Island Features |  Full Article

Moon Phases: 1st Quarter is May 3rd  Full Moon is the 10th  3rd Quarter is the 19th  New Moon is the 25th

The evening skies of May begin with Arcturus just above the eastern horizon!  With a visual magnitude of 0, Arcturus is the brightest star is the northern hemisphere and the 4th brightest star in the night skies! South of Arcturus, you will see two bright “objects.”  Jupiter is the brighter of the two (magnitude -2.4) […] Island Features |  Full Article