Quality Control Inspector – Roofing - $TBD (Manteo)

POSTED: 08/24/2021 at 7:43 AM

The Quality Control Inspector’s mission is to provide oversight and support to all jobs currently in production to ensure that each job is completed on-time, on-budget, per manufactures specs & guidelines.  The Quality Control Inspector (QC) does this by maintaining timely and accurate communication with the Customer, Vendors, and the Contractors externally, and with the Production and Sales Internally.

Position Responsibilities:

            The QC position comes with the following responsibilities:

  1. Work directly with the Production Manager (PM)
  2. Contact the Property Owner with start date and to go over any concerns and / or requests.
  3. Verify that the proper materials were delivered to all job sites.
  4. Verify that the dumpster or dump trailer is in the correct location.
  5. Field inspect all jobs / crews at the beginning and the end of each project to go over any special requestor concerns.
  6. Make all job in progress inspections to make sure that crews(s) are doing work as instructed, and writes charge / hold slips against sub.
  7. Report Problem repair issues found in the field to PM.
  8. Make minor repairs / adjustments on site as needed and qualified.
  9. Manage crews in field and reports any concerns to PM both verbally and with a charge / hold slip.
  10. Contact the homeowner at completion of each job/trade to do a “walk through.”
  11. Always ensure that the exposed roofs are protected.
  12. Ladder assist Sales Rep when possible.
  13. Complete the field inspection & estimate for sales team when needed.
  14. If job comes underestimated time or materials verify that the salesman’s measurements are accurate. Report any overages that exceed 10%.
  15. Report all findings back to PM.
  16. Must be on call to handle emergencies.

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