Brief shower didn't dampen annual Day at the Docks festivities...WITH SLIDE SHOW

Despite a few minutes’ of afternoon showers, which sent patrons ducking into vendor or demonstration tents along the Hatteras village harbor, attendees were treated to a sunny Day at the Docks festival on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Now in its 12th year, the annual Day at the Docks celebration has become a favorite for locals and visitors alike and combines a wealth of competitions, demonstrations, exhibits, and vendors that are all connected with Hatteras Island’s working watermen or the community in general.
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The Night Sky:  Get a good view Andromeda in September

September is good month to view the Andromeda galaxy, which is about 2.5 million light years away from us. Under clear, dark skies, it should be visible to the naked eye.  That also makes it an easy target for binoculars. M31 can be found in the northeast evening skies throughout September. 
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High-tech exploration underway at Battle of the Atlantic site

Old-timers who grew up on the North Carolina coast may still recall seeing the night sky lit up by offshore battles during World War II. Now, researchers are using advanced technology to more fully explore the recently discovered wreckage from one such battle that happened just off  Cape Hatteras back in 1942. 
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Dare County's Battle Against Substance Abuse: How the county assembled a treatment and education network

One milestone in the history of substance abuse treatment and community awareness in Dare County can be traced back to four resolute ladies, a chance meeting in a restaurant and a woman's moving words.

In the spring of 2006, Dare County was reeling from drug overdose deaths and an opioid abuse epidemic. During the previous two years, 17 people died in the county from overdoses, most of them young.  "We sometimes averaged three overdose deaths a month," recalls Allen Burrus, a Dare County Commissioner and Hatteras Island resident. 
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Fighting the demons: Owen’s odyssey

Owen Saunders is the hard-luck young man that you like rooting for. Just as hard as Owen roots for his nine-year-old son, Gauge, when he smacks a baseball toward the left field fence at the Walker Park baseball diamond in Wanchese.

Owen celebrated one year of being drug free on Aug. 2, and Gauge will celebrate a two-year anniversary of reuniting with his dad in September. Both of their successes are largely due to the other. 
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Fighting the demons: Sumner’s battle

The worst thing that Sumner Scarborough has endured during his life was not being a teacher anymore. Not standing in front of the classroom teaching chemistry, not inspiring kids.

Not teaching was more difficult than the opioid addiction he suffered for nearly 13 years, worse than his arrest for a felony breaking and entering, worse than the public humiliation that befell a solid member of the community and favorite of many a student in Manteo High School, worse than two months of withdrawal that made him so sick he sometimes wished he was dead. 
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'Coolest little festival on Eastern Seaboard' coming to Hatteras

National bluegrass talent will once again be riding the bluegrass trail to Hatteras for Hatterasity 2016, three days of  bluegrass music presented at the Hatteras Village Civic Center and nearby venues from Oct. 6-8. 
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Hatteras Island couple’s tiny house will make a big debut

Hatteras Island locals who love binge-watching home improvement shows may be in for a surprise this weekend when a pair of potentially recognizable faces appear on the popular FYI network series, “Tiny House Nation.” The couple is Alexa Nota and Allen Johnson, and their participation in the show – as well as the resulting 215-square-foot home – stems from their green tendencies, their love of travel, and their overall appreciation of the tiny house.

The episode featuring their Hatteras Island tiny house will air at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27. 
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