The Night Sky:  December supermoon will dim the Geminids

The evening of Tuesday, Dec. 13, will feature the last supermoon 2016. It will not be quite as spectacular as November’s full moon, but it will still be pretty bright.  December’s full moon will have a visual magnitude of -12.5! That’s bright enough to throw shadows.

Unfortunately, the supermoon will also make it super hard to get a look at the Geminids meteor shower. 
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Study aims to answer question of how much tourism is too much

Imagine data could be plugged into a computer to show exactly how much human presence and interaction the delicate ecology of a popular coastal area could handle before being severely affected.

Would it help with managing national seashores or state parks along the coast? 
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Rolling back the red wolf recovery effort

As the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service’s red wolf recovery program here marked its 25th anniversary in 2012, it was basking in nationwide accolades as a groundbreaking conservation success. Just four years later, it is teetering on the edge of failure, a turn of fate fanned by politics, mistaken identity and public ill will. 
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Conflicts and ill will threaten red wolf recovery

Back in the 1990s and 2000s, photographs of adorable newborn wolf pups that were being introduced to their new, wild mothers filled pages of newspapers and magazines, along with glowing articles about red wolf management successes.

That was before complaints about wolves attacking livestock, family pets and game animals or just lurking around private property became frequent at public meetings, and before some scientific studies stirred doubts about whether red wolves were more coyote than wolf. It was before mailboxes of politicians and bureaucrats were inundated with constituents’ impassioned objections to the wolves. 
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Hatteras couple are recovering from two rounds of soundside flooding -- just weeks apart

Jan Willis has a lot of experience when it comes to hurricanes. She moved to Hatteras Island in the middle of a hurricane in 1971 to be the new kindergarten teacher at the Cape Hatteras School. She also encountered her future husband, Eugene Willis, a Hatteras native, during the same storm soon after she arrived.

Since they settled in their charming Hatteras home in 1988, they have weathered a number of storms, but nothing like the one-two punch they have taken from Hermine and Matthew this fall.
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