Avon Farmer's Market is keeping it fresh for another season

It’s a late Tuesday morning, and a whopper of a thunderstorm has just plowed through the Avon area, running people off the beach and the Avon Pier. But just minutes after the rain stops and the thunder fades away, vehicles begin pulling into the parking lots of the pier and the neighboring Koru Beach Klub and a crowd of people head to the outdoor farmer's market that’s on full display next to Highway 12.

It’s a typical scene in this corner of Avon on a Tuesday morning – minus the thunderstorms – as the Avon Farmer's Market is steadily becoming the place to check out local artists, pick up some fresh produce, and meet and greet with local friends. 
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'Sad' little boat tells a story of courage

Four women visiting the Cape Lookout National Seashore came up a small yellow rusted boat on the beach with strange yellow markings. Thus began the search for the story that the "sad" little boat surely told. 
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Buxton couple harvest the island's ocean water for their sea salt business

A new business on Hatteras Island is adding a little extra flavor to the community and is making waves with residents and visitors who have an appreciation for locally harvested and completely unique fare.

The company is Hatteras Saltworks, and this Buxton-based business is creating authentic sea salt from the island's ocean waters through a lengthy but fascinating and environmentally-friendly process. 
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Coastal cookbooks that are a 'must have'

Coastal Review food writer Liz Biro picks the books that help tell the story of Eastern North Carolina cooking. They are essentials for the bookshelves of anyone who loves our coast, she writes. 
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The Night Sky:  July will feature two meteor showers

Skywatchers can still follow the planets during July, but may find two meteor showers are the highlights for the month.  Look for the Delta Aquarids and the beginning of the Perseids.
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Island Living: Why I’m Buying A Boat And Other Ways To Blow Your Money

On a recent gorgeous Saturday, I was sitting on our front porch with my laptop trying to look productive and important, when I noticed our neighborhood friend biking down the street while trying to balance a really large gas can.

Any normal person would pause what they’re doing and ask, “Hey, Where are you headed?” So, naturally, I looked up and asked, “Hey, What are you setting on fire?” 
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Everything you need to know about the Outer Banks Scenic Byway ... WITH AUDIO

By now, islanders and visitors have  noticed  the attractive new signs along Highway 12 on Hatteras Island that designate the road as the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway and direct visitors to area landmarks and points of interest.

The scenic byway was the topic of conversation on the latest edition of "To the Point," the Radio Hatteras interview show hosted by Island Free Press editor Irene Nolan. 
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Launching the Outer Banks Scenic Byway

Do you know that the stretch of Highway 12 from Bodie Island all the way to Ocracoke Island and beyond is a part of a National Scenic Byway? And that it’s one of only 150 stretches of road in the country to be granted this designation?

If your answer is "no," don’t feel too badly – you’re not alone, by a long shot.

But the National Scenic Byway designation is a project that’s been in the works for well over a decade, and it’s about to grab attention along the islands in a major way.
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Ocrafolk Festival:  Like a family reunion

Cassie MacDonald feels that the Ocrafolk Festival is like a big family reunion. She and her sister Maggie, both from Nova Scotia and who perform Celtic music, have gotten to know many of the musicians and locals.
“But somehow you meet someone new each time that you’ve felt you’ve always known,” she said in an interview as the festival wound down on a sunny Sunday.  “It’s one of my all-time favorite festivals.” 
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The craft beer wave is sweeping the islands

The craft beer wave which has been sweeping across the country – especially in North Carolina and Virginia – is coming ashore on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands in a major way.
Most every restaurant, grocery store, and nightlife establishment has taken notice of this national long-term trend and have responded by offering dozens of unique and hard-to-find beers on tap or in bottles for the beer-loving public.
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Island Living: Being comfortable in your own skin

Island Free Press columnist Joy Crist contemplates the meaning of being comfortable in her own skin after an encounter with Mr. Buck Naked, attired in a "shoelace and an eye patch," on the columnist's favorite "secret" beach. 
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Hatteras Island's first hostel opens in Buxton

Once familiar only to the young European backpacking crowd, hostels have been popping up across the country as affordable and community-oriented destinations for travelers to get some sleep, meet new people, and have a home base for exploring some of the nation’s most picturesque areas.

And now Hatteras Island has joined the ranks of hostel destinations, with the opening of the new Hatteras Hostel in the heart of Buxton. 
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Four Hatteras islanders honored with Governor's Volunteer Service Awards

Three 2016 Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards were given out to four Hatteras Island residents at the May 16 Board of Commissioners meeting at the Fessenden Center in Buxton. With a packed house that included many supporters of each of the recipients, the  honorees were praised and applauded by the crowd, as well as by the commissioners themselves.  
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