Lights Out for Hatteras: The 3rd Annual Starry Nights Event

Hatteras Island is fortunate to have one of the clearest skies in the country, perfect for viewing some of the most amazing wonders of the universe. These world class nighttime views are not only suitable for stargazing, however, but for encouraging flourishing wildlife populations. Despite having some of the darkest skies on the East Coast, there is still more that can be done to eliminate light pollution in our community. The third annual Starry Nights event not only brought attention to the issue of light pollution, but sought to educate the group which will be left to deal with its effects: children.
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Kinnakeet Home: Avon Harbor

When my grandfather, Ignatious “I.G.” Scarborough, was no longer able to drive, I liked to pick him up and take him wherever he needed to go. Every time he got in my car, he would tell me to go round by the harbor so he could see what was going on.  The harbor was the hub of the village. I assumed he would live forever but he passed away at the age of 96. I wonder what he would think if he saw the harbor now.
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Our Coast’s People: Chester Lynn

On the shelf of the china cabinet in Chester Lynn’s antique shop are three pewter plates that once belonged to Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the pirate. 
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Oysters Rockefeller Has Carolina Cousins

The inspiration for the famous American dish Oysters Rockefeller had nothing to do with oysters or billionaire oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller and certainly not with North Carolina foodways, except that the dish is so enduring many chefs along the state’s shore serve a version of their own. 
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The Smithsonian Features Ocracoke’s Blackbeard 300th Anniversary

Ocracoke Island gets on a lot of lists, and now it has landed on a Smithsonian Institution top-ten destination list of world anniversaries worth traveling for this year. 
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Our Coast’s History: A WWII Outer Banks Spy

World War II was hell, and those who remember it are few. However, some local folks still recall the horror of corpses washing ashore, deafening firebombs in the sea, mangled ship parts and sticky oil a-muck on the beach — and the paranoia of bad men stealing wartime secrets in Outer Bankers’ backyards. 
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Plenty of Galaxies and More Night Sky Highlights for February 2017

Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are all visible in the early morning hours for all of February.  Jupiter will start the month rising at 1:20 a.m.  It will be followed an hour later by Mars. Saturn will be the late riser of the three appearing on the Eastern horizon at about 4:42 a.m. 
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Supermoon, Blue Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse on the Horizon

On January 31, stargazers around the world will be treated to a rare event when a blue moon, supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse will occur all at once.

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The Outer Banks’ Original Life Preservers Come to Cape Hatteras Elementary

The Outer Banks, and especially Hatteras Island, is well known for its long history of ships and shipwrecks. Lesser known, however, is the history of Richard Etheridge and his all-black crew who not only performed one of the greatest rescues in the history of Hatteras Island, but whose story is also a testament to the cooperation between black and white surfmen at a time in America’s history when this was rare.
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Outer Banks Birding: Owls Are Awesome, Misunderstood

Owls, those phantom creatures of the night.

Their eerie calls raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Their flight is dead silent and the strikes on their prey are swift and lethal. Mysterious for sure, and considered evil by many – the stuff that legends are made of. 
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Ocracoke Island Decoy Carvers Guild Officially Formed

Ocracoke has a long, rich tradition of decoy carving and now more people will learn about it. The first organizational meeting of the newly formed Ocracoke Island Decoy Carvers Guild met last Wednesday evening (Jan. 10) at the Community Center. The Ocracoke Foundation sponsors this nonprofit organization. 
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Kinnakeet Home: “Route 101” and Early Transportation to Hatteras Island

I have many memories of traveling from my childhood home in Virginia to my grandparents’ homes in Avon.

My earliest is of waiting in line for the ferry that took cars over Oregon Inlet before the bridge was built.  Later memories include catching a ride with Basil Hooper, Sr. and his family.  Basil was from Avon as well, and would go home as often as he could get away.  On every trip, as soon as we crossed the VA/NC border, he would pull the car over and get out of the car so he could breathe that good North Carolina air.
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BOEM Releases Plan for Offshore Drilling

Despite strong opposition from East Coast governors, several dozen lawmakers and the Defense Department, the Department of the Interior Thursday released its proposed five-year draft plan to open up most U.S. outer continental-shelf waters, including off the North Carolina coast and some protected areas, to oil and gas exploration and drilling. 
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