The Night Sky:  Stargazing tips for July

June had its ups and downs for observing the stars.  Some very clear nights were plagued by three problems --  wind, high humidity, and light pollution.
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New island music academy is one artist's 'divine inspiration'

Passion is the fuel that drives an artist’s creative engines, the impetus to spend the estimated 10,000 hours it takes to truly master a difficult craft.  While some artists tend to be more passionate about themselves, the best artists understand that it is the work at hand that is important and that inspiration is indeed the spark of the divine.

Such is the case with professional musician Jessie Taylor of Avon and her vision for the Cape Hatteras Music Academy, which will begin providing musical instruction for Hatteras Island youth in the fall. Taylor’s motto is “What we are is God’s gift to us, what we become is our gift to God.”  She is quick to credit divine inspiration for the new musical venture.
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Drilling off the Carolina Coast:  Oil Prospects vs. Tourism Reality

Residents of the Outer Banks and  other coastal areas of the state worry that promises of economic benefits from offshore oil and gas aren’t worth the risks to their proven, primary industry -- tourism. 
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Dare's new emergency manager is guest on radio show....WITH AUDIO

Dare County's new emergency management coordinator, Drew Pearson, was the guest on the Radio Hatteras interview show, "To the Point," on Sunday, June 21. Pearson joined Dare's Emergency Management last August as deputy to coordinator Sandy Sanderson.  He took over the office when Sanderson retired on March 1 after 20 years in the job.

In the interview, Pearson talks directly and at length on such issues as evacuation and re-entry, which are usually controversial for many Hatteras islanders. 
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Drilling off the Carolina Coast:  A look back at the Mobil fight

A look back at a proposal by Mobil Oil in the mid-1980s to drill off the Outer Banks that  set off a fight that pitted the Mobil oil company against coastal residents, especially on the Outer Banks, and the state’s then-governor, Republican Jim Martin.

North Carolina and its residents won that match-up, but another struggle is looming for many of the folks who opposed drilling then and still do today. 
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Island Living:   A short list of Hatteras obsessions

Columnist Joy Crist says she pretty much misses "every damn thing" about Hatteras Island -- with the exception of mosquitoes, saltwater flooding, traffic, and driving five hours to go to the dentist.

This is her short list of her “Hatteras Island Obsessions”  --  the stuff she misses most when she is daydreaming about home or skimming through those tortuous Facebook photos her buddies post of their happy families and friends on a crystal clear beach day.
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Next Hatteras Island Reads book is topic of radio show...WITH AUDIO

The next book in the Hatteras Island Reads community reading program was the topic of the most recent edition of the Radio Hatteras interview show, "To the Point," which was broadcast on Sunday, June 7.

The book is "Hatteras Blues: A Story from the Edge of America" by Tom Carlson, a retired professor of creative writing and American literature at the University of Memphis.  Carlson spent a considerable amount of time on Hatteras to write the story of the island's charter fishing industry, which was started by Captain Ernal Foster in the 1930s. 
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The Hatteras-Conetoe Connection: Exchanging healthy food and culture....WITH SLIDE SHOW

When a small group of Hatteras Islanders accompanied Saltwater Connections coordinator Susan West to the Conetoe Family Life Center in 2012 there was no hint of what good things would result from that visit. The Community Gardeners and Coastal Harvesters of Hatteras went searching for inspiration from an established community garden in the small town of Conetoe (pronounced con-e-ta) about 160 miles inland just east of Wilson, N.C.

Three years later, there is an innovative food exchange and an equally important cultural exchange well underway between the Conetoe folks and Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies food and nutrition students. 
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The Night Sky:  Stargazing tips for June

May provided some very fine nights for studying the stars.  Overall, it proved to be a great month for viewing globular clusters.   In June, Vega and Venus will be among the brightest stars in the sky. 
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What Lurks in the Surf? Treating injuries from creatures beneath the waves

In reality, the oceans are not filled with creatures waiting to prey on tourists. The sea along the North Carolina coast is, in fact, host to relatively few animals dangerous to humans. Encounters with these critters are largely accidental. As with snakes and stinging insects on land, we need to know which marine creatures can cause harm, how to avoid them and how to treat an injury should one occur.
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Local, regional, and national bands will play at second Hatteras bluegrass festival

The Hatterasity Bluegrass Festival will be returning to the Hatteras Village Civic Center from Thursday, Oct. 8, through Sunday, Oct. 11, featuring last year’s crowd favorites and some new national acts that dyed in the wool bluegrass music fans are sure to appreciate.
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Searching for the Lost Colony on Hatteras Island

Artifacts found in recent digs in Buxton may be solid evidence that the so-called "Lost Colony" fled to Croatoan. Or they may not.

Until findings are published, the work is among numerous unproven tidbits that add to centuries of speculation on what happened to the English settlers who disappeared from Roanoke Island after 1587. The fate of the 117 men, women and children remains the oldest mystery of colonial American history.

In a presentation in Manteo last month, archaeologist Mark Horton announced that artifacts unearthed while working with a team of volunteers from the nonprofit Croatoan Archaeological Society on Hatteras Island reveal ongoing contact between Europeans and Indians, including with people from the 1584-1587 Roanoke Voyages and the1607 Jamestown settlement.  
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Hatteras veterans now have a place to call home

The room just off the dining area of the Hatterasman Drive-In was filled with about a dozen people on a recent April afternoon. There were men and women from their late 20s or early 30s to retired. There was small talk, a lot of catching up on local events and what the kids are doing. It could have been a gathering of friends, taking a break to check up on the latest news.

Then Hatterasman owner, Frank Miller, brought in the chicken fingers and fries and the meeting began.
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