New Hatteras school board member is radio show guest....WITH AUDIO

Mary Ellon Ballance of Hatteras village, who was sworn in on July 20 as the School Board Representative for the Hatteras Island district, was the guest on the Radio Hatteras interview show, "To the Point," on Sunday, Aug. 21. 
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Exit of geologist Stan Riggs leaves void on CRC science panel

The recent resignation of a founding member of the science panel that advises the state’s Coastal Resources Commission leaves an imbalance in expertise, according to some of the panel’s remaining members.

East Carolina University geologist Stan Riggs resigned July 24 in protest over legislative decisions on coastal policy during the past five years, restrictions placed on the member panel’s work and, most recently, the commission chairman’s stated desire to reclassify currently designated inlet hazard areas on the state’s coastal barrier islands. 
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Dare County's battle against drug abuse:  The Narcotics Task Force

Since 2010 when Sheriff Doug Doughtie created the county's Narcotics Task Force, it has become  an operation that has earned a formidable reputation.

In the past six years, the Narcotics Task Force has arrested close to 500 people on various drugs charges. It has sent drug dealers from Portsmouth and Norfolk, Va., and even nearby Elizabeth City, scurrying home, telling tales of how hot it is to operate in Dare County. It took on an aggressive and dangerous United Bloods Nation drug cell and, with the help of federal agents and prosecutors, dismantled its organization. 
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Dare County's Battle Against Drug Abuse:  Busting a meth lab on Hatteras

The Narcotics Task Force assembles at the Dare County satellite office in Buxton to prepare for the day's operation -- to check out a "shake-and-bake" meth lab and its operators who had been under surveillance for weeks.
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Dare County's schools are topic of radio interview....WITH AUDIO

Danny Couch of Buxton, who has just completed three years as Hatteras Island's representative on the Dare County Board of Education, which oversees two of our most valuable resources -- teachers and the youngsters who are the island's future.

was the guest on the Radio Hatteras interview show, "To the Point," on Sunday, Aug. 7.  
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The Night Sky: An exceptional year for the Perseids meteor shower?

The Perseids meteor shower  is visible from July 17 to Aug. 24 but will peak between Aug. 9 and 14.  The Perseids are renowned for producing up to 60 meteors per hour, but some experts think this might be an exceptional year for the Perseids, with meteor rates as high as 120 per hour.
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Pokémon craze washes ashore on Hatteras Island

It’s a Monday night on Hatteras Island and a cluster of people are hanging out on the outskirts of the Food Lion parking lot in Avon. This isn’t an unusual sight by any means. As the island’s only chain grocery store, the Food Lion tends to be a hotbed for people pushing shopping carts, double checking grocery lists, or just re-grouping before or after a mad rush through the busy store.

But on this night, the action is clustered around an otherwise nondescript white dinghy that sits just outside a nearby restaurant, and the people in the group are all chatting while glancing down on their cell phones.
It’s a telltale sign of the Pokémon Go phenomenon, and sure enough, the small dinghy is actually a Poké stop where players can pick up items.
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Avon Farmer's Market is keeping it fresh for another season

It’s a late Tuesday morning, and a whopper of a thunderstorm has just plowed through the Avon area, running people off the beach and the Avon Pier. But just minutes after the rain stops and the thunder fades away, vehicles begin pulling into the parking lots of the pier and the neighboring Koru Beach Klub and a crowd of people head to the outdoor farmer's market that’s on full display next to Highway 12.

It’s a typical scene in this corner of Avon on a Tuesday morning – minus the thunderstorms – as the Avon Farmer's Market is steadily becoming the place to check out local artists, pick up some fresh produce, and meet and greet with local friends. 
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Buxton couple harvest the island's ocean water for their sea salt business

A new business on Hatteras Island is adding a little extra flavor to the community and is making waves with residents and visitors who have an appreciation for locally harvested and completely unique fare.

The company is Hatteras Saltworks, and this Buxton-based business is creating authentic sea salt from the island's ocean waters through a lengthy but fascinating and environmentally-friendly process. 
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