Hatteras Island's first hostel opens in Buxton

Once familiar only to the young European backpacking crowd, hostels have been popping up across the country as affordable and community-oriented destinations for travelers to get some sleep, meet new people, and have a home base for exploring some of the nation’s most picturesque areas.

And now Hatteras Island has joined the ranks of hostel destinations, with the opening of the new Hatteras Hostel in the heart of Buxton. 
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Seismic Testing Q&A: The Pros and Cons

Coastal Review Online has published a two part series exploring the proposed benefits and possible problems with using air guns to explore for oil and natural gas off the North Carolina coast.  In the first part, an industry official discusses the pros. The second part focuses on the possible effects on marine mammals, fish and commercial and recreation fishermen.

Part 1: Industry official discusses how testing works and its safety

Proponents of seismic testing say that there is no evidence that directly link the tests to harmed whales, fish or turtles. Such tests, they say, are needed to allow oil companies to better judge the locations and quantities of oil or gas deposits. 
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Part 2: What testing means for marine animals and fishermen

In this article, an expert in the acoustics of the ocean and an environmental advocate question whether seismic surveys off the North Carolina coast for oil and natural gas can be done without harming marine life or interfering with commercial and recreational fishing. 
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Four Hatteras islanders honored with Governor's Volunteer Service Awards

Three 2016 Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards were given out to four Hatteras Island residents at the May 16 Board of Commissioners meeting at the Fessenden Center in Buxton. With a packed house that included many supporters of each of the recipients, the  honorees were praised and applauded by the crowd, as well as by the commissioners themselves.  
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Island History: A hurricane and the treasure fleet

Weather and treasure collided off the coast of Ocracoke in 1750 and the result was the greatest act of piracy in history. And Blackbeard had nothing to do with it.  Read more

It’s a race against time to save the Salvo Day Use Area cemetery

Efforts to help repair and save the Salvo Day Use Cemetery - also known as the Midgett Cemetery – are heating up as community members recognize the current dire state of the site, as well as the devastating effects the next major hurricane or storm could inflict on the already troubled area. 
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Rock the Cape is growing into a three-day, island-wide arts movement

The annual Rock the Cape event – an extravaganza of arts and music – has morphed from a single day’s concert and artist showcase into a three-day collection of events, classes, demonstrations, gallery showings, and music which will be spread out all up and down Hatteras Island.
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Dare County Arts Council is topic of 'To the Point' radio interview....WITH AUDIO

The Dare County Arts Council was the topic of the newest edition of "To the Point," the Radio Hatteras interview show, hosted by Island Free Press editor Irene Nolan.

The guest for the evening's interview was Chris Sawin, executive director of the Dare County Arts Council, whose galleries and offices are located in the historic Dare County Courthouse in downtown Manteo.
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The Night Sky: May will be good month for observing the  'red planet' 

Mars will be at opposition on May 22.  Opposition occurs when the sun and Mars are on opposite sides of the earth.  That means Mars will be the brightest it’s been in 11 years, with a magnitude of -2.1.  This is the great opportunity to observe the "red planet."  Read more

English archaeologist says all 'lost colonists' came to Hatteras Island -- but did they?

After concluding his most recent dig on Hatteras Island in March, English archaeologist Mark Horton has declared that the Roanoke colonists did not disappear after 1587 -- all 100 or so of them went to the chiefdom of Croatoan to live with the friendly Croatan Indians at what is today Buxton.

In claiming to have solved the oldest colonial American mystery – the fate of the so-called “Lost Colony” – Horton, with the University of Bristol, also dismissed years of speculation from other archaeologists and historians who have hypothesized that friendly or not, the Indians could not or would not feed the entire colony.
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Launching the Outer Banks Scenic Byway

Do you know that the stretch of Highway 12 from Bodie Island all the way to Ocracoke Island and beyond is a part of a National Scenic Byway? And that it’s one of only 150 stretches of road in the country to be granted this designation?

If your answer is "no," don’t feel too badly – you’re not alone, by a long shot.

But the National Scenic Byway designation is a project that’s been in the works for well over a decade, and it’s about to grab attention along the islands in a major way.
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