May 29, 2014

Ramp 43 reopens to ORV and pedestrian access

The National Park Service today reopened of Ramp 43 in Buxton to off-road vehicle and pedestrian access. 

Park staff first observed the hatching of piping plover chicks on the morning of May 23.  For the past three days no piping plover chicks have been observed. Their disappearance is most likely due to avian predation. 

However, adult piping plovers continue to forage and utilize this area.  If breeding behavior is observed, a common occurrence when the initial nest or chicks are lost, the appropriate protection buffers will be installed again.

As of May 29, at 9 a.m., Ramp 43 is open to ORV access with approximately one-tenth of a mile of ORV access at Ramp 43.  There is pedestrian access south of Ramp 43 to Ramp 44 along the ocean shoreline, which is subject to change.  In addition, there is pedestrian access from Ramp 44 south for approximately four-tenths of a mile.

For information on areas within the seashore that remain open for recreational uses, see

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