April 7, 2017

New “Fixtation” is Stationed Outside
St. John United Methodist Church in Avon


The grassy exterior and entrance of the St. John United Methodist Church in Avon village has a few enticements that make visitors take a second look. There’s the original church bell from the 1800s, the wrap-around bench near the towering oak tree that’s covered with colorful handprints, and the recently added food pantry that’s stationed next to Harbor Road.

And now, the church has a new allure to encourage visitors to cruise on by – a new Bike Fixtation.

In case you’ve never heard of a “Fixtation,” (and not a ton of people have), a Bike Fixtation is an outdoor self-service bike repair station that can be used to inflate tires, repair a flat, and / or provide a lot of other bike maintenance services that travelers may need while cruising through the village. 

“It’s really impressive,” says Reverend Gina R. Miller who is the church pastor, and who spearheaded the project. “You should see all the gadgets and gizmos that are attached to it.”

Indeed, the modestly sized Fixtation consists of a single pole which serves as a public work stand, and which is flanked with tools of all varieties. A wrench, screwdriver, and a number of other mechanical-looking-doohickeys that may be unrecognizable to amateur bikers are all attached, allowing bikers to perform any number of repairs while enjoying a break from a thorough Avon village bike ride.

The Fixtation was received via a grant that Reverend Miller applied for, thanks to a tip from Lois Miller from Yellow House Ministries. The grant was from the NC Division of Public Health, and was part of an initiative to generate a more active community through promoting physical activities and health.

“I love biking here, and it does my heart good to see four or five bikes out here from kids who ride their bike to church,” says Rev. Miller. “Hopefully the kids will use it, and hopefully the adults will too - Everyone needs air in their bike tires once in a while.”

A new bike stand is also on the horizon for the church, and should arrive and be installed soon next to the Fixtation soon.

In the meantime, anyone taking a bike tour of the village is welcome to swing by the Fixtation to fill up their tires, fix a flat, or perform whatever services they require with the arsenal of tools available.

The Fixtation can be found next to the church marquis, just outside the frontentrance. “Where it’s located is not super visible from the road – it couldn’t be next to the road in case kids were using it - but we’re hoping people will see it,” says Rev. Miller.

And for the community-centered church, the Fixtation serves as one more excuse for curious visitors and locals alike to swing by.

“We are excited about this opportunity to promote and increase physical activity and to provide this for our community,” says Rev. Miller.

“We’re a community oriented church here, and we want to make the village better any way we can.”

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