Navy’s Ocracoke ‘Loop Shack’ Was Ineffective

In spring 1942, the nation and its military leaders faced a dire disaster worse than Pearl Harbor. German U-boats operating within the nation’s territorial waters were sinking Allied merchant vessels at an ever-increasing number and killing an appalling number of helpless noncombatants — more than 5,000 in fewer than six months, including some women and […]

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Guest Column Blackbeard Memorial Service: The Genisis of Ocracoke’s Pirate Jamboree

Ten years ago, on the morning of the 22nd of November 2007, I stood alone on the sandy beach of Ocracoke Island’s Springer’s Point with my camera gear to take photos for my yet-to-be-published book, The Last Days of Blackbeard the Pirate. That day I pondered that, Blackbeard and the men who died there in […]

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