October 26, 2017

CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones

Currently there is an expanded turtle nest with no through access between Ramp 43 and Ramp 44.  It has red stop signs and red carsonites with rope strung between them down to the high tide line as well as square white signs advising turtle nest and no driving through or below the nest.  Night driving restrictions are in place on either side of the nest for 0.5 miles from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.  You can drive past the yellow carsonites during the day.  Cape Point can still be accessed at night via the Bypass Road.  

The expanded turtle nest south of Ramp 38 was removed today allowing further access.

Currently the NCBBA fishing tournament is taking place between Ramps 38-Ramp 23 and continues through Oct 28.  Participants are allowed access into the Vehicle Free Areas and the areas are signed as such (per exception of grandfathered tournaments dating pre January1, 2009).

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club tournament will take place Nov 1-4 and will also allow access into the Vehicle Free Areas.

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