July 12, 2018

Hilton the Great White Shark Pinged Off of Avon

Hilton, a 1,326-pound great white shark that is tracked through the Ocearch global shark-tracker program, was pinged off the coast of Avon over the weekend. The mature 12 ft. 5 inch shark has made several visits to the Outer Banks area since first being tagged in March of 2017.

Hilton is named for his tagging location, Hilton Head, S.C., and since being identified more than a year ago, has traveled more than 11,832 miles from the Gulf Coast of Alabama to the Atlantic Ocean waters off of Nova Scotia. Hilton’s last visit to the Outer Banks was in December, 2017, when he was pinged in a similar location off Cape Point in Buxton. His last location was identified on Sunday morning, July 8, when he was apparently passing by Avon while heading north.

Hilton is one of the many sharks that are logged into “Global Shark Tracker” – an interactive program by the non-profit organization Ocearch which tags, researches, and follows sharks all around the world.

The public can follow Hilton as he continues his apparent track north on the Global Tracker Website, http://www.ocearch.org/profile/hilton/.

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