Recent Dredging of Hatteras Inlet’s South Ferry Channel Successful; Additional Dredging Planned in January

Members of the Dare County Waterways Commission have reason to celebrate this holiday season, with reports from fishermen and charter boat captains that the recent dredging of the South Ferry Channel is holding up nicely. “They say the flow going east-west through there — it’s a much better flow than what we had going across […]

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Changes to land from coastal storms can enhance habitat

Considering the growing prevalence of drone photography and video footage over miles of natural landscape, a bird’s-eye view has been proven to be more than eye candy in determining climate impacts. But for wildlife managers at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, a major stopover for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds, the compact low-flying machines are also […]

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Latest dig yields new clues at Fort Raleigh Historic Site

Archaeologists this week unearthed further evidence of late 16th century English activity near reconstructed earthworks at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, although the discoveries — mostly fragments and shadows in dirt layers — are incremental details that will inform the First Colony Foundation’s meticulous effort to reconstruct a significant science laboratory discovered decades ago. “It’s an […]

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For first time, Hatteras museum on track for state funding

Thirty years ago, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum was officially designated a nonprofit educational organization. That was three years after the maritime museum on the end of Hatteras Island was authorized by Congress, and three years before Congress provided construction funds. But somehow, 13 years after the facility was transferred to the state, money […]

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Officials Seek Long-Term Plan to Save N.C. 12

As sea levels continue to rise, the most imperiled spot on North Carolina’s vulnerable Outer Banks is likely on Ocracoke Island, where an erosion hot spot threatening its sole highway is past due for a long-term transportation solution, including potentially bypassing the north end of the island. “I’d say on N.C. 12, this is probably […]

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Dredging underway at Hatteras Inlet

After numerous complications with dredging the South Ferry Channel, the Army Corps of Engineers reported to the Dare County Waterways Commission at its Monday meeting that the hopper dredge Murden has finally started work removing the problem shoal. “They’re working daylight operations only,” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chief of Floating Plant Joen Petersen told […]

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Ferry Division’s Needs Among NCDOT’s Woes

If the ferries can’t run to and from this southernmost Outer Banks island, the community is isolated, and its tourism economy crashes. It’s a threat that has become all too real. Related: Alternate Ferry Schedule Extended to April 12 Since about mid-March, persistent shoaling in the Bigfoot Slough channel off Silver Lake Harbor has resulted […]

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Dredging in Hatteras Inlet has had little progress, per Waterways Commission Meeting

Dredging in the now-impassable South Ferry Channel in Hatteras Inlet has been making far less progress than expected, leaving members of the Dare County Waterways Commission at Monday’s virtual meeting reacting in stunned silence after a project update. “I wish I had good news to tell you that we busted through the shoal,” U.S. Army […]

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