Permitting the dredge Miss Katie to do more work in Hatteras Inlet may be delayed

A relatively low-key meeting of the Dare County Waterways Commission, held Monday, Aug. 14 in Buxton, turned testy midway when members learned that permitting the local dredge Miss Katie to do more work in Hatteras Inlet might be delayed until the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completes a new inlet management plan. Commissioners reacted with […]

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Murphy assures Dare board: Corps will do study if funded

Dare County commissioners voted last month to provide about $1.5 million to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study the feasibility of a beach nourishment project in Rodanthe, where five oceanfront houses since 2020 have succumbed to the sea, with more still at risk. North Carolina 3rd District Republican Rep. Greg Murphy told the county that the […]

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Waterways Commission hears updates on Hatteras Harbor and Avon Harbor dredging projects

Outer Banks mariners will see not only a new Coast Guard aid to navigation chief, but there will also be a new 49-foot buoy tender boat patrolling the waterways instead of the 55-foot vessel that had been used to maintain channel markers. Introducing himself at the Dare County Waterways Commission meeting on Monday evening in […]

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Climate peril, insurance, sand costs: No easy fix in Rodanthe

Even with the might of government, it can be difficult to force people to remove their houses that are at risk of falling into the ocean. More and more, it’s also proving to be difficult for homeowners to find property insurance that would adequately cover, or proactively prevent, that risk. But a Federal Insurance Office […]

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After 200th celebration, Ocracoke Light set for restoration

As islanders and National Park Service personnel have been busy in recent weeks preparing to celebrate Thursday the 200th anniversary of the Ocracoke Lighthouse, the beacon stands as a stoic symbol of the very island itself: sturdy, enduring and vulnerable. For those not already on the island, the Ocracoke Light Station 200th anniversary event set for 1-2 p.m. Thursday […]

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Waterways Commission focuses on future Hatteras Inlet, Avon, and emergency ferry route projects

With crisis conditions in Hatteras Inlet becalmed for the time being, members of the Dare County Waterways Commission are keeping a keen eye on the horizon to forestall planning kinks while turning its attention elsewhere to long-discussed projects in Avon Harbor and the Stumpy Point emergency ferry harbor. During a low-key commission meeting on May […]

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N.C. Coastal Resources Commission approves septic rule changes, flood disclosure

From Advocates say would-be homebuyers and current oceanfront property owners in North Carolina have long needed clearer rules and updated information as climate change increases the risks of damage and flooding. Two unrelated, but long-sought actions taken last week by the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission seek to clarify two persistent issues: septic systems […]

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Solutions are few for imperiled oceanfront homes, per virtual workshop meeting

It’s been more than a year since the first oceanfront house, standing on an eroded beach within Cape Hatteras National Seashore, collapsed into the ocean in the early morning on Feb. 9. Two more nearby houses fell in May. Each time, tons of construction debris — jagged, sharp, toxic, ugly — were carried for miles by […]

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Miss Katie dredge on track to work in Hatteras Inlet by February

As mariners look ahead to the spring fishing tournament season, the Dare County Waterways Commission is hopeful that maintenance issues in Hatteras Inlet finally can be addressed in a timely manner. “We don’t want to wait until the last minute,” Commission Chair Steve “Creature” Coulter said at Monday’s meeting in Manteo. “We want it fixed […]

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