Christina Koch Describes View of NC Coast

That first pass more than 200 miles above her home state seared into her memory. It’s a mental snapshot astronaut Christina Koch fondly recalls, relishing in intricate detail North Carolina’s distinctive geographical features seen from the “Window of the World.” Looking down from space, tracing the state’s coastline hallmarks like New River Inlet and Cape […]

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Study Eyes Onshore Risks of Offshore Drilling

Drilling for oil off the North Carolina coast would pose a substantial threat to the environment onshore, according to a newly released study by an environmental research group. Environment North Carolina Research & Policy Center’s Offshore Drilling, Onshore Damage delves into a series of possible adverse impacts offshore drilling would have on land well beyond […]

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Summit Focuses on Climate Risks, Response

Adapting to living with rising seas, larger, slower, rain-dumping coastal storms, flooding and extreme heat is going to take forward thinking, collaboration and money. “The planning for resilience, there’s no right way to do it,” said Jessica Whitehead, chief resilience officer of the recently formed North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resilience. Whitehead moderated the […]

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