December 23, 2017

Damaged Fire Hydrant Leads to Temporary
Loss of Water for Frisco


A damaged fire hydrant in the vicinity of Central Drive and Old Landing Drive in Frisco led to water temporally being turned off for Frisco residents on Friday afternoon and night.

It was reported that a fire hydrant had been run over by a vehicle on early Friday afternoon, causing the damage and a subsequent stream of water next to Highway 12, and leading to the shutdown. Crews from the Dare County Water Department worked on the issue on Friday afternoon and night, and water was restored to Frisco village by roughly 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

On Saturday morning, several Frisco residents on the soundside of NC Highway 12 were still being affected by the issue, and reported brown water coming out of their faucets. (Several others reported that continually running the water seemed to be leading to eventual clear water.)

According to a notice that was distributed to residents of the affected area on Friday afternoon by the Dare County Water Department, “customers may experience periods of low pressure or discolored water until full service is restored.”

The pre-printed notice also advised that “…Based on the potential for contamination from cross connection, as a precaution only, customers affected by this service interruption are advised to boil all water used for human consumption or use commercially bottled or previously stored water.”

“…No microbiological contamination has been found in the drinking water as a result of this incident. Samples will be collected from throughout the affected area to confirm the microbiological quality as soon as pressure is restored.”

Island Fee Press will continue to monitor this story and will post updates as soon as they are available.

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