An Ocean Plunge for a New Year on Ocracoke

Several first-timers were among about 45 kids and adults of all ages Tuesday afternoon for Ocracoke’s version of the Polar Plunge at the airport beach off Ramp 70. As kids ran around the beach in their bathing suits and swimmers gathered for a group photo, air temperatures in the upper 60s and an ocean temperature […] Ocracoke Island Features |  Full Article

Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree Oct. 25 to 28 to Spotlight 300 Years Since Blackbeard’s Demise

By Connie Leinbach The Ocracoke Observer In 300 years since his demise, Blackbeard has become the best-known pirate in history, and the popularity of recent Hollywood movies has created a fanatical interest in the man and his times. Numerous books and competing histories vie for the definitive Blackbeard story: Was he born in the colonies […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

Ocracoke to the Rescue

Ocracoke Island deployed its own Hurricane Florence aid effort this morning when three boats laden with goods departed from Ocracoke for Cedar Island, which has been cut off by Hurricane Florence. “From Stacy to here, they are cut off,” said Noel Goodwin, who with several other Ocracoke islanders Monday morning loaded three personal skiffs with […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

UPDATE:  Pumps Back on at Ocracoke Station For Credit Purchases Only

After a week of being off, the gas pumps at the Ocracoke Station were turned back on Friday evening for credit card purchases at the pump only. As Russell Sanderlin and Jesse Conner of Beasley Enterprises, Windsor, finished the installation, word had already spread, and islanders were filling their vehicles. Beasley Enterprises owns the pumps […] Local News |  Full Article