September 17, 2018

Ocracoke to the Rescue


Ocracoke Island deployed its own Hurricane Florence aid effort this morning when three boats laden with goods departed from Ocracoke for Cedar Island, which has been cut off by Hurricane Florence.

“From Stacy to here, they are cut off,” said Noel Goodwin, who with several other Ocracoke islanders Monday morning loaded three personal skiffs with cases of water, gasoline, bleach, trays of bread, tarps, pet food and other supplies and necessities.

“I grew up there,” Goodwin said as the boats were packed. “They need everything.  They don’t have cell service.”

Fess Winstead, one of the boat pilots, said the ride from Ocracoke will take about 40 minutes. The flotilla will land at the Cedar Island fish house in front of the community cemetery, Goodwin said, where Cedar Island residents will meet the boats.

Ocracoke Islanders brought their items to the Poker House in Oyster Creek where the boats launched shortly after 10 a.m.

Not all of the donated items fit in the boats and the group will make runs to Cedar Island as needed.

“We’ll find out what they need,” she said before she boarded one of the boats.

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