Night Skies: The Hunter, the Dog, and Other Night Sky Highlights for January 2018

This is the California Nebula. It’s about 1800 light years away.  Right now, it’s just about directly overhead.  The California Nebula has a visual magnitude of +5, but it is extremely difficult to spot with the naked eye.  I had to enhance the image by increasing the saturation of the color and brightness to make […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

Officials Seek More Detail On Seismic Testing

Four companies have been asked to submit additional information about proposed seismic surveying for offshore oil and gas resource development because the original proposals did not consider the latest scientific studies on the harmful impacts to marine life, the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management announced Friday. According to a press release from DCM, the […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

Halverson and Fallen Heroes Honored at Buxton British Cemetery Wreath Ceremony …WITH SLIDE SHOW

It is for this reason that Gail Halverson, the infamous “Candy Bomber,” was interested in viewing the cemetery and honoring these fallen British soldiers in a short ceremony last Saturday. Toward the end of World War II, the Soviet Union had completely blocked access to the western-controlled areas of Berlin. U.S. pilots were soon sent […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

Potential Double-Digit Rate Hike on the Horizon for Coastal NC

Potential Double-Digit Rate Hike on the Horizon for Coastal NC Homeowners across much of eastern North Carolina are once again facing a possible double-digit rate hike for insurance policies, and the disparity between rates along the coast and interior sections of the state would remain at all-time highs. The N.C. Rate Bureau, which represents the […] Real Estate |  Full Article