Blackbeard’s Death: Part Of A Failed Coup?

On Nov. 22, 1718, two small but well-manned sloops commanded by Lt. Robert Maynard of His Majesty‚Äôs Royal Navy approached a ship commanded by one Capt. Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, Thach, Thatch, Titche, all names attributed at various times to the pirate captain. Blackbeard signaled for the sloops to pass, but they responded […] Hatteras Features |  Full Article

Alligator Hunt an Effort to Reduce Population in Hyde County

COASTAL REVIEW ONLINE COASTAL REVIEW ONLINE An effort is on to reduce the alligator population in Hyde County. County officials requested a targeted hunt to reduce the number of alligators in Swan Quarter, Fairfield and Engelhard, three areas with frequent alligator conflicts. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission staff worked with county officials to evaluate […] Local News |  Full Article