Beach Access and Park Issues
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Beach fires are back on seashore beaches

The National Park Service has lifted its temporary ban on beach fires on the beaches of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

The North Carolina State Forest Service and Dare County Fire Marshall’s Office lifted the fire ban in 19 eastern counties on Monday, Aug. 8. 

The fire ban has been in effect since June 23 because of extremely hot and dry weather and many areas facing drought conditions.

Some areas in eastern North Carolina have had some rainfall in recent weeks, though Hatteras Island is still down in rainfall almost 7 inches.

Beach fires are permitted on the seashore beaches of both Dare and Hyde counties.  The use of grills for cooking is also permitted. 

Extremely dry conditions persist in eastern North Carolina.  Visitors are asked to dispose of used charcoal and any smoking materials, such as cigar or cigarette butts, carefully and away from any combustible materials. 

Additionally, visitors are reminded that fireworks are strictly prohibited in the seashore.

Also, all vehicles must be off the beach by 10 p.m., though bonfires are allowed until midnight.

For more information, contact park headquarters at 252-473-2111, ext. 118.

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