September 14, 2015

UPDATE: Dog that allegedly bit child
in Waves is located, owner charged


The dog that is thought to have bitten a 2-year-old boy on the beach in Waves last Thursday has been located, and the animal's owner has been charged with three federal violations by the National Park Service.

According to law enforcement ranger Chris Hey, the dog's owner was located in the tri-villages on Saturday evening and charged with failure to physically restrain a pet, knowingly giving a false report, and interfering with a government investigation. Hey declined to indentify the owner since the investigation is ongoing.

Hey said the dog, whose name is Taeo, was removed from the area by the owner and that a judge will decide what happens to it.

The dog is up-to-date on all of its shots, which Hey said was a relief to the victim's family.

The ranger also said that the dog was located largely through the efforts of folks who shared the information about the search for it on Facebook.

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