February 9, 2016

Ocean overwash continues to cause travel issues


Ocean overwash at high tide has continued to cause traffic issues on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands.

Lingering large swells from the Super Bowl Sunday storm sent ocean water pouring onto Highway 12 at the high tides last evening about 7 p.m. and this morning about 8 a.m.

And the National Weather Service in Newport/Morehead City says there may be trouble during the next two high tide cycles.

The Weather Service had downgraded the coastal flood warning to a coastal flood advisory and says minor overwash is possible again at high tides this evening around 8 p.m. and on Wednesday morning around 9 p.m.

The overwash last night and this morning was in the usual places -- northern Rodanthe, north Buxton, and the north end of Ocracoke. On northern Hatteras along Pea Island, sand and water were reported in places on the highway.

On Hatteras Island, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has kept Highway 12 open by halting traffic briefly from time to time to allow equipment to clear the road.  However, vehicles have been plowing through some fairly deep water at times, especially in Buxton.

Schools were open today on Hatteras -- with a three hour delay.

Highway 12 on Ocracoke has been closed since last evening, and NCDOT advises that it will probably stay closed until Wednesday about 10 a.m.  The Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry has not been running, though residents and visitors can get to Ocracoke on the Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferries.

DOT also says parts of Highway 12 -- the Beach Road -- in Kitty Hawk will remain closed until Wednesday morning.

The Weather Service is forecasting below normal high and low temperatures for the rest of the week, with really cold, Arctic air pushing south for the weekend before a slight warm-up the first of next week.

For forecasts and more weather information, go to www.weather.gov/mhx or to the NWS in Newport/Morehead City Facebook page.



Frisco Pier 1
North Buxton -- Monday evening, Feb. 8
North Buxton -- Tuesday morning, Feb. 9

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