April 8, 2016

UPDATE: Buxton beach nourishment bids lead to 2017 start date

After receiving bids from four contractors for the Buxton beach nourishment project, Dare County has confirmed that Weeks Construction of Covington, La., is the lowest responsible bidder for a 2017 project.

According to a Dare County news release, the bid culminates an intense effort by the Board of Commissioners over the last two years to obtain necessary permits and funding to safeguard access for Hatteras Island.

The 2017 bid from Weeks Marine totals $22.15 million as compared to the construction budget of $22.96 million.

After receiving higher-than-expected bids for the 2016 nourishment projects planned for the northern beaches, Dare County requested two bids from contractors – one for work to be completed by December 2016 and the one for work to be completed by December 2017.

Only two of the four companies included bids for 2016 and both of those came in at 50 percent more than the project budget -- Weeks Construction at $34.1 million and Dutra Group at $33.9 million.

The recommendation to accept the 2017 bid from Weeks Marine will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for approval at an upcoming meeting. In addition, the state’s Local Government Commission must approve financing for the project before the final contract may be executed.

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