April 25, 2016

Moped owners will soon be
required to carry liability insurance

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is sending 26,799 letters to moped owners reminding them about a new law that will require the vehicles to carry liability insurance beginning July 1.

Letters were mailed last week to moped owners whose vehicles are registered with NCDMV.

Moped owners must provide NCDMV proof of liability insurance coverage from their insurance company or take a Certificate of Liability Insurance form, available from their insurance carrier, to their local license plate agency. They may also provide the insurance company’s name and policy number to their local LPA.

Failure to provide proof of insurance to NCDMV could result in their license plate being revoked.

Once NCDMV receives insurance information from a moped owner, the owner will be issued a corrected registration card showing the insurance information for the moped.

Mopeds were first required to register with the Division in July 2015. The requirement for insurance coverage was added in a law passed by the General Assembly to become effective a year later.

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