June 17, 2017

Updates on the Bonner Bridge; Daytime Lane
Closures Expected to End for Summer Season

Dare County released a video update on the progress of the new Bonner Bridge replacement project on Friday, June 16.

Per the latest update, several new milestones have been reached in recent weeks. On the north end of the bridge, 10 spans of the bridge’s decking have been installed and poured with concrete, with crews steadily making their way south through the marshes and shallow waters to the bridge’s center.

In the water, crews are busy piecing together the bridge’s first cantilever, while preparing the next column for the installation of the pre-cast segments that will make up the next pier table. Additionally, another milestone was reached for the project as crews have completed pile driving from this cantilever structure to the southern shoreline of the new bridge. This accomplishment will allow crews to focus pile driving efforts heading north from the cantilever site, and across the waters and navigation spans of the inlet.

On the south side of the bridge, crews have completed pile driving on the first of five footings on land, and are wrapping up concrete pours on the six southernmost girder spans.

t the Pea Island Bridge project site, crews are working to complete the installation of the remaining pilings on the south side of the project.

The best news for motorists is that beginning June 15, daytime lane closures on the Bonner Bridge are expected to cease until September 15, however this is subject to change without notice.

Nighttime lane closures are expected Monday through Thursday, from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following morning. Occasional nighttime closures of up to 30 minutes may occur for deliveries of construction materials. Advance notice of these road closures will be posted by NCDOT on various social media outlets, and on its travel information website, www.drivenc.com.

For more information on Highway 12, visit the NCDOT Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NCDOTNC12.

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