May 18, 2018

Village Market Red & White in Hatteras Opens to the Public


The Village Market Red & White of Hatteras officially opened to the public with new owners on Friday, May 18, after a long winter and spring of remodeling and preparations.

Just hours after opening its doors, the market was already crowded with locals and visitors who were eager to see the “new” old market, which was stocked with produce, meats, canned goods, beer and wine, and all the hallmarks of a solid grocery store.

“You don’t know how happy we are to see you,” said one Hatteras resident with a full cart.

The landmark store originated in 1866 by locals Caleb and Alonzo ("A.J.") Stowe, who established a shop after being released from a Union prison at the end of the Civil War. Looking for a way to help islanders acquire supplies in the post-Civil War years, the former blockade runners constructed an A-frame shop with washed up wood from shipwrecks, and the Hatteras grocery store was essentially born.

Originally called “Stowe’s General Store,” the Burrus family venture naturally became a familiar icon for longtime visitors and locals alike, and has remained a fixture in the heart of Hatteras illage ever since.

The Red & White traditionally stayed open during the winter months, but closed its doors for the winter of 2017 / 2018. It opened on Friday with new owners for the first time in 152 years, although the Red & White still has family ties to the community, as well as a familiar feel inside and out.

On Friday afternoon, locals were sitting on the front porch catching up with acquaintances, while owners Charles Graham and Wes Sigmon were busy manning the crowded registers.

Starting the remodeling process in March, Wes said that opening the store took a little more than 60 days once equipment started to arrive. “We had a lot of fantastic help from people in the village,” said Wes.

“We’re glad to be open, and we’ve been steady since we first opened our doors,” said Charles. “It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been very busy, and everyone seems to be excited.”

Friday marked the store’s soft opening, and there are still products and items that are trickling in, such as items for an upcoming deli section and other assorted groceries.

An official Grand Opening is being planned for Memorial Day Weekend, but despite the soft opening designation, the parking lot of the Village Market Red & White was overflowing by Friday afternoon, with locals happy to welcome to familiar store back to Hatteras village.

“It has been a very positive welcome,” said Wes. “Now our job is to make sure people stay excited about us.”

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