New Bern artist wants to ban shrimp trawling in the sounds

A rulemaking petition submitted recently to the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission is asking that inside waters be closed to shrimp trawling, a proposal that watermen say would devastate their business and deprive consumers of the state’s second most popular seafood. Trawl nets are already prohibited by state law in secondary nursery areas, but petitioner […]

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Outer Banks Ace seeks community support in raising funds for ill children

Outer Banks Ace is asking for community assistance throughout the month of July to help area children receive the care and attention they need from the local Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk.   Playrooms, classrooms, red wagon rides, and bedside visits from furry friends  — this isn’t your […]

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MFC schedules, then cancels meeting to consider banning trawling in inside waters

Marine Fisheries Commission Chairman Rob Bizzell yesterday scheduled a meeting for Friday to consider a petition for rulemaking that effectively would prohibit trawling in North Carolina’s internal coastal waters. Then today, he cancelled the meeting. According to an MFC press release, Bizzell has decided, instead, to ask the Finfish, Shellfish/Crustacean, Habitat and Water Quality and […]

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