Coast Guard warns mariners away from Hatteras Inlet as officials seek solutions

Just hours after the Coast Guard urged mariners not to use the South Ferry Channel at Hatteras Inlet, a county waterways panel convened again in Hatteras village to seek solutions to stubborn shoaling in the channel that is being called “catastrophic.” “Recent hydrographic surveys indicate shoaling in South Ferry Channel has resulted in an average […]

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The Snakes of North Carolina: Respect but don’t fear them

With all the attention that sharks are getting this summer, snakes have been able to slither under the radar as the most sensationalized animal threatening human existence. Usually this time of year, we hear all about the “copper-mouthed, water-headed rattlers” aggressively chasing after people. During my years as a park ranger, I once received a […]

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Cape Point reopens to pedestrians, but drivers will have to wait

The National Park Service today reopened Cape Point for pedestrian access, but it will likely be another two weeks before it will open to off-road vehicle access. According to Randy Swilling, the seashore’s natural resources program manager, the last remaining American oystercatcher chick at Cape Point fledged yesterday, and a least tern colony has finished […]

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