Coyotes emerge as coastal predators — even on the seashore

Wily, intelligent and adaptive coyotes are in all 100 counties of North Carolina and they are here to stay. “They are set up to use the habitat,” said Chris Kent, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission whose district includes the state’s largest coastal cities. Chris Turner, a commission biologist in the northeastern part […]

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Scientists say alligator hunt in North Carolina is premature

By BRAD RICH Coastal Review Online “A lot more research is needed before anyone can be sure that any alligator hunt in North Carolina won’t harm the species. The data just isn’t there. ” Dinkelacker recently expressed that same opinion in formal comments to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, which has proposed an alligator hunt […]

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Offshore oil industry ads promise jobs and revenue

An oil industry lobbying group is fighting back against mounting resistance in coastal communities to proposed Atlantic offshore oil and gas drilling with a multi-state advertising blitz touting the potential benefits, but environmental advocates aren’t backing down. Print ads promoting offshore energy development as safe, responsible and economically beneficial began running Oct. 28 in North […]

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The extent of seismic testing gives feds pause

Exploration for oil and natural gas in the Atlantic Ocean will cover more territory than any previous modern-day seismic testing, giving pause to environmentalists and federal regulators. With such an expansive area of ocean floor to survey, companies currently seeking permits to conduct seismic surveys in the Atlantic will likely be working over long periods […]

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Fish respond to warming ocean

Something’s happening out there in the waters of our coast. Chuck Bangley knows it. Bangley was a doctoral student at East Carolina University in 2011 when he started recording shark activity in North Carolina sounds. In the previous four decades, nine juvenile bull shark pups were documented in Pamlico Sound. During the next three years, […]

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The Snakes of North Carolina: Respect but don’t fear them

With all the attention that sharks are getting this summer, snakes have been able to slither under the radar as the most sensationalized animal threatening human existence. Usually this time of year, we hear all about the “copper-mouthed, water-headed rattlers” aggressively chasing after people. During my years as a park ranger, I once received a […]

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