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  • New Bonner Bridge 65% Complete per NCDOT March Update...On Local News Page.
  • Ocracoke Passenger Ferry Expected to Open in Four Months...On Local News Page.
  • Obituary - Linda Jennette Midgette...On Community News page under Obituaries.
  • Citizen Science Program Needs Your Help Observing the Weather...On Island Features Page.
  • Hatteras Island Veterans Invited to Participate in Nags Head St. Patrick's Day Parade..On Community News Page under Event Planner.
  • Settlement Orders Bridge Builder to Pay $10.35 Million for Blackout...On Local News Page.
  • Next Round in the Drilling Fight...On Local News Page.
  • CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones....On Local News Page.
  • Pea Island Visitor Center Reopens after March Storm Damage....On Local News Page.
  • Lady Canes Basketball: Seasons End, But a Team is Forever...On Island Features Page.
  • With Weather Delays, it’s Down to the Wire for Hatteras Inlet Dredging....On Local News Page.
  • Kinnakeet Home: Nor’easter Winds....On Island Features Page. 
  • Storm Produces Some Soundside Flooding Before Leaving the Outer Banks....On Local News Page.
  • Hatteras Shipwreck Surfaces Once Again...WITH SLIDE SHOW....On Island Features Page. 
  • Avon St. Baldrick's Day on Saturday, March 17..On Community News Page under Event Planner.
  • Dare County Arts Council Announces A Call For Entry For 21st Mollie Fearing Memorial Show...On Community News Page under News and Business Briefs.
  • Dare Commissioners to Host Community Meetings..On Community News Page under Event Planner.
  • Faster Storm Forecast to Affect the Outer Banks Monday....On Local News Page.
  • UPDATE:  Coast Guard, Partners Monitoring Stray Cargo Container Response Off Oregon Inlet....On Local News Page.
  • REMINDER:  Alligator River Bridge on U.S. 64 to Close for Repairs March 14-21....On Local News Page.

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NEW....03.15.2018 2:45 pm CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones
Historic Lighthouse A Modern-Day Marvel 
02.27.2018 2:00 pm
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Repaired and Back to Beaming 02.17.2018 6:20 pm
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Announces 2018 Camping Season Dates 02.13.2018 5:15 pm
Superintendent David Hallac Invites the Community to Discuss an Overview of the 2017 Season  02.05.2018 12:25 pm
New Boardwalk and Viewing Platform in Hatteras Village Opens 02.02.2018 11:50 am
NPS Facilities Reopen After Government Shutdown Ends 01.23.2018 10:00 am
ORV Ramp 72 on Ocracoke Island Temporarily Closed for Repairs 01.17.2018 11:00 am
Project to Replace Public Boat Ramps on Ocracoke Island Beginning Next Week 01.11.2018 10:55 am
Only Water-Locked Pilings Remain at Frisco Pier Site 12.21.2017 2:00 pm
Pier House Removed at Frisco Pier....WITH SLIDE SHOW 12.16.2017 4:00 pm
Removal Stage Begins at Frisco Pier...WITH SLIDE SHOW  12.12.2017 11:00 am
Extensive Frisco Pier Removal Project Begins 12.06.2017 1:30 pm
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Lighthouses from A to Z

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NEW....03.16.2018 3:40 pm New Bonner Bridge 65% Complete per NCDOT March Update
NEW....03.16.2018 11:20 pm
Ocracoke Passenger Ferry Expected to Open in Four Months
NEW....03.15.2018 8:00 pm
Settlement Orders Bridge Builder to Pay $10.35 Million for Blackout
NEW....03.15.2018 3:25 pm
Next Round in the Drilling Fight
NEW....03.15.2018 1:50 pm
Pea Island Visitor Center Reopens after March Storm Damage
NEW....03.14.2018 8:45 am 
With Weather Delays, it’s Down to the Wire for Hatteras Inlet Dredging
NEW....03.13.2018 10:00 am
Storm Produces Some Soundside Flooding Before Leaving the Outer Banks
NEW....03.10.2018 9:45 am
UPDATE: Coast Guard, Partners Monitoring Stray Cargo Container Response Off Oregon Inlet
REMINDER:  Alligator River Bridge on U.S. 64 to Close for Repairs March 14-21  02.09.2018 10:30 am
Nine of 74 Lost Shipping Containers Spotted 03.08.2018 10:45 am
Missing Shipping Container Carrying 3,000 Kilos of Sulfuric Acid 03.07.2018 10:15 am
N.C. Highway 12 Open on Both Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands 03.07.2018 5:15 pm
Highlights from the March 5 BOC Meeting 03.07.2018 2:30 pm
Buxton Beach Nourishment Project Complete 02.28.2018 12:15 pm
Lady Canes Fall Short, but Islanders Celebrate a Spectacular Season...WITH SLIDE SHOW 02.28.2018 12:00 pm
Lady Canes Leave for State Playoff Game with a Storm of Support...WITH VIDEOS 02.26.2018 6:10 pm
CHSS Operating Two Spirit Buses To Support Lady Canes In Playoff Game 02.25.2018 10:00 pm
Lady Canes Continue Undefeated Season with 52-45 Victory over Roxboro Community 02.25.2018 11:00 am
Bringing the Heat: Lady Canes Move on to 3rd Round of State Playoffs 02.23.2018 10:45 am
Teamwork and Talent: CHSS Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team Qualifies for States 02.18.2018 3:50 pm
CHSS Girls Basketball Team Eyes Conference And State Championships 01.31.2018 8:50 am
Strong Winds and Rough Seas Expected Over the Weekend 02.28.2018 10:15 am
NCDOT Schedules First Oregon Inlet Closure for Wednesday 02.27.2018 3:15 pm
‘Don’t Drill!’ Reverberates in Raleigh 02.27.2018 1:00 pm
Board Candidate Ed Danko, Dare County GOP Part Ways 02.25.2018 5:10 pm
NC Ferry System Implements Size, Weight Limits on Pamlico Sound Routes 02.25.2018 4:55 pm
Local Efforts are Leading to New Substance Abuse and Mental Health Center in Hatteras Village 02.23.2018 3:50 pm
New Pea Island Bridge Officially Named the “Captain Richard Etheridge Bridge” at Tuesday Afternoon Dedication 02.20.2018 4:00 pm
Dare County Waterways Commission Make Imminent Plans for “Crunch Time” Dredging 02.14.2018 10:00 am
Outer Banks Community Names Daniel Pullen 2018 People's Choice Artist 02.12.2018 5:00 pm
Tess Judge Announces Run for N.C. House Democratic Nomination 02.12.2018 4:20 pm
Filing Opens for 2018 Election Season in Dare and Hyde Counties 02.12.2018 10:45 am
Local Groups and Organizations “Rally” to Oppose Offshore Drilling in North Carolina 02.09.2018 12:45 pm
Cooper Warns Zinke of Lawsuit Over Drilling 02.06.2018 9:15 am
Local Officials Join Governor to Voice Opposition to Offshore Drilling in Meeting with Secretary Zinke 02.05.2018 4:15 pm
Governor Pushes for Hearings and Longer Comment Period on Drilling Plan 02.01.2018 12:10 pm
Bonner Bridge Update: Bonner Bridge Closer to Connecting as Lego Bridge is Dismantled 02.07.2018 9:40 am
Dare County Sanitation Department Conducting Residential Large Household Pick-Up 01.09.2018 12:45 pm

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Community News
The Event Planner...UPDATED 03.12.2018
News and Business Briefs ...UPDATED 02.12.2018
Church Listings
Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office...UPDATED 02.06.2018
Free Classified Ads ...UPDATED 03.15.2018
Obituaries ...UPDATED 03.16.2018

Commentary & Guest Columns
Student Guest Column: CHSS Students Receive Turtle Training From NC Wildlife Resource Commission
Guest Columns: A Fisherman’s Thoughts on the MFC Meeting
02.16.2018 1:50 am
Commentary: The Commercial Fishermen’s Battle 01.27.2018  5:40 pm
Student Guest Column: Marching Up A Storm 01.12.2018 2:30 pm
Student Guest Column: 2017 - 2018 DECA Chapter Success at Regional Competition 12.19.2017 2:45 pm
Student Guest Column:  CHSS Holiday Philanthropy!  12.13.2017 12:30 pm
Guest Column:  Hunter and Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Recalls Mistakes in the Marsh 12.04.2017 11:30 am
Student Guest Column:  Surf’s Up: New Surf Team forms at CHSS  11.29.2017 12:30 pm

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NEW....03.16.2018 8:50 am Citizen Science Program Needs Your Help Observing the Weather
NEW....03.15.2018 11:45 am
Lady Canes Basketball: Seasons End, But a Team is Forever
NEW....03.13.2018 10:30 am  Kinnakeet Home: Nor’easter Winds
NEW....03.12.2018 4:20 pm
Hatteras Shipwreck Surfaces Once Again...WITH SLIDE SHOW
NEW....03.09.2018 2:00 pm 
New Painting Brings Surfmen’s History to Life
Night Sky: Blue Moons, Galaxies and More Night Sky Highlights for March 03.02.2018 7:45 am  
Lights Out for Hatteras: The 3rd Annual Starry Nights Event 02.21.2018 2:05 pm
Kinnakeet Home: Avon Harbor 02.15.2018 10:00 am
Our Coast’s People: Chester Lynn 02.13.2018 12:30 pm
Oysters Rockefeller Has Carolina Cousins 02.07.2018 3:30 pm
The Smithsonian Features Ocracoke’s Blackbeard 300th Anniversary 02.02.2018 4:30 pm
Our Coast’s History: A WWII Outer Banks Spy 01.31.2018 12:30 pm
Plenty of Galaxies and More Night Sky Highlights for February 2017 01.31.2018  10:20 am

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Winners of Cape Hatteras Anglers Club 2017 Members Fishing Contest Announced 02.21.2018 4:50 pm
Hatteras Fishing in February  02.16.2018 11:00 am
Surprises and New Commercial Fishing Requirements surface at MFC Meeting 02.16.2018 9:30 am
New Buoys Going on Estuarine Artificial Reefs and Oyster Sanctuaries 02.13.2018 4:30 pm
Three Appointments Made to NC Marine Fisheries Commission 02.05.2018 12:40 pm
North Carolina Watermen United Elect New Board President and Vice Presidents 02.05.2018 12:40 pm
The Controversy Surrounding the Proposed Commercial Fishing License Changes 01.31.2018 3:40 pm
The very best guide to charter fishing on the islands….WITH SLIDE SHOW

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Rate Bureau Requests Average 18.9 Percent Hike for Dwelling Policies 03.07.2018 3:00 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate Coastal Barrier Resource Areas 03.03.2018 10:00 am
State Commissioner Rejects Bid for Insurance Rate Increase  01.05.2018  4:50 pm
CHEC Announces Rate Increase in 2018 01.03.2018  12:40 pm
Potential Double-Digit Rate Hike on the Horizon for Coastal NC  12.21.2017 2:10 pm
Outer Banks Chamber Tackles Housing Crunch 12.08.2017 11:10 am
Local Nonprofits Build Forever Funds through the Community Foundation 12.07.2017 10:15 am
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Frequently Asked Questions  11.22.2017 10:30 am
NC Rate Bureau Asks for 18.7 Percent Rate Hike for Homeowners Insurance  11.21.2017 8:30 am

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Local Couple Gets Married with the Longest Walk – or Rather Run – Down the Aisle 05.01.2017 11:45 am 
Something old, something new, something green
Island Living: Getting married Hatteras-style 
Wedding planners advise Island brides to have a weather plan
Tying the knot for Hatteras bridal couples is a labor of love for local minister
Destination wedding basics: 12 must-read destination wedding tips 
Island Weddings:  Planning a ceremony at the beach

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