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  • 71-year-old man drowns near Frisco Pier...On Local News Page.
  • NEW EDITOR'S BLOG: Let's keep the lawyers out of the Rodanthe bridge solution....On Shooting the Breeze above.
  • 67-year-old man drowns off Ocracoke...On Local News Page.
  • Events planned at Our Lady of the Seas....On Community News under Event Planner.
  • Avon Farmer's Market is keeping it fresh for another season...On Island Features Page
  • Ocracokers have questions about passenger ferry feasibility...On Local News Page.
  • Activity is ramping up at two bridge construction sites on Hatteras.....WITH SLIDE SHOW...On Local News Page.
  • Two from Buxton face drug charges in South Carolina.  On Community News Page under Crime Reports.
  • NPS Daily Ramp Status Report.  On Beach Access Page at the top of the page.
  • NPS Weekly Resource Management Report.  On Beach Access Page at the top of the page.
  • NPS Weekly Table of Miles Open/Closed.  On Beach Access Page at the top of the page.
  • Dare board approves contract for permitting Hatteras dredging...On Local News Page.
  • Obituary - Roland Dock Sawyer Jr....On Community News Page under Obituaries.
  • 'Sad' little boat tells a story of courage...On Island Features Page.
  • A conversation with the seashore superintendent....WITH AUDIO...On Beach Access and Park Issues Page.
  • Obituary - Dr. Stephen Francis Cleary....On Community News under Obituaries.

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UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY....National Park Service Daily Ramp Status Report
NEW....07.21.2016 2:00 pm National Park Service Weekly Resource Management Report
NEW....07.21.2016 2:00 pm National Park Service Weekly Table of Miles Open/Closed
NEW....07.18.2016 3:30 pm A conversation with the seashore superintendent....WITH AUDIO
Sea turtle nest sitters learn the ropes in training session....WITH VIDEO 07.13.2016 11:10 am
UPDATE: Ramp 49 in Frisco is passable for ORVs 07.01.2016 7:20 pm
Flooded ramp situation in Buxton, Frisco improves...WITH SLIDE SHOW 06.29.2016 5:15 pm
Seashore launches multi-agency approach to stormwater issues 06.29.2016 2:30 pm
New off-road vehicle ramp 63 opens on Ocracoke Island 06.22.2016 9:45 am
A day in the life of a National Park Service biotech 06.20.2016 3:35 pm
New study shows extent of light pollution across the night sky 06.13.2016 1:15 pm
Back-to-back storms have little impact on nests in the seashore 06.09.2016  3.50 pm
Visitors reminded that drones are banned on the seashore 05.11.2016 10:40 am
Cape Point closes to vehicle and pedestrian access 05.11.2016 10:20 am
NPS will offer full-moon Cape Hatteras Lighthouse tours through the summer 04.20.2016 12:30 pm
NPS campground season will be extended until Nov. 28 03.24.2016 1:30 pm
Park Service makes it easier, cheaper to get ORV permit online  03.01.2016 1:40 pm
Lighthouses will be open for climbing from April 15 - Oct. 10 02.23.2016 4:40 pm

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NEW....07.22.2016 6:35 pm 71-year-old man drowns near Frisco Pier
07.22.2016 12:15 pm  67-year-old man drowns off Ocracoke
07.21.2016 4:30 pm  Ocracokers have questions about passenger ferry feasibility
07.21.2016 3:40 pm Activity is ramping up at two bridge construction sites on Hatteras.....WITH SLIDE SHOW
07.19.2016 5:45 pm Dare board approves contract for permitting Hatteras dredging
Hatteras boat captains unhappy that state halted dredging project 07.13.2016 3:30 pm
Cape Point Campground partially reopens 07.15.2016 5:20 pm
Coast Guard assists five from grounded boat in Ocracoke Inlet 07.12.2016 6:05 pm
Several regulatory efforts fell short in General Assembly 07.08.2016 4:05 pm
Several hurt in stairway collapse in Salvo 07.08.2016 12:45 pm
Buxton skatepark almost finished, another planned for Rodanthe 07.05.2016 4:45 pm
Celebrating Independence Day at the beach...WITH SLIDE SHOW 07.05.2016 2:40 pm 
Updated Dare County flood maps are released 06.30.2016 2:30 pm
Toll on Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry won't happen -- at least for now 06.29.2016 4:40 pm
NCDOT releases passenger ferry study 06.22.2016 4:40 pm
Not all are happy with DOT's chosen alternative for north Rodanthe 06.22.2016 4:40 pm
New flood mapping preview tops busy Board of Commissioners meeting 06.21.2016 5:40 pm

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Community News
The Event Planner...UPDATED 07.22.2016
News and Business Briefs
...UPDATED 07.08.2016
Church Listings
Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office...UPDATED 07.19.2016
Free Classified Ads ...UPDATED 07.22.2016
Obituaries ...UPDATED 07.19.2016

Commentary & Guest Columns
Guest Column: Dare commissioner takes credit where it's not due 07.11.2016 5:15 pm
Guest Column: My Affair with Words 07.06.2016 2:55 pm
Guest Column:  Not all government is non-functional 06.24.2016 3:30 pm

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NEW....07.21.2016 5:10 pm Avon Farmer's Market is keeping it fresh for another season
07.19.2016 11:50 am  'Sad' little boat tells a story of courage
Buxton couple harvest the island's ocean water for their sea salt business
07.07.2016 2:20 pm
Coastal cookbooks that are a 'must have' 07.06.2016 3:10 pm
The Night Sky:  July will feature two meteor showers 07.01.2016 3:15 pm
Island Living: Why I’m buying a boat and other ways to blow your money 06.27.2016 3:40 pm
Everything you need to know about the Outer Banks Scenic Byway...WITH AUDIO 06.20.2016 12:45 pm
Launching the Outer Banks Scenic Byway 04.11.2016 4:45 pm
Ocrafolk Festival:  Like a family reunion 06.09.2016 4:40 pm
The craft beer wave is sweeping the islands 06.09.2016 2:50 pm
Island Living: Being comfortable in your own skin 06.01.2016 11:30 am
Hatteras Island's first hostel opens in Buxton 05.24.2016 11:30 am
Four Hatteras islanders honored with Governor's Volunteer Service Awards 05.18.2016 12:15 pm

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Outer Banks Angling: Oddities 07.13.2016 4:00 pm
Fresh, local seafood is topic of radio show....WITH AUDIO  07.05.2016 4:15 pm
One species reclassified in 2016 Stock Status Report 07.05.2016 3:40 pm
Outer Banks Angling: Independence Day 06.30.2016 1:40 pm
State certifies new record skipjack tuna 06.27.2016 2:15 pm
Coastal recreational fishermen hooked more fish in 2015 06.24.2016 5:30 pm
Commercial seafood landings increased last year 06.24.2016 5:30 pm
Oral history project will examine fisheries reform -- 20 years later 06.16.2016 2:20 pm
The very best guide to charter fishing on the islands….WITH SLIDE SHOW

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Hatteras Island Real Estate: Are your insurance coverages adequate 06.07.2016 3:50 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  What's hot and what's not 05.26.2016 4:30 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  First quarter market report 04.29.2016 3:20 pm
Sea Gull Motel changes hands after more than 60 years 04.20.2016 10:30 am
Hatteras Island Real Estate: Changes in flood insurance costs 04.18.2016 3:10 pm
Studio 12 opens in :a new Avon location 03.28.2016 4:35 pm

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Something old, something new, something green
Island Living: Getting married Hatteras-style 
Wedding planners advise Island brides to have a weather plan
Tying the knot for Hatteras bridal couples is a labor of love for local minister
Destination wedding basics: 12 must-read destination wedding tips 
Island Weddings:  Planning a ceremony at the beach

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