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  • Annual Job Fair Set For April 1st.  On Community News under Event Planner.
  • Registration Open for the 2017 OBX Tourism Summi.  On Community News under Event Planner.
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  • SPCA Pet of the Week:  Loki....On News and Business Briefs.
  • Open Meeting In Support of Commercial Fishermen on Hatteras Island....On Community News under Event Planner.

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Cape Point Bypass Extension Route Now Open to Off-Road Vehicle Users 02.01.2017 5:00 pm
New extended Bypass Road at Cape Point is underway 01.23.2017 4:20 pm
Seashore staff will be available to answer questions from public 01.13.2017 4:45 pm
Park Service sets cultural resources climate change strategy 01.10.2017 4:00 pm
NPS to update smoking regs to include e-cigarettes 01.10.2017 3:00 pm
NPS will publish amended final rule for ORVs in Federal Register 12.20.2016 5:20 pm
Seashore superintendent is guest on radio show....WITH AUDIO 10.18.2016 7:40 pm
Beach access advocacy groups are subject of Radio Hatteras interview...WITH AUDIO 10.03.2016 1:35 pm
ORV routes are now open to night driving  09.15.2016 10:00 am
Project aims to reduce flooding at Ramps 44 and 49 08.26.2016 3:00 pm

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NEW....02.17.2017 11:15 am  Acting Ferry Division director urges islanders to support passenger ferry and the Dredge Report
02.15.2017 4:30 pm  Updates on Upcoming Inlet Dredging Presented at Waterways Commission Meeting
New Video Released on Bonner Bridge Progress 02.09.2017 11:40 am
Community Meetings on FEMA Mitigation Grants for Home Elevations 02.08.2017 8:15 pm
Rodanthe Bridge Lawsuit Raises Concerns About Bonner Project 02.07.2017 4:25 pm
Challenge filed in federal court to block Rodanthe bridge 02.03.2017 1:15 pm
Nebraska firm picked to look for Burgess’ successor 02.06.2017 9:10 am
Beach Pharmacy in Hatteras will remain open during ongoing repairs 02.03.2017 4:20 pm
Ed Goodwin out as N.C. Ferry Director  02.01.2017 5:15 pm
Initiative to Create Hatteras Village Multi-use Pathway Moves Forward 02.01.2017 4:30 pm
Bigger paychecks to start within weeks 01.31.2017 9:00 pm
Dare GOP selects retired Nags Head businessman to succeed Boswell 01.25.2017 4:00 pm
Pay study recommends increases for at least 38 percent of county employees  01.19.2017 4:15 pm
Vendors are not all that happy about paying fee for ferry 01.17.2017 3:45 pm
Preliminary flood maps explained at packed Hatteras Island meeting 01.13.2017 3:20 pm
USFWS seeks information about alligator shooting on refuge 01.12.2017 5:45 pm
NCDOT awards contract for north Rodanthe design-build bridge 01.12.2017 4:45 pm
Federal highway agency approves north Rodanthe bridge 12.17.2016 2:40 pm
County, state closing in on interim solution to Hatteras Inlet shoaling 01.10.2017 5:00 pm

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Community News
The Event Planner...UPDATED 02.17.2017
News and Business Briefs
...UPDATED  02.17.2017
Church Listings
Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office...UPDATED 02.02.2017
Free Classified Ads ...UPDATED 02.16.2017
Obituaries ...UPDATED 02.16.2017

Commentary & Guest Columns
Guest Column: Shrimping is another fishery being taken hostage 01.13.2017 6:10 pm 
Commentary: McCrory set stage for latest threat to shrimping 01.13.2017 5:50 pm
Guest Column:  The lucky little kitten 01.12.2017 12:15 pm
Guest Column: In defense of repurposing hurricane debris 10.26.2016 11:45 am
An Essay on Change and Progress 09.30.2016 5:15 pm
A Postscript to the Essay on Change and Progress  09.30.2016 5:15 pm

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NEW....02.14.2017 10:00 am   Wildlife Photo Project Expands Statewide
02.13.2017 3:00 pm  Island Living:  Weird Hatteras Island Old Wives’ Tales (and Husbands’ Tales) that are Actually True
Readers Invited to join a book club with Hatteras Island root
02.03.2017 10:50 am
The Night Sky:  Look for Mars and Venus at sunset in February 02.01.2017 2:30 pm
Award-winning social worker learns new lessons as a hurricane survivor herself 01.13.2017 11:50 am
'Drift' seeds find their way to our beaches from afar 12.12.2016 4:50 pm 
New resource for learning about living shorelines is now online 12.08.2016 4:50 pm
Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men:  Helping storm victims for the long-term 12.05.2016 7:15 pm
Study aims to answer question of how much tourism is too much 11.15.2016 11:10 am 
Rolling back the red wolf recovery effort 11.03.2016 4:30 pm
Conflicts and ill will threaten red wolf recovery 11.03.2016 4:30 pm 
Hatteras couple are recovering from two rounds of soundside flooding -- just weeks apart 10.27.2016 2:20 pm

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NEW....02.17.2017 12:50 pm  Marine Fisheries Commission approves controversial petition
Outer Banks Angling: Looking ahead to 2017 cobia regs 01.23.2017 10:00 am
UPDATE: All five advisory panels vote against shrimp petition 01.18.2017 4:00 pm
UPDATE: Amendment to shrimp-trawling petition modifies proposals 01.13.2017 5:30 pm
Petition calls for more limits on shrimp trawling 01.13.2017 1:50 pm
Bonner Bridge work brings beneficial reef projects 12.29.2016 2:10 pm
Frank & Fran's is changing hands, but Frank won't be gone for good 08.30.2016 3:05 pm
The very best guide to charter fishing on the islands….WITH SLIDE SHOW

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Hatteras Island Real Estate: 2016 Real Estate Market Summary 02.02.2017 10:30 am
Outer Banks clinic in Avon will cease Saturday hours 01.20.2017 4:40 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Winter is a good time to market your home 12.29.2016 3:00 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Perplexing market data 11.28.2016 4:15 pm
Business group calls for Atlantic seismic ban
Hurricane Recovery: Stories behind the effort to get back to business 11.14.2016 4:00 pm
H2OBX Waterpark set to open next year in Currituck 10.27.2016 3:00 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate: Due Diligence in Contracts 10.25.2016 2:30 pm
New flood maps may conflict with state rules 10.20.2016 12:00 pm 
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  Frequently Asked Questions 07.26.2016 9:15 am

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Something old, something new, something green
Island Living: Getting married Hatteras-style 
Wedding planners advise Island brides to have a weather plan
Tying the knot for Hatteras bridal couples is a labor of love for local minister
Destination wedding basics: 12 must-read destination wedding tips 
Island Weddings:  Planning a ceremony at the beach

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