Hatteras Village Gearing up for Inaugural Waterfowl Festival

The first ever Hatteras Village Waterfowl Festival is just hours away from launching, and the inaugural event is already generating ample buzz, as well as ticket sales. Despite its early popularity, day passes for Saturday, (which features the bulk of the festival’s events and activities), are still available, and can be purchased on-site at the […]

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EDITOR’S BLOG: History of the Bonner Bridge, and a Look Back at Decades of Controversy

There has always been a public fascination with the bridge that spans Oregon Inlet. Hundreds of stories have been written about the new bridge’s construction since the project broke ground on March 8, 2016, and when the county and state celebrated the imminent completion of the replacement bridge via a February “Community Day,” an estimated […]

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The Bonner Bridge Replacement Timeline: A Look at the Many Obstacles Along the Way

The Bonner Bridge replacement project is an endeavor that has spanned decades. With the current Bonner Bridge passing its 30-year lifespan in 1993, the road to reach a new bridge was crowded with red tape, lawsuits, and unexpected obstacles during the building process – which included runaway barges and an island-wide power outage. Take a […]

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