EDITOR’S BLOG: History of the Bonner Bridge, and a Look Back at Decades of Controversy

There has always been a public fascination with the bridge that spans Oregon Inlet. Hundreds of stories have been written about the new bridge’s construction since the project broke ground on March 8, 2016, and when the county and state celebrated the imminent completion of the replacement bridge via a February “Community Day,” an estimated […]

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The Bonner Bridge Replacement Timeline: A Look at the Many Obstacles Along the Way

The Bonner Bridge replacement project is an endeavor that has spanned decades. With the current Bonner Bridge passing its 30-year lifespan in 1993, the road to reach a new bridge was crowded with red tape, lawsuits, and unexpected obstacles during the building process – which included runaway barges and an island-wide power outage. Take a […]

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Cross that Washes Ashore in Florida Believed to be Part of a 2016 Hatteras Memorial

A 20-foot wooden cross that washed ashore outside of the Ocean Manor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, F.L. on Saturday made waves throughout the Sunshine State, but days after the cross appeared, the significance of the discovery hit close to home. Family members and friends in Hatteras village believe that the wooden cross, which was […]

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NPS Takes Stock of Violations in National Seashore After Government Shutdown Ends

  Representatives from the National Park Service conducted a thorough examination of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS) after the end of the 35-day government shutdown to identify cases of vandalism, violations, and other instances of misuse of the National Seashore’s facilities. During the government shutdown, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS) had 7-10 staff […]

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