Introducing Heart Space – a new creative outlet for Hatteras Island’s youth

There is a very special place for our island’s children in Avon Village. Antoinette Gaskins has converted her retail gallery, Kinnakeet Clay, into a unique not-for-profit, creative, healing space for Hatteras Island’s young people. It began when she realized there were multiple opportunities for our youth to participate in athletics, but not much for those […]

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Island Cooking: Incorporating Indian cuisine into everyday Hatteras Island cooking

How about cookbook reviews for a change? There are several Indian-American food writers who are introducing Indian recipes for the American cook that deliver the essence of Indian flavors in modern ways, which are far simpler than the traditional ways, but equally tasty. They are accessible to busy Americans who do not have hours and […]

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Durable medical equipment available to Hatteras Islanders through the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation

We recently had a temporary need for a wheelchair on Hatteras Island, but our big question was where and how to get one? It never occurred to me to contact the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation (HICF). We were not dealing with cancer, after all. But a friend made a phone call for me, and then […]

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